21 Bridges – Review

What if your dream Games Online dan Offline profession turns out not what you imagine. You can find it in this 21 Bridges film.

The father is a figure who is generally used as a role model by his child, – until finally the child is idolizing the father, to the profile of his work.  

This happened to Andrew Davis (Chadwick Boseman), who had to give up his father’s death, one of the police officers who died at the hands of a drug addict.  

21 Bridges
21 Bridges

Since then, little Drew aspires to continue in his father’s footsteps, combating drug trafficking in Manhattan. Until finally he sat in a strategic police position.  

But Drew’s career path was filled with bad reports which he was sentenced to be too light-handed. Yep, Drew did not hesitate to finish off the drug traffickers, who had been hunted since the beginning.  

But apparently, the provos warning had a veiled intention, which made Drew increasingly suspicious. Until a case of robbery of pure cocaine in a very large number by two (2) former military men, became the starting point for the opening of drug syndicates that have been working in Manhattan.

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