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Bhoot: Part One – The Haunted Ship – Review

Prithvi (Vicky Kaushal) is a widower who lost his wife Sapna (Bhumi Pednekar) and also his daughter Megha in an accident. Prithvi experienced hard times and suffered from severe depression. At the same time an abandoned merchant ship named Sea Bird will be stranded on the coast of Juhu, Mumbai. Prithvi who works at a shipping company gets the task to bring the ship back to the high seas.

Some of his friends suggested that the ship was a haunted ship and it should be left alone but Prithvi remained determined to enter and inspect the ship. After experiencing strange things on the ship, Prithvi still trying to find out why the ship ended so mysteriously in Mumbai.

His experience on the ship and some of the evidence he found made it all very clear that Sea Bird was a haunted ship. With the help of his friends Prithvi tried to solve the mystery of the ghost ship. Prithvi (Vicky Kaushal) is shown as a man who is haunted by sad memories due to losing his wife and child so it is only natural that he is attracted to the “real” ghosts that inhabit the ship. Prithvi, who deals with personal loss, found his purpose in life to find the truth in the Sea Bird ship.

Prithvi’s personal tragedy and the tragic events that befell the ship went in parallel, Vicky Kaushal played well enough, convincingly enough to display a balance between her guilty emotions and also her emotional passions to find the truth about the ship. Games Online dan Offline

Director Bhanu Pratap Singh was inspired by the actual incident of a cargo ship stranded on Juhu beach in Mumbai in 2011, then processed the idea into stories about a haunted ship.

A giant ship abandoned as a background for a horror movie is an interesting idea to work on. The film itself may be a resemblance to the storyline of a Hollywood film produced in 2002 called Ghost Ghost, in which a long-lost cruise ship was found floating back in free waters and a team of missing ship searchers was assigned to investigate it. . And when the team set foot on the ship a variety of strange events immediately appeared.

Prithvi, who has his own tragic story, seems to complicate the task at hand. After losing his wife and child in an accident, he has been prescribed medicine to overcome his immunization in a poignant scene he said that he did not drink it because it was the only way he would reunite with his family.

Is Prithvi hallowed or is Sea Bird really haunted? Bhanu Pratap Singh plays with this psychological drama skillfully as he builds the story between the Prithvi tragedy and the ship’s tragedy which seems to blend into one entity.

At the beginning of this film the story is indeed rather slow to build the premise above and it seems that it is indeed promising. But in the next round not many scary scenes that appear like in most horror films. Only a few scenes did surprise the audience.

However, the aroma of tension still feels quite intense guarded until the end. One by one the mystery can indeed be answered but the opposite also raises many other questions as well. Maybe this is left to be answered in the next section. Because the film itself is only the first part of the planned trilogy.

And Bhanu plays with many pretty classic elements of horror – creaking doors, recordings (videos) found, cracked mirrors, children who arrive, scary dolls and of course cellphones that don’t function when needed. Element that actually can build tension with the main character.

Besides other props such as long and creepy corridors in this film seems to be inspired and reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s classic work, “The Shinning” (1980). In terms of artistic and special effects, “The Bhoot” is quite convincing plus music scores that are enough to make goose bumps, unfortunately Bhanu did not succeed in maximizing the ‘terror’ nuance of the neatly built setting.

Bollywood itself is indeed very rarely issued a genre of horror in the repertoire of Indian film until now. And even if there is, the quality is still far below other Asian countries such as Japan, Korea or Thailand. Even so, this horror movie still has its own touch. A typical touch from Bollywood that has been oriented towards genres other than horror.

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Atlantics Netflix : Review

The vast, deep, and majestic ocean can be breathtaking as well as all-consuming. Atlantics is a film that uses the ocean to bind its story together. This award-winning film is Mati Diop’s feature directorial debut. Fun fact: Diop made history with Atlantics at Cannes, as she’s the first black female director to be in contention for the festival’s highest prize, the Palme d’Or.

This film takes place in Dakar, a city that lies along the Atlantic coast. The movie opens with frustrated construction workers who have worked on a futuristic and outrageously large tower and have not been paid for months on end. One of the construction workers named Souleiman (Ibrahima Traoré) finds the first opportunity to sneak away and meet his lover Ada (Mame Bineta Sane). Souleiman and Ada part ways from their secret rendezvous with the hope of meeting again that night. However, that glimmer of hope is lost when Ada finds out that Souleiman has left the country by sea in search of a better job opportunity. Not only that, Ada is left with no choice but to marry Omar (Babacar Sylla), a wealthy man chosen by her family. Games Online dan Offline

The dreamy cinematography of Atlantics is simply mesmerizing as it draws you in and keeps you anchored throughout. The camera keeps coming back to the Atlantic ocean, where the waters assert a calming yet threatening presence, one that can’t be ignored. The plot of the film is not predictable. In fact, just when you think you know where the story is heading, you will be surprised. The film takes an unexpected turn in the second half where we see unusual and supernatural things occurring. This strange second half has a unique way of tying the story together in order to highlight issues of labor exploitation, gentrification, and a deeply rooted patriarchal culture

Atlantics is not a straightforward film. The second half may seem a little strange and it could take you a while to fully grasp what is going on.

Atlantics is a well-made film filled with suspense that has the ability to keep you hooked until the end. This film makes for a great weekend watch and we recommend you add it to your must-watch list.

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GoodFellas – Review

Goodfellas” tells the life journey of a famous gangster (who does exist in the real world) named Henry Hill (Ray Liotta). Since childhood Henry who hated his father had dreamed of becoming a gangster. In Henry’s eyes, gangsters are ideal figures because they can do whatever they want without anyone daring to fight. Finally, thanks to the help of several parties including Tuddy Cicero (Frank DiLeo) and Paul Cicero (Paul Saviro), Henry began to pioneer a “career” as a gangster since he was a child until he was a teenager he began to meet and be recognized by several distinguished gangsters like Jimmy Conway (Robert De Niro) and Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci). Henry, Tommy and Jimmy start working together and being friendly with each other. From there the three of them referred to each other as “Goodfella”.

The way Games Online dan Offline the story is told takes us into the life of a Henry Hill in sufficient detail from before he became a gangster until he finally became one of the respected gangsters that indeed made the audience come into and carried away in his life story. Within a duration of 140 minutes, Scorsese was able to present us with a variety of conflicts that occurred from the beginning to the end of Henry’s career as a gangster. Every conflict is displayed very interestingly. Not only conflicts that occur between the mafia, but also about the problem of love and how conflict occurs when the two things intersect and affect Henry’s life.

Various kinds of scenes that are served are also not half measures. The brutality that occurs in the lives of the gangsters is able to be visualized appropriately by Scorsese with all the brutality and sadism that exists. There is a scene about the murder of one by one mafia member by Jimmy where the scene for me besides showing a bit of brutality but also displayed with so “beautiful” and very hit. Slow and simple music that accompanies a series of scenes is quite slashing and can only be rivaled by scenes in “Nekromantik” in the sense of a scene that is quite tense or shocking but accompanied by slow and calm music. The scene is also quite reminiscent of the last scene of the film “The Godfather” in which the Corleone family did a “purge” of their enemies.

Do not forget this film presents charming acting from the ranks of the players. Robert De Niro succeeded in presenting the authority as a mafia, although his character here is still classified as a character he often plays and still loses from his role as a young Vito Corleone. Ray Liotta is also pretty good even though it seems “less strong” with a role as the main character where he is lacking in the aura of authority of a gangster but manages to show people addicted to drugs that are chaotic well. Joe Pesci was the only actor to win an Oscar when he won the “Best Supporting Actor”. He can show the cruelty and horror of a mafia who is also loyal to his friends. What is clear is that these 3 people as chemsitry are very thick and strong friends. SPOILER There was a scene where one of them was killed and the other felt sadness which was indeed very radiated and made me also quite touched and felt the sadness.

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Vivarium – Synopsis

Vivarium is an American sci-fi drama film directed and written by Lorcan Finnegan.

A teacher named Gemma (Pots) and a craftsman named Tom (Eisenberg) is a young couple with a blurry plan to buying a shared house in an unspecified European city. During the visit used to go to a strange property agent named Martin (Jonathan Aris), Gemma and Tom agreed to visit a new suburban housing development named Yonder on the edge of town, the location looks strange vaguely.


That location Games Online dan Offline also still looks strange, a toy city the size of an identical but endless family home, all painted the same green color stretches under the clear sky. Mysteriously exiled by Martin in the middle of Gemma and Tom’s visit Yonder, the two of them slowly realized that they were deeply bound a nightmare in that place for an ulterior motive that looks creepy.

At a time when the dimensions of development are expanding and also curving in around them, all attempts to escape bring them back towards the same house repeatedly. While the telephone connection and also internet is dead. All the other houses seemed empty too. At the time of inventory food and medicine also began to arrive from nowhere, the couple with reluctant to make them at home in their fancy prison.

Next, a baby boy is present, a human with behavior alien, grow and understand quickly as he perfects abilities strangely by imitating. As Gemma struggles against her maternal impulses increasingly far, digging deep into the area of ​​Yonder. A battle for survival began to form.

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Nakee 2 – Review

Nakee 2 became a public talk after posting a new history in the Thai film industry. On the first day of airing, Nakee 2 earned 1.5 million US dollars

Nakee 2 tells the story of Sroy (Urassaya Sperbund), a girl who lives in the village of Don Mai Pah. Sroy helps his grandmother sell flowers to serve as worship for the statue of Nakee, aka the queen of dragons. One day, a drunk man came to the temple where the statue of Nakee resided.

While saying an expletive, this man committed an indecent act. Sroy, who warned, was strangled. Tragically, a few days after the incident this man was found dead with stomach contents spilled. This tragedy made the villagers excited.

Unlucky fate also befell a group of teenagers who pose while touching the statue of Nakee. They were found dead hanging from a tree branch. From the pocket of one of the victims, a pile of photographs was found. In a photograph, the camera captures Sroy’s appearance on the temple door. Residents accused Sroy of masterminding the murder. PongPrap police captain (Nadech Kugimiya) is investigating this case. The series of killings then dragged a number of names: Kumkaew (Taew Natapohn), Tatasapol (Ken Phupoom Phongpanu), and Lumjhiak (Lukkana Wattanawongsiri).

Nakee 2 is a trip Games Online dan Offline consisting of several phases. Each phase presents a different atmosphere. The first phase is the introduction of a number of main figures and supporters, colored by many jokes especially the polah of two PongPrap subordinates. Moments of chasing a suspect was wrapped in laughter. On the other hand, there is a spark of chemistry between Sroy and PongPrap on a shy level.

The second phase shows more horror in the form of visuals of those killed following the alleged mastermind behind the killings. The laughter began to recede while the aura of horror rose. Horror is built through the form of victims, blood and organs in the body that are scattered. Cinematography only presents results, not causes. Chemistry of female and male main characters is still used as a side story.

The third phase shows whether or not the prejudices in the minds of residents and spectators are correct. The horrors fade, replaced by visual performances plus action with attractive colors. Then, we see the progress of the relationship between the two main characters and a number of other figures. There was an unexpected twist, there were appearances that ignited question marks, and of course relief. A clear character and firm character in each act is the main attraction of Nakee 2.

In one film, we feel three different sensations with character growth that feels intense. Another factor of Nakee 2 exploded in Thailand, which could be a theme close to the public White Elephant Affairs. Gods and goddesses believed to be hereditary, packed with nuances of folk legends while questioning the mythical facts surrounding the existence of the Goddess. Discussions related to myths and facts have the potential to become tangled. But filmmakers Off Pongpat were able to mediate the possibility of this conflict.

The storytelling starts with two things that are most attached to the human heart: love and family. The effect, the linking of myths, facts, and beliefs that are supposed to feel heavy becomes lighter. The packaging of each round also represents the genre that is favored by the audience namely comedy, horror, and a dash of action. Apart from the visual effects that are certainly inferior when compared to Hollywood manufacturers, the courage of Off Pongpat and the team in the final round deserves appreciation.  

In our view, these elements paved the way for Nakee 2 on the steps of the Thai box office. Not to mention, the two main characters are very lovable. Young, handsome, rational, and determined police officers uncover the veil of mystery. On the other side there is a beautiful girl, an orphan, very fond of grandma, and firmly defends the honor of the gods. It seems, there is no audience who does not fall in love with this kind of story

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The Impossible – Review

The Impossible is a film based on the true story of the María Belón family who survived the 2004 tsunami. María with her husband, Enrique (Quique) vlvarez and their three children, Lucas (10), Tomás (8) and Simón (5) initially intended to celebrate the Christmas holiday by leaving for Khao Lak, Thailand. They stayed at the Orchid Resort Hotel which is adjacent to the beach. It was there that disaster approached them.

The day after Christmas, precisely on December 26, 2004, without warning Tsunami waves suddenly hit while they were playing in the pool.

“We began to hear terrible sounds. When I looked towards the sea there was a large black wall. I didn’t expect that to be the ocean. I thought it was a big wall that was heading in our direction, “María recalled.

The tsunami hit María and her family’s bodies until they were swallowed up by the giant waves. While underwater María felt her body hit the wall which then rumbled and was destroyed by the tsunami. María sank for more than three minutes, making her lungs filled with water. “I see a lot of light under the water, a tunnel with light at the end, which is what people say you will see when you are dying,” he explained.

When he finally made it to the surface, María found one of her children, Lucas, who was adrift in the rubble. He immediately swam to reach his son, they held on to a tree trunk and stayed there. During those times María could feel herself dying due to the many injuries and heavy bleeding she had experienced. His nose was broken, his leg was torn, as well as some of his internal organs.

After the water began to recede, a local resident found María and Lucas. They were immediately sent to the Takua Pa hospital in Southern Thailand so that María could get emergency surgery. María once thought that her husband and other children could not have survived the tsunami. But apparently Quique and his two sons survived. Previously Quique was separated from Simón and Tomás, but a miracle happened. He found Tomás saving himself in a tree while shouting his family name. Then about 40 minutes later he found Simón. Even though he was only 5 years old and was only good at swimming, Simón could take shelter by climbing into a tree.

The lucky Games Online dan Offline family later met again at the hospital and left Thailand to get treatment at the Singapore hospital on 29 December 2004.

The tragic and miraculous events experienced by the María Belón family gave her story an opportunity to be taken to the big screen. Is Juan Antonio Bayona, a Spanish director in charge of directing this film. Given the title Lo Imposible which was later translated into English into The Impossible, this disaster, thriller and historical fiction film starring Naomi Watts who played Maria and Ewan McGregor as Henry (Quique’s name was deliberately changed to Henry).

There is also a young actor Tom Holland, who was still 16 years old, playing the role of Lucas. Although now better known for its role as Spider-Man, the film The Impossible is in fact the first widescreen movie played by Tom Holland. In addition, do not miss the little actors Samuel Joslin and Oaklee Pendergast who played Thomas and Simon.

The film takes about 25 weeks to film in Spain and Thailand, where the unlucky event had previously taken place.

Not only shows how powerful the power of the tsunami at the time, The Impossible also shows how the real conscience of humans is still moved to help each other even though both are in difficult situations. Regardless of which country they come from, what language they speak or the fact they never knew each other before the disaster happened.

After the tsunami, María and Lucas were discovered by local residents who ensured they were immediately taken to the hospital. María said, “The man did not let me die. He pulled me through the mud for a long time until he made sure I was in the right hands.

” On the other hand, we can see how Henry and several other men exchanged surname information and tried to help one another. This was also done by Lucas while in the hospital. He recorded the names of missing people and looked for them throughout the hospital.

The success of The Impossible is also inseparable from the acting of capable players. Bayona, the director, allowed the players to do a lot of improvisation. “Ewan, Naomi and Tom explore their character in a very brutal way,” he said, showing how the acting of the players can impress him.

For those of you who have watched the film, you must feel very impressed with the skill of the players in playing their respective characters. Very natural and emotional. It makes us who can watch at least imagine and feel their feelings when the catastrophe occurred.

The Impossible received at least 28 awards and 69 nominations in various awards. Especially for Naomi Watts and Tom Holland, both received a lot of praise for their amazing acting.

Naomi Watts was even included in the Best Actress nomination at the 2013 Oscar awards, despite having to lose to Jennifer Lawrence with her role in the Silver Linings Playbook. Naomi was also included in the Best Actress nomination at the Golden Globe, SAG and Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.

Not only Naomi, Tom Holland also gained many awards in this first film. Tom was nominated at several awards such as the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards and the Cinema Writers Circle Awards. Tom Holland also won an award as Young British Performer of the Year at the London Critics Circle Film Awards.

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Spenser Confidential Netflix – Review

For connoisseurs of crime action films, this time there is a new film starring Mark Wahlberg entitled Spenser Confidential. This film is an American film and will be aired on Netflix. Directed by Peter Berg and the script was written by Sean O’Keefe and Brian Helgeland. Spenser Confidential was inspired by Robert B. Parker Spenser and Ace Atkins’s mystery series novel characters

It is Games Online dan Offline said that Spenser was a former criminal who later became a former police detective. He returned to the criminal underworld in Boston to uncover the strange conspiracy of murder. This spenser was originally better known for creating problems rather than solving them. He who languished in prison and finally got out of there, then bound to help boxing coach and his old mentor named Henry.

Spenser Confidential
Spenser Confidential

Henry trained with an amateur who was teaching and I was not confident but promising. The amateur named Hawk. He was convinced by Henry to be a tougher opponent than Spenser. One time two of Spenser’s former colleagues were killed, he followed Hawk and his sullen ex-girlfriend to help him investigate and bring the perpetrators to justice.

In addition to Mark Walhberg who played the character of Spenser, there are a number of other famous actors as supporting players including: Alan Arkin as Henry Cimoli, Winston Duke as Hawk, Collen Camp as Mara, Iliza Schlesinger as Cissy, and Cassie Ventura as Elise.

The storyline is interesting, however this film is an adaptation of the TV series at least it guarantees that the storyline can be enjoyed because it has proven successful as a series. Action is not excessive and the portion of comedy is enough. Acting Alan Arkin and Iliza Shlesinger add to the excitement of this film even though there aren’t many pros. Overall interesting to watch.

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Bloodshot – Review

As in the comic, the film Bloodshot tells the story of Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel), an American intermediary who was killed while on duty. He was revived by the RST technology company, and got his own superhero name, Bloodshot. RST introduces nanotechnology into Garrison’s body and makes it have superhuman strength.

Trying to control his new power and avenge his wife, it turns out there are other problems coming to Garrison, from his memory to the truth about his wife. In addition to controlling the nano technology given to Garrison, it turns out that RST also affects his mind and memory.

The Bloodshot film became the first film in the universe of superheroes to be made by Valiant Comics. Therefore, this film focuses on the story of the beginning of Ray Garrison who will later use the name Bloodshot. In addition to explaining about nanotechnology that is the source of its strength, this film also explains the RST technology company that made the Bloodshot Super Army project. Games Online dan Offline

Presenting a more mature message, the story is given even deeper. Vin Diesel who also became a producer mentioned that the main focus in this film is a situation where someone feels manipulated. “When we watch the news in our daily lives, there are so many moments where we feel manipulated,” he explained in an interview.


If there are still many other characters in the comic version, apparently not all of them are introduced in this film. There are only a handful of characters who are ‘assigned’ to introduce Bloodshot to a wider audience. Some names were exchanged, different from the original series.

Bloodshot is a superhero series published by Valiant Comics since 1993. This series continues today. Originally written by Kevin VanHook with illustrations by Don Perlin. This series was stopped in 1996 when Valiant was taken over by Acclaim Comics. Acclaim finally rebooted this character in Bloodshot (Volume 2)

In the comic version, nanotechnology implanted in his body gives Garrison superhuman abilities, including super-fast body healing systems, superpowers, and changing shapes. Unfortunately, we have not been able to get all the power of Garrison. There are only a few types of power used in this film.

At first glance, the story offered is unique and different than other superhero films. However, a slightly simple plot is still a weakness of this film. Many questions have not been answered. Indeed, introducing comic characters that are not too well known to the general public requires more effort. Bloodshot has not been able to raise the big name of this Valiant Comics character in its first adaptation series.

The battle and action scenes shown in this film show the power of Bloodshot. But unfortunately, on some occasions the animation and CGI that are used still feels rough. Although it has teamed up with Imagine Engine and Method Studios

But, the film Bloodshoot is not wrong if it is called a distinguishing superhero film with a new formula. Although not too smooth in its delivery, this film can still be considered capable of presenting an unusual superhero original story. But there is still much that can be developed, especially Valiant Comics universe is being prepared.

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Fukuoka – Synopsis

Fukuoka is a Korean film drama genre starring Kwon Hae-Hyo, Yoon Je-Moon and Park So-Dam. The film was written and directed by Zhang Lu (“Gyeongju”). Games Online dan Offline

The film tells about the strange journey of two men who ended their friendship 28 years ago with a woman. Je Moon and Hae Hyo are best friends, but their friendship fails when they fall in love with the same woman, Soon Yi.


28 years later, Je Moon became a used bookstore owner in Seoul, traveling to Japan to meet his old friend, who ran a bar “Deulkookhwa” in Fukuoka.

He was accompanied by his charming neighbor, So Dam, who suggested the meeting from the start. But in Fukuoka, traumatic conflicts from a long buried past gradually exploded.

When viewed from the trailer, So Dam’s role here is to reunite Je Moon and Hae Hyo who were once best friends. So Dam’s intention, who is a regular customer of Je Moon’s bookstore, was triggered after hearing Je Moon’s story about his best friend.

Is So Dam’s wish fulfilled? Especially when they went to Japan, the two men actually met with women who became their first fight. Or the plot twist, So Dam is the child of the woman they loved first? Watch the film in your favorite cinema

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Baaghi 3 – Synopsis

Baaghi 3, the third installment of the Baaghi franchise, relies mostly on its action and Tiger Shroff’s ability to pull it off effortlessly. The film, though, has a fairly engaging second half.

Baaghi 3 tells the story of a man named Ronnie (Tiger Shroff) younger brother of Vikram (Riteish Deshmukh). Their father is Charan Chaturvedi (Jackie Shroff) a policeman who died when they were both young.

Charan knew Ronnie was braver than the two because he made Ronnie promise he would take care of Vikram. When they were adults, Vikram joined the police force at the Lohamandi Police Station. On the first day of joining, Bajwa bad people set fire to someone in the Lohmandi Police Station building. Games Online dan Offline

Senior IPL named Bajwa (Jaideep Ahlawat) came to the rescue and the police did not file a demand. This is because IPL criminals feared by local residents and even the police. What the police don’t know is that the IPL is working against Abu Jalal Gaza, who is the leader of the world’s largest terrorist organization called Jaish-E-Lashkar.

They operate outside Syria and almost control the country. Back in Agra, the Lohmandi Police Station received complaints of kidnapping. Knowing that IPL was doing it, they were afraid to take action. They then decided to send Vikram as a scapegoat.

Vikram is scared and he asks Ronnie for help. Ronnie accompanied Vikram in the IPL factory, where the abducted people were detained. Ronnie destroyed the IPL troops when the lights went out. Everyone thought Vikram was the person responsible for defeating them and also rescuing the hostages.

He also became a hero last night. Meanwhile Vikram marries Ruchi. His brother, Siya (Shraddha Kapoor), is dating Ronnie. Hidp went well until the ministry sent Vikram to Syria.

He was given the responsibility of getting the IPL arrested and also facilitating the extradition process. Vikram arrived there and this was when he was kidnapped by Abu’s army. Without choice, Ronnie then decided to go to Syria to save Roonie.

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Her Blue Sky – Review

We have found many heartbreaking anime titles. However, among the various anime works that make the audience cry, we certainly agree that AnoHana is one of the champions. Behind how sad AnoHana is, we need to throw our appreciation to the creators, especially Tatsuyuki Nagai as the director, Mari Okada the scriptwriter, and Masatoshi Tanaka as the animation designer.
Four years later, the inner inspirational trio returned to collaborating on the Her Blue Sky project.

Her Blue Sky carries a fantasy story with a theme of time travel. One of the key characters in this anime, Shinnosuke Kanamuro, comes in two versions on one timeline. The figure of a teenage Shinno — his older sister’s girlfriend, Akane, 13 years ago — suddenly appeared before Aoi Aioi, the protagonist.

On the other hand, Aoi also met the figure of an adult Shinno whose temperament and stature was far different. No longer overwhelmed by cheerfulness, adult Shinno is a grumpy-mouthed grumpy figure. Games Online dan Offline

The drama starts when Aoi realizes Shinno and Akane actually still love each other. However, if they were reunited, the figure of the teenage Shinno he liked would disappear. It was here that he had to choose: his apparent self-happiness or the eternal happiness of his brother who had been struggling to support Aoi. From this unique premise, we will get a moral message that life does not always bring what we want. However, we can view happiness from another perspective. We can smile when we see our loved ones smile happily even if our desires are not fulfilled.

Watching Shinno with character is always cheerful, passionate, and tends to be naive. However, they can make us understand things from another perspective, motivating us to fight for what we believe.

Shinno’s characteristics in such a way make his figure easily loved by the audience. His presence is also a counterweight to the emotional dramatization of Aoi’s character, making us not easily bored and tired of watching this film to the end. Shinno invited laughter, but he also can make us ponder that chasing dreams is not easy. His passion and expertise in playing music alone is not enough to bring him to become a professional musician as he aspires. There are annoying things in this real world called connections and recommendations, inhibiting Shinno’s career who only played music in one small room.

Dive into the life of another bassist named Aoi Aioi. Sitting in the 2nd grade of high school, Aoi has no friends and prefers spending time playing bass anywhere. Since childhood, he began to learn bass because he often accompanied his brother, Akane, seeing Shinno and his band practicing. Yes, Shinno’s figure seemed to be a star in his life to find direction, including when Aoi was a teenager.

Aoi who tends to be indifferent and not talkative slowly changes. He becomes more honest and expressive of how he feels. In fact, Aoi who initially only saw the world from one perspective began to empathize with what happened to other people around her. He slowly realized that there was someone far more important in his life. This character development can be felt so naturally and without coercion. We will also sympathize with Aoi, who is finally more open to accept the reality despite the pain in his heart.

Akane, the older sister appeared with a calm, gentle personality, and always smiled. Even so, never underestimate this bespectacled girl. Her dedication in caring for Aoi, her 13-year-old sister, alone, made Akane an all-round and resilient figure, both mentally and physically. She was even able to slam an adult Shinno who was drunk with her bare hands.

Her love for her sister also made her sacrifice a lot of life. All the burden of her life she covered through a smile and tenderness to behave. Therefore, when she was moved to tears, anyone would pity her. Likewise, Aoi who had never before seen Akane cry even when their parents died.

There’s not much that this character does in the film. However, her impression was so strong. This character makes us increasingly empathize with Aoi. Like Aoi, we will also think about Akane’s happiness, which will eventually be answered through visual pieces in the film credit.

For those of you who like to be made to cry through slick works, Her Blue Sky is a spectacle that is not to be missed.

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Cuties and The Fake – Review

Cuties and The Fake is a Thai comedy from GDH. The film was based on a Thai TV series that was so successful that it reportedly gained more than 6 million viewers. The film Cuties and The Fake is full of all kinds of comedy and is classified as alay and dime. This very comical and very slapstick comedy might not be accepted by some people because it is too excessive, especially there are some humorous toasters and fart jokes, but there are quite a lot of scenes that are really very funny. Sometimes there is also some humor that is quite coarse or sexual, so the film has a rating of 21 years and above (Although in Thailand the film is included in the group 15 years and over). Then there is some meta humor and parody that can only be understood by Thai viewers.

Cuties and The Fake
Cuties and The Fake

In terms of storyline and characterization, it is quite standard and one-dimensional, maybe this filmmaker thinks that this film is shown to the fans of the TV series, but for those who do not watch it, they will ask questions about some of the storylines and characterizations. Games Online dan Offline

The biggest compliment should be given to Araya A. Hargate who acts as the original Cathy who is an artist as well as Nam (fake Cathy) who is a fried rice seller. He succeeded in acting gracefully, calm and full of the charm of the typical beauty of artists in general when he became Cathy and was able to act as a fierce, impulsive and has a bad personality. The biggest cuteness in this film was present when Nam appeared who has a personality that is contrary to Cathy.

The film Cuties and The Fake provides a variety of comic humor and coins. It could be that some viewers do not like the humor style. But some of the humor is really very funny and entertaining!

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Violet Evergarden – Synopsis

One of the things that has been waiting for anime fans around the world is certainty about the release of the Violet Evergarden widescreen. Because, before a tragic fire hit Kyoto Animation, a studio that worked on Violet Evergarden. Finally, Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Dolls had to be postponed.

This animation tells the story of Violet Evergarden who has returned from the war. Violet is a young girl who was previously known as a ‘weapon’ while on the battlefield. He decided to leave the world to start a new life.

However, in the course of his life after the war, Violet still has a few memories and trauma. While recovering from trauma, Violet was hired by former colonel Hodgins as a letter writer at the CH Postal Service. Violet was deeply moved by the Auto Memories Dolls, the ghostwriting department who wrote letters to men who could not read and write, and wanted to express their feelings for someone. Games Online dan Offline

Violet Evergarden
Violet Evergarden

Violet began her journey as an Auto Memories Doll, and came face to face with a variety of people’s emotions and different forms of love while looking for the meaning of the word ‘love’ that was spoken by her boss, Major Gilbert, who was killed in battle. In addition to being an Auto Memories Dolls, he also teaches at a girls’ school. One of the students, Isabella York is a noblewoman. He lives by many rules and certain ethics. That makes Isabella York life uncomfortable. At school, Violet and Isabella York meet. Their relationship became a turning point for each of them, especially Isabella York.

Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Dolls were directed by Haruka Fujita who had worked on Tamako Love Story and Taichi Ishidate who had directed K-ON !, as well as scriptwriters Kana Akatsuki, Reiko Yoshida, Takaaki Suzuki, and Tatsuhiko Urahata. The character of Violet Evergarden is played by Yui Ishikawa and Issabella York is played by Minako Kotobuki as the voice actor. Violet Evergarden is a Japanese novel series written by Kana Akatsuki illustrated by Akiko Takase. They won the grand prize at the 5th Kyoto Animation Awards, and became the only work that won the grand prize in three categories, namely novels, screenplays and manga.

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Tune in for Love – Review

Tune in for Love prefers to focus his story in 1994-2005. This time background selection makes the film Tune in for Love have a thick retro feel. For example, regarding the fashion of the characters, the atmosphere throughout the film, to cinematography that makes nostalgia for the past. For those who enjoy childhood or adolescence during the time spent in the film Tune in for Love, you can really make it nostalgic.

he story of this film began in 1994 when Hyun Woo came to Mi Soo’s bakery and his brother. At first, Mi Soo was afraid of Hyun Woo who was just out of juvenile prison. Moreover, the young man refused to talk about the reasons why he was imprisoned and why he no longer went to school.

Although it starts with fear, Mi Soo gradually falls in love with Hyun Woo who starts working with him at the bakery. So it is with Hyun Woo who even though he still feels awkward with his feelings, he secretly loves Mi Soo.

The first love story between Mi Soo and Hyun Woo looks so sweet and makes a baper. Unfortunately, one day Hyun Woo’s old friends came to the bakery. Hyun Woo, who then went to accompany his friends, never came to the bakery again.

After their meeting and separation in 1994, Mi Soo and Hyun Woo returned to meet in 1997. But as if being played by fate, their meeting returned to being separated because the next day Hyun Woo had to undergo compulsory military service.

Not to lose sense, Games Online dan Offline Mi Soo also made Hyun Woo an email account so that the two could keep in touch. He also asked Hyun Woo to learn to use the internet which was still quite new and learn to reply to emails from him. Unfortunately, Mi Soo forgot to provide the password for Hyun Woo’s email account.

Tune in for Love
Tune in for Love

Even though Mi Soo knew Hyun Woo couldn’t possibly open the email without a password, she still wrote and sent many emails. Until three years later, in 2000, suddenly there was an email reply from Hyun Woo.

They then contact each other by telephone even if only briefly. When they promised to call, at the agreed time Hyun Woo could not be reached. Via email, Mi Soo decides that the two don’t need to contact each other anymore

The peak of the conflict in this film occurred in 2005 when Mi Soo met Hyun Woo again unplanned. Still loving each other, the two then decided to be together and have a love affair. Unlike themselves when they were teenagers, both of them already have their careers.

Even though it looks fine, Mi Soo’s and Hyun Woo’s love relationship is re-tested, mainly because of the secret of the past that Hyun Woo and Mi Soo keep being valued by the boss himself. With their love for eleven years, can the two face obstacles and stay together?

Not only tells the story of Mi Soo and Hyun Woo’s love story for eleven years, Tune in for Love likens their story to a broadcast radio program called ‘Music Album’ which was being hit.

On the first day Hyun Woo entered the bakery and met Mi Soo, the ‘Music Album’ event was hosted by a new announcer, Yoo Yeol. Hyun Woo, who was accustomed to listening to the program while in prison, thought that the change of announcers was like a new change in his gloomy days.

Mi Soo, who also likes the radio program, often writes messages for Hyun Woo and is read by the announcer. Until 2005, towards the end of this 144 minute film, the existence of a radio program hosted by Yoo Yeol also became central in resolving story conflicts.

Played very well by Kim Go Eun and Jung Hae In, watching the film Tune in for Love not only makes it baper but also relaxes. Mi Soo-Hyun Woo’s love story, the chemistry that was intertwined between Kim Go Eun-Jung Hae In made this film stirring emotions as well as warm the heart.

Unfortunately, the resolution of conflicts in the film Tune in for Love feels rather shallow and less realistic. Even so, Tune in for Love still gives a good impression, especially for fans of romance films.

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I See You – Synopsis

I See You is a type of horror film whose story is twisted so that its plot is limited to spoilers, which is about a strange incident experienced by a detective and his family in a small town when he investigates the disappearance of a boy. But it is also a very entertaining, thrilling film, and there is a dark side that will spark a lot of conversation.

In the city queues, women who are named Jackie (Helen Hunt) is a mother who was recently discovered by her husband a detective named Greg (Jon Tenney) having an affair. The affair turned out to result in destroying the family, with Greg sleeping on the couch while Connor rages against his mother, leaving Jackie in such a narrow place, unable to apologize to the person who is he loved. Games Online dan Offline

I See You
I See You

During the riot period that, something unknown began to infiltrate the house, put Jackie on the edge when she tried to gather some clues are left behind, also juggling the progress of his lover who named Todd (Sam Trammell) who returns to express his love for married woman.

Can not explain certain changes around the place of residence, Jackie began to consider that something so spooky might be close. With the whole city worried Regarding the recent abduction, Greg was placed against the case this, dealing with a partner named Spitzky (Gregory Alan Williams) who is worried that an old killer has returned.

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Riki Rhino – Review

Children’s films always talk about how we live with each other or with the natural surroundings, a film production in the country precisely done in Bandung by Batavia Pictures. The process took about 4 years to develop characters, research into the location of endangered species of forests, build production assets and the selection of actors who acted in the film’s voice, with a solid story that gives a picture of one of the rare animals, the one-horned rhinoceros. Where the population has entered a rare level akibar hunted by hunters to be made government or just for fun. If all this time they have gotten from the Hollywood market there is nothing wrong with Indonesia making films that educate them, a light comedy animated film that does not have to decipher, they are very easy to absorb what they watch. The next generation is the spearhead of the Indonesian nation, filmmakers are obliged to legally deliver unattractive stories but have a broad impact on themselves and their environment.

Tells of Riki (Hamish Daud) Sumatran rhino that had been abandoned by his mother due to forest fires, he himself was hunted by Mr. Jak (Jack Lee) animal hunter for personal gain, after his beheaded was cut off by Mr. Jak. Riki felt that losing his pride could not live better, the only thing he was proud of was that he could no longer help his friends. Beni – a duck friend of his bestowed his feathers into a temporary Cula with the help of one monkey who has magical powers, they are on an adventure to find the Master who can restore Riki’s Sugar. The greatest strength when a stone is placed on artificial horn so that Riki is able to fight against his enemies. Going through all the challenges is not easy. Riki has to deal with fierce hunters who are ready to kill Riki at any time. Games Online dan Offline

Much is conveyed to the world of children with a humorous storyline for 90 minutes expected by the audience, especially families to be aware of the environment of endangered animals and love animals, this film will unwittingly be recorded on the minds of children, it’s time to act not wait long starting from self.

Screenwriting by Casandra Massardi with a very thick plot of the world of children provides high motivation with the background of the story itself, where each character is always associated with children’s characters such as brave, honest, afraid, low self-esteem. All processed into a dish that is easy to digest, even given a twist in every achievement Riki Rhino when adventuring. This proves how fast the children’s thoughts digest the films he watches. There are a number of voices that are underexplored in detail, with the potential to become even greater. Apart from the quality of 2D animation which is still lacking, there are some differences in animals and forest or river backgrounds. This is an input for the next film will be even better hopes. Well, in matters of soundtracks, unfortunately they are not listened to certain scenes, even though the song that is delivered very precisely appears on credit tille, hopefully the next film will still be felt because the soundtrack is very important in animated films. The strength of the storyline that is shattered in Riki Rhino is full of education, action, humor and amusement and after the film is finished it can be used as material for family chat.

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Rambo : Last Blood – Review

If you see the actor Sylvester Stallone, surely we will always remember the figure of Rambo. Stallone has indeed played the role of Rambo since he was young decades ago. Although he has played in many films, Rambo’s image is still strongly attached to Stallone. Stallone released his Rambo film Rambo: Last Blood. Still with the gripping atmosphere typical of the action film Stallone, what makes Rambo: Last Blood different is that he is no longer a soldier. Now he lives like an ordinary retired man with someone he considers family.

Rambo: Last Blood opened with a catastrophic flood that occurred in one of the mountains in Arizona. In the midst of the storm and the threat of flash floods that can kill anyone who passes through John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) with all his might to help the three mountain climbers who are trapped. He managed to save one person while the others did not survive because he could not do much.

After completing the mission to help the lost climber, Rambo returned to his comfortable home. He lives in a house where there also lives a grandmother named Maria Beltran (Adriana Barraza) along with her granddaughter, Gabrielle (Yvette Monreal) whom Rambo saved in the past. Living together for years made Rambo love Gabrielle like her own child. He promised to always take care of Gabrielle whenever and wherever. Games Online dan Offline

One day Gabrielle decided to go to Mexico to meet her father. He only wanted to hear clarification from his own father’s mouth why he had left Gabrielle and his mother. His father also treated Gabrielle very badly and made Gabrielle very sad.

Gabrielle accompanied by Gizelle visited a club to get rid of her sadness. Unfortunately, there Gabrielle was kidnapped and made a prostitute by the largest human trafficking network in Mexico, Martinez brothers, Hugo Martinez (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) and Victor Martinez (Óscar Jaenada). This makes Rambo revenge and plan attacks.

For matters of action scenes and military war tactics, Sylvester Stallone does not need to doubt. Every detail of the strategy carried out by Rambo makes us curious about how the execution will be. Sure enough, the mine scene at the 1/3 end of the film was executed nicely. Although we know that in the end Rambo will win the battle, but still second by second to the end of the film is very thrilling .

There is one thing that is appreciated from this film is the director, Adrian Grunberg, managed to show the real life of the fringes who live on the border of America and Mexico. There was also shown how social inequality.

Not only that, this film is also considered as one form of criticism of the government how human trafficking is still very high in the border region. The large role of law enforcement officials and local officials in the practice of human trafficking makes this activity very difficult to eradicate.

Looking at the things presented in the film Rambo: Last Blood, this film should be able to satisfy the fans’ longing for the action of John Rambo, who is known to be tough and invincible

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Hitman : Agent Jun – Review

Jun (Kwon Sang-Woo) is a sophisticated National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent. His parents passed away when he was a child. From an early age he was recruited to become the most sophisticated spy agent. The boss / trainer is Deok-kyu (Jung Joon-ho) who teaches him to be the best spy. As a result, Jun became an extraordinary secret agent.

But in his heart Jun doesn’t want to be an agent. He wants to be a comic artist. Every free time he draws. And one day Jun finally decided to fake his death. Jun succeeded. Everyone believes that Jun is gone. Jun smiled and struggled to reach his dream to become a comic artist.

Skip to a few years later. Jun finally became a comic artist. But reality is different from the dream in his head. Jun is married to his wife Mi-na (Hwang Woo Seul-hye) and has a daughter named Ga-yeong (Lee Ji-won) who likes to rap. Their roles were exchanged. Jun is at home and manages the house while continuing to write comics while his wife works. His son also secretly realized that parents were short of money and dreamed of taking a reality show in order to get money. Games Online dan Offline

Hitman : Agent Jun
Hitman : Agent Jun

Webtoon written by Jun was not responded well to the reader. Instead of being famous, Jun actually gets various insults and insults from readers. Because this is Jun, when he was drunk he decided to make comics when he was an NIS agent. Without realizing it, his wife saw the comic and sent it to the editor. In a short amount of time, Jun’s comics told stories about his experiences being a viral spy and made him the comic artist he loved. Of course this good news comes with bad news. Because the former boss and former enemy finally knew that Jun was still alive.

Written and directed by Choi Won-sub, Hitman Agent Jun is an entertaining comedy action film. Bright colorful visuals that support how lightweight the plot carried by Won-sub. Editing is concise enough so that the film runs smoothly without obstacles. And the cast, especially Kwon Sang-woo played enough so that Hitman Agent Jun could be enjoyed.

Unfortunately unlike most other comedy action films, such as Midnight Runners or even Extreme Job, Hitman Agent Jun does not have extra personality. As a comedy film, the jokes in this film are hit and miss. There are some jokes that will make you laugh out loud like the scene of Jun with his boss involving a cellphone in the groin. But there are also jokes that are too crisp.

As an action film, Hitman Agent Jun did not provide anything new. The scene is just like that even if it’s not bad. In the plot, the mystery carried by Won-sub does not provide many puzzles so the audience will catch it without the need for effort. The ease with which the main character resolves the problem is what makes Hitman Agent Jun not stand out compared to his other friends.

What is quite striking about Hitman Agent Jun is probably the relationship between Jun and his pretty touching daughter. There were quite a few stand-out scenes that provided strong motivation for Jun to make mistakes that finally brought Hitman Agent Jun to the turning point. The Won-sub way to combine live action and animation also makes Hitman Agent Jun more hip and unique. For those of you who want to watch a stress-free spectacle that is easy to see, Hitman Agent Jun can be an option for you. Although the story is predictable, at least you will still relax while watching it.

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The Closet – Synopsis

The Closet is the latest Korean film with a horror thriller genre. Directed by Kim Kwang-bin, starring Ha Jung-woo and Kim Nam-gil.

The Closet will tell the story of a father and daughter who began to turn away when the death of his wife and mother of the child. The incident that took place in the house after the death of his wife would haunt the character of the father and daughter. Games Online dan Offline

Director Kim Kwang-bin, who debuted the director with this film, revealed that the idea of ​​the film came after seeing his cupboard door suddenly open. As he said during the interview session “Maybe because I haven’t fully woken up yet, but it feels very scary like there is someone behind the cabinet door. Then later, I came up with the idea that it would be interesting to combine intense moments and drama genres into a film, “.

The story at The Closet begins with the misfortune of a man who lost his wife in an accident. Since the departure of his wife, Sang Won (Ha Jung Woo) has had a bad relationship with his only daughter, Yi Na (Heo Yool) who is always depressed.

The Closet
The Closet

To improve relations, Sang Won invited Yi Na to move to a new home. Since then, Yi Na has become more cheerful because she has a ‘new friend’.

Gradually, Sang Won realized that something was wrong with the signs of his daughter as if he had started drawing something scary. Until one day, Yi Na mysteriously disappeared.

Sang Won who was desperately looking for Yi Na was suddenly approached by Kyung Hoon (Kim Nam Gil) who claimed to be a priest exorcist. He was interested in the disappearance case of Yi Na which was broadcast on television. Kyung Hoon said Yi Na was in another dimension. The only door to the world where Yi Na is is the cupboard in Yi Na’s room. The mystery begins. Two men who do not know must work together against natural law

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Onward – Review

Pixar’s latest film titled Onward is their first try in the Coming of Age genre.
Taking a setting in which the fantasy world has been assimilated into the modern world, Onward tells about the adventures of two monster monsters, Ian (Tom Holland) and Barley Lightfoot (Chris Pratt), to be able to meet their father again. Their own adventure story begins when Ian gets a birthday gift in the form of a magic wand and a magic stone named Phoenix Stone. It is said that, if the Phoenix Stone is used properly, then the dead can come back to life.

Growing up without his father, Ian and Barley’s dream was to be able to see their father again. Therefore, once they get the Phoenix Stone prize, the first thing they do is try to revive the father.

Apparently, using Phoenix Stone is not an easy matter. Their first magic attempt was (somewhat) a total failure. Instead of reviving their father as a whole, Ian and Barley only managed to revive half of their father’s body. Leg to waist, without body, hands and head. Laughable.

The problem does not stop there. The Phoenix Stone they have is also completely destroyed. Not wanting their father to come back alive without a body, the two ventured to find a new Phoenix Stone. Their capital: instructions from the board game card. What happened next was predictable, chaos after chaos.

Behind the Games Online dan Offline chaos, Onward’s focus is actually on Ian’s character. Growing up without his father making him a shy, awkward, and clumsy figure. On his 17th birthday, Ian didn’t dare to invite his friends to party. When being bullied, instead of defending himself, Ian surrendered with resignation. In short, he was pathetic.

The good, Ian wants to change. He does not want to continue to be a loser. Reviving his father is the way out. He wants to learn directly from him how to be a tough guy. That’s why when Barley said there was one more Phoenix Stone, Ian immediately decided to go on an adventure with him.

Onward premise is actually quite obsolete. The story of Coming of Age in which the main character becomes an adult by leaving the comfort zone is too often used. However, director Dan Scanlon (Monster University) has a unique way of conveying this generic story. He takes the approach of Role Playing Game (RPG).

Yes, Onward is very thick with references to western RPG a la Dungeon and Dragons (D&D). Grinding, leveling, puzzles, magic, monsters, all on Onward. In fact, Ian and Barley’s adventures were designed to resemble quests in RPG games.

As an illustration, for Ian and Barley to get the location of the Phoenix Stone, they have to venture from location to location. At each location, they had to ask local residents for instructions. Sometimes, they have to deal directly with the witty, witty creatures of the Manticore (Octavia Spencer), a lion with bat wings, scorpion tails and curly hair.

Throughout the adventure, Ian also practiced his magic abilities, just like the leveling process in RPG games. Ian wasn’t good at it right from the start. And, like in the game, if he doesn’t practice his abilities, then he won’t be able to overcome the obstacles that stand in his way.

The concept of western RPG is not used at all by Dan Scanlon. Using all his experiences from Monster University, he combines the fantasy world of western RPG with the contemporary world. The result is a unique blend. The police are not played by humans, but are centaurs. Stray dogs were replaced by unicorns and street thugs were replaced by fierce, half-dead fairies. While the bar, which has always been a center for information exchange in the RPG, was replaced by fast food outlets. All that makes Ian and Barley’s journey to maturity become more fun even with the outdated premise.

Acting from Tom Holland and Chris Pratt helped liven up the characters of Ian and Barley perfectly during their adventure. Tom is perfect for being a clumsy and awkward Ian, while Pratt deserves to be a sloppy, sloppy Barley, but unfortunately half to death with his brother.

From the comedy side, Onward also appeared humorous. There are many funny moments that are ready to cause laughter. The comedy that often steals the attention comes from the father Ian and Barley. Present without body, head, and hands, he made many strange movements that would remind the audience with a physical comedian pattern.

Despite all the advantages mentioned above, Onward has one very obvious shortcoming: he is too light. Onward does not have the same weight as the previous Pixar films. The audience was not challenged to rethink the messages that were presented so that what happened was that Onward ended up being just entertainment. Very different when compared to Inside Out where the audience is challenged to think about the impact of emotions, motivation, and pressure or like Wall-E where the audience is asked to rethink modernization and its impact on the environment.

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