27 Steps of May – Review

When violence treatment occurs, how is the victim’s life after? Often the story after the incident only he and those closest to him know.

The film ‘27 Steps of May ‘provides a description of the story of a survivor who had experienced sexual violence at a young age. The story contains the daily activities of a family between father and daughter, a friend of my father, a magician and a boxing ring as a place to vent father’s anger. With a little dialogue and strong character from each of the actors in the film ’27 Steps of May ‘, it is worth watching.

Played by May (Raihannun), her life has changed completely since the violence she experienced happened in middle school age. May locked himself in his room for years.

It seems that withdrawing from social life is the safest choice. May does not have to answer all questions from around for bad experiences that he never expected. At least he is not exposed to the same people who have the opportunity to hurt him and make him a victim again.

No … no … he was silent because he could not tell the violence he experienced in words, with his own mouth. Shut up because he feels no one can help him – even though his father (Lukman Sardi) tries to help him.

May was silent because there was nothing more he could do because everything had been taken from him. Whatever is done seems useless. May has lost herself. Increasingly lost himself until eight years passed every time in the room.

Eight long years fill time by seeing the world as wide as May, but a survivor woman lives in her cave. Live by doing repetitive activities every day. Wearing the same color clothes, memita hair with the same position, eat the same type, and make doll clothes with the same model. Games Online dan Offline

Eight long years for his father to try to understand but his efforts never succeeded. Eight years had been a long time for her father to harbor anger against her for not being able to protect May.

The routines in the cave began to change since the beam of light entered through a small hole in the wall that bordered May’s room with the room in the next house. The light initially made him very disturbed. Past trauma made May a person with an ODC (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) personality.

But that hole also brought him back to the outside world. In the next room, May sees a Magician (Ario Bayu) who is busy practicing. The attractions that he made attract the attention of May to May dare to try new things and get out of his room.

Through his attractions in the next room that May can see through the small hole, the magician builds May’s trust through his treatment. Until finally he felt safe meeting directly with the Magician until he dared to get out of his house.

May’s experience as a survivor of violence is a representative representation of the many consequences it has caused. Often survivors of violence tend to get worse results, rejection of themselves and the outside world.

The film is not entirely melancholy, the presence of Verdi Solaiman gives humorous spices that make the atmosphere feel cheerful.

Silence over the violence that May has experienced seems to be a better looking choice but acceptance is the best way the world can do for May. Directed by Ravi Bharwani, the film titled 27 Steps of May won several International Film Festival awards.

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