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The Call of the Wild – Review

The Call of the Wild will be the first film that tells the story of friendship between humans and animals released in 2020. The presence of this film is very suitable to be watched with people closest to you like your beloved family because it has the genre of adventure, drama, and family.

This film tells Games Online dan Offline the story of a dog named Buck who was kidnapped from his home to be carried to the snow plains in Alaska. There Buck was found by someone and joined a group of dog pulling a delivery carriage letter. In addition, Buck is also known as a noble hearted dog and likes to help anyone throughout his adventure.

The story in this film is adapted from a novel book of the same name by Jack London and published in 1903.
And was made in 1935 with the same title. The film stars Clark Gable and Loretta Young.

This exciting adventure film directed by Chris Sanders. Previously, he was known through the films “How to Train Your Dragon” (2010) and “The Croods” (2013).

Harrison Ford is the main character and plays John Thornton. This film also stars MCU actress, you know! Karen Gillan, known from the “Guardians of the Galaxy” (2017) was present in the role of Marcedes. In addition, there are other Hollywood artists such as Dan Stevens, Cara Gee, Bradley Whitford, Omar Sy and many more. The most interesting fact is that dogs in this film actually use the CGI effect, you know, and not real dogs.

Come on, watch with the closest person. Games Online dan Offline

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Fantasy Island – Review

The film, adapted from the 70s TV series, stars Michael Pena, Maggie Q, Lucy Hale, and Austin Stowell. How was the film?

The film Fantasy Island tells the story of a group of young people visiting a remote tropical island. They were the winners of the contest and successfully visited Fantasy Island. They are Gwen (Maggie Q), Melanie (Lucy Hale), Patrick (Austin Stowell), Brax (Jimmy O. Yang), and JD (Ryan Hansen). On the island managed by Roarke (Michael Pena) they are convinced that the guests’ fantasies can be realized. Not alone, Roarke is accompanied by Julia (Parisa Fitz-Henley), her assistant at Fantasy Island to welcome guests.

Fantasy from Gwen, Melanie, Patrick, Brax, and JD finally came true. At first they enjoyed everything but wondered if this was true or a trick from Roarke. Guests know that their fantasies become nightmares as the island slowly twists their desires. Now they must be able to solve the mystery and escape the island safely.

The film Fantasy Island presents a gripping adventure on a mysterious island that can realize a fantasy. Slowly we are invited to see the fantasy of each character, we can not guess what the contents of the fantasy of all of them. In the trailer, only Melanie’s character is revealed, what is the fantasy of the other characters?

Fantasy Island
Fantasy Island

Behind a satisfying fantasy Games Online dan Offline tucked in a tense secret, how the island grants all the fantasy of his guests. The idea of ​​the story is quite interesting, but unfortunately the origin of the power of fantasy island is not very explained.

Not a Blumhouse horror film without surprises. In the film Jeff Wadlow is relying on a lot of jumpscare to surprise the audience. The characters are also haunted by the horrible creatures on the island.

The cast of Fantasy Island played quite well, the most prominent one might be Lucy Hale and Maggie Q. But the characters of the two brothers were played by Jimmy O. Yang and Ryan Hansen did not succeed in joking, even though their intentions broke the atmosphere. Michael Peña, who is usually funny, in this film he appears serious.

For those of you who want a horror adventure full of mysteries, you really have to watch the movie Fantasy Island. Be careful what you fantasize about so you don’t backfire. The past of each character is the key answer to all the horrors on the fantasy island. Jeff Wadlow also prepared an unexpected twist, curious? Watch the film in the cinema.

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The Poison Rose – Review

The Poison Rose film tells the story of Carson Philips (John Travolta), a former NFL (National Football League) player who is now turning a profession as a private investigator. One day, a beautiful woman offered him a large enough amount of money, provided Carson was willing to find out the cause of the disappearance of a teenage boy, who was allegedly killed.   Initially Carson objected because the incident happened in Texas, a city full of dark shadows of Carson’s past. But his weakness for beautiful women, moreover the client came with a sad story, made Carson finally accepted the offer.  

Carson began an investigation in Texas, by contacting some of his acquaintances, – including a former girlfriend he had left. The investigation led to a mental hospital, where a suspected key witness of the murder of a client’s relative was treated.  

For reasons that don’t make sense, Dr. Miles Mitchell (Branden Fraser), to keep Carson away from the patient he insisted was in the facility. But Carson’s abilities turned out to be more than Dr. Mitchell.  

The Poison Rose
The Poison Rose

Behind it all turned out there was the intervention of a God Father who had long controlled the underworld in the city. Many suggestions for Carson to stay away from this case, and not deal with Doc.  

It turned out that what was imagined by Curson was far different from what he was facing. And that really made him a dilemma. Games Online dan Offline

Like detective films in general, The Poison Rose also only focuses on one or two characters at the beginning of the story. Until little by little, the storyline unfolds the figure of each character slowly, – especially the characters Doc (Morgan Freeman) and Jayne Hunt (Famke Janssen).

Quite a lot of characters who stand out in this film, and take the audience’s mind room to confirm whether he is a good character or evil. Although, spotlight remains dominated by the actions of Carson until the end of the film.

This film set is made with the setting and mindset of Texas residents in the 70s. And quite successfully presented by the director. Both property and dialogue, neatly packaged to realize the setting in accordance with the original novel.

This film presents the version of the novel quite well if you look at it from the budget, as well as minimal manufacturing time. This film is worth enjoying, especially for those who like detective films.

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Girl On The Third Floor – Review

Travis Stevens made his directorial debut through the film Girl on the Third Floor. Starring a former professional wrestler who is also a mixed martial arts fighter, Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, who is next to a newcomer actress, Sarah Brooks.

Tells a former lawyer named Don Koch (Phil “CM Punk” Brooks) who wants to open a new chapter in life. He bought a shabby house in suburban Chicago with the intention of renovating it. However, Don began to experience strange events in the house.

From the beginning of the film Girl on the Third Floor, starting to the end, the location you will see is an abandoned slum. Tells the story of Don Koch, a husband who bought a house for his wife, Liz (Trieste Kelly Dunn), which is far from urban areas. When the process of renovating his new home, Don immediately tidied up all the equipment left by the previous owner.

When renovating, Don saw a strange liquid coming out of the walls of his house. Unable to stand, he touched the liquid and began to paint the wall. Games Online dan Offline

After finishing painting the wall, he switched to another wall that had a big hole. Seeing something in it, Don reached his hand and found something buried inside the wall. However, supernatural terror begins when there is a ball of marbles that suddenly appears in front of him.

However, the atmosphere was gripped even more when his pet dog Don, Cooper, was found lifeless in the washing machine. From the visible blood, enough to make you sympathize with this animal known as a human friend.

At the same time it makes the psychological thriller feel a little. In addition, there is a twist plot that is quite salvaging, although again the storyline lacks detail.

This former wrestler’s debut is arguably a bit of attention. Although not as interesting as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Don Koch can be played by Phil “CM Punk” Brooks well. He became a macho husband. When the terror began, the deepening of the CM Punk character was quite pronounced.

Especially when scoring began to rise, CM Punk managed to describe the frustration and depression when he began to be haunted. Feelings of frustration and do not know what to do will come you feel.

Unfortunately, the nature of the supporting cast actually makes this story seem confusing. In addition to Sarah Brooks who still provides acting that is quite entertaining, the actor Ellie Mueller (Karen Woditsch) lacks the character’s depth.

Despite all that, actually Girl on the Third Floor has the potential to be a slick horror film because it has a good scenario. Unfortunately, again the execution of this film did not run optimally. Fortunately, the acting of CM Punk can provide color in this film made by Trevor Stevens.

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El Camino – A Breaking Bad – Review

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie opens with a conversation “wise” two people who want to start a new life, trying to break away from their lives now. The peaceful atmosphere at the edge of the lake ended with the decision to go to Alaska.

However, a second later, peace turned into chaos. Hysterical screams by Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) who try to escape from the police pursuit form a contrast that will make you excited. For those who follow the series, this scene is certainly familiar. However, for those who watch this film regardless of the series, this scene is very suitable to start Jesse’s journey out of his dark world.

This film actually lacks action. You will focus on being invited to follow Jesse’s journey now, while still being invited to see his past. Vince Gilligan is happy to take you back and forth to Jesse’s darkness and his golden age.

Gilligan brilliantly repacked the movement of this groove smoothly, not apart from what happened to Jesse at the present time. In fact, when Jesse is currently in a race against time to start a new life away from his country, a sweet and warm flashback makes the atmosphere calm.

What makes you also won’t lose interest in knowing the fate of Jesse finally is a camera that moves dynamically in certain scenes. When Jesse tried to escape from the police pursuit after he left Walter, a close-up of the expression of loss, fear, and a hint of relief was reflected from Jesse’s face. Aaron Paul again managed to make you sympathetic with this one character. Games Online dan Offline

El Camino : A Breaking Bad
El Camino : A Breaking Bad

Jesse’s PTSD momentum was well illustrated from a clear angle. When Jesse looks for Todd Alquist’s savings, the rotating camera angles as Jesse unloads every corner of Tood’s apartment allows you to feel the absurdity of the search. So, when Jesse felt almost hopeless, you were invited to think the same until Gilligan issued another card.

The cinematography is also really cool when the cat-and-mouse scene, both with the police and Lou, when Jesse is in Todd’s apartment. Although only a few minutes, this crime drama was gripping in those few minutes. This list will be very long if mentioned one by one. But, guaranteed you will agree on this.

Breaking Bad is arguably selling the life drama of Walter White, a chemistry teacher who feels the need to sell drugs after being convicted of cancer. The reason is, in order to support his family.

Therefore, he “invited” Jesse to take part in the plan. Now, as the series goes deeper into the lives of Walter and Jesse, you will be invited to think about the contrast between justice and crime.

In the film, the boundaries of justice and crime are also biased. At the beginning of the film, Jesse who is chatting with Mike Ehrmantraut seems to have a bright future, illustrating that those who are already on the wrong path can also be aware.

Afterwards, he is also described as a fugitive, the only person still alive involved in the slaughter of a gang. Now, in this escape, Jesse meets Skinny Pete and Badger, Jesse’s old friends who are willing to do anything to help Jesse. Their brotherhood ties will make you all melt.

If many say the Joker is a film about “good people who turn bad”, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie means it is a film about good people who look bad, even though all they do is just survive.

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Horse Girl – Review

Horse Girl is the latest Netflix Original Movie released on February 7, 2020. The film stars and is written by Alison Brie who was inspired by the history of her family’s mental health, assisted by the director, Jeff Baena. Through his interview with Vulture, Alison revealed that he always wanted to write a film about his grandmother and mother. Her grandmother had schizophrenia and her mother grew up in a traumatic situation, while Alison lived with a shadow of a mental health history through her line.

Horse Girl tells the story of Sarah, a woman who works at a craft material store. Not too many friends, Sarah is more comfortable spending time watching a supernatural series and making bracelets with wool yarn. The only brother who he loved was Willow, a horse that was once his.

Sarah’s quiet, calm life began to be disturbed when she believed that she was kidnapped by aliens while asleep.

Horse Girl is a film that wants to make its audience aware of mental health issues with new methods and original concepts. There are already many films that take the theme of the main character who is experiencing mental disorders. However, we always act as viewers from the perspective of a third person. Seeing them slowly leads to insanity and makes us sympathetic. That’s it. Games Online dan Offline

In contrast to “Horse Girl”, we will be taken on a mental journey to that insanity. It is not a pleasant journey, but experiencing mental disorders is not something that will make us feel comfortable.

Gradually, we will feel how a mental illness feels like a virus that plagues our normal lives into terror.

From the beginning to the end of the film, we will see the world through Sarah’s perspective. From when he was working in a shop, going home and enjoying his favorite series, to sleeping and entering Sarah’s dream. Then woke up on the side of the road, far from the apartment where he lived.

Maybe at first, we did not realize that this film tried to swallow every audience in the madness felt by Sarah; and so is a mental illness attacking sufferers. We will not realize since when reality and illusion melt and make us lose control.

When the film finishes, we will feel “crazy” and do not believe what we just saw. Some of us might make statements that this film has disturbing content, makes us anxious, and everything feels too absurd. But hey, that’s how insanity works; everything feels absurd.

Horse Girl may not be a movie that will make us have a pleasant experience watching movies. This film will make us question our sanity and cause anxiety. However, if Alison Brie’s intention is to make films that make us feel what it’s like to be a person with mental disorders; she did a pretty good job.

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After Shock – Review

Have you ever heard of a giant earthquake in Tangshan, China, in 1976? Aftershock based his story on the earthquake, or rather what happened afterwards.

Tells the story of a mother, Yuan Ni, and her twin sons Zeng Fang and Fang Da and how their lives were changed forever by the earthquake on that historic morning in early 1976. When the earthquake occurred Yuan Ni and her husband were outside his apartment. The husband and wife watched in tears as the building collapsed and the twins were trapped inside. The two children aged seven years were buried under the ruins of the devastating earthquake. When the rescue team intends to explain the condition of the two victims, Yuan Ni is faced with a difficult choice, which must be saved because both are crushed by the ruins of a building that could sacrifice one of them. Yuan Ni faced with the most difficult decision of his life, he finally chose to save his son Fang Da, the twin boys. Decisions that later change their lives later.

Her mother’s decision to choose Fang Da carved a prolonged wound for Zeng Fang who was apparently still alive. With a blurry picture, among the corpses lying in between and between blood spills and rain germis, Zeng Fang got up and walked to look for his mother’s figure. Zeng Fang who was stranded in a temporary shelter was finally adopted by a pair of soldiers who until the end of his life were never blessed with a child. Zeng Fang who was injured finally chose silence a thousand languages ​​and tried to forget and never want to remember those bad memories. Not only because of the disaster that has caused many people to die including his father but his mother’s decision to save his younger brother is a difficult decision to accept.

Zeng Fang became an interovert girl and lived under tremendous pressure. While unexpectedly his daughter lives with his new family, Fang Da lives with his mother who still chooses to live in the city. Although faced with various problems being a single parent with boys who have problems at school. Yuan Ni also lived with a long period of guilt because her husband and daughter were victims of the earthquake.

32 years later, Games Online dan Offline after the twins had lived their own lives, Zeng Fang had become a doctor and lived in Canada with her husband and her son while Fang Da already had a company with many employees, moved to a big city and was able to buy her mother an apartment. When the city of Sichuan was hit by the same earthquake in 2008, they were moved to come to help, remembering that they had been victims of the same earthquake. Both of them joined the other volunteers.

Fang Da told his fellow volunteers about his childhood experiences where his brother and father were victims of the earthquake disaster in Tangshan Village. Not unexpectedly his sister who had 32 years never met even thought he had died among the volunteers and could only cry to hear how his mother was so guilty prolonged.

Long story short, Zeng Fang was reunited with his mother, who never stopped crying over the departure of her daughter, even though it had already been 32 years. It was a very touching meeting. Yaun Ni, who felt his decision was a mistake, asked Zeng Fang to forgive the decision. Zeng Fangpun told me 32 years was a long time to forget his mother’s decision to ignore it. But the Lord’s decision was unexpected as to what the outcome was.

The film, directed by Feng Xiaogang and produced by the studio Huayi Bros. Chinese actors and actresses Jingchu Zhang, Daoming Chen, Yi Lu, Fan Xu, Jin Chen and Chen Li are very charming acting especially with Li-guang Wang’s neat musical arrangement that made this film capable of making the audience blue.

A movie that is worth watching.

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The Art of Self Defense

Jesse Eisenberg will appear as a youth full of obsession with karate in his latest film, The Art of Self Defense. This film is a humorous film with dark and dark nuances, so it is touted as a dark comedy genre film.

Casey Davies (Jesse Eisenberg) is a well-mannered, socially awkward accountant who seems incompatible with his work environment. Casey was confronted with a motorcycle gang that brutally attacked him. He was given time off from work to recuperate, he grew insecure, strongly considering buying firearms for protection. He found the karate dojo, led by Sensei, Casey took advantage of the free trial class, choosing to take classes more days than buying a gun.

Casey meets Anna the brown belt who teaches children’s classes, and befriends Henry the blue belt. Casey performed well and he was promoted to the yellow belt. Sensei invited Casey to the dojo night class, more brutally than the regular class. Henry joined uninvited, but when he was contacted to help demonstrate, Sensei broke his elbow and took him out of the dojo.  

The debate session, Anna brutally beat Thomas, a black belt student, aimed at proving her skills at Sensei regardless of her gender, according to sensei to disqualify her from the black belt. Casey returned to work and this became a firm employee. When he became arrogant he punched his boss’s throat and he was dismissed. Games Online dan Offline

Casey explained to Sensei, he took classes in response to his traumatic experiences when he was attacked by a gang. Sensei then tells him that he saw one of the gangs in the bar, pushing him to attack the suspect. Casey injured him but found Sensei recording the confrontation, realizing that the suspect was innocent.

Casey was confused back home to find his dog passed out and was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital, traumatized because it resembled a blow from a technique that Casey remembered to learn. Casey returned to the dojo accusing Sensei of killing his dog but he denied. At night the whole class went on a motorbike that Casey seemed familiar with, with orders to attack people who were alone.

As colleagues Anna and Casey targeted undercover police. Anna was shot in the leg, Casey killed the policeman. Casey brought Anna home. Casey returned to the dojo to investigate further. Casey later found out some disturbing things like the functioning Crematorium, Henry’s body hung with his own blue belt, the target list and a series of video tapes confirm Sensei and some of his own classmates including Thomas and Anna, as the motorcycle gang that attacked him.

Casey found Anna preventing the gang from executing her during the attack. Sensesi returned in the morning, Casey challenged him to death. Casey killed Sensei and in the evening class Casey explained to other students he killed Sensei. Casey is responsible for maintaining the new dog he found.

Casey then promotes Anna to a black belt and she becomes the new sensei, teaching her beliefs about the battle of compassion for cruel aggression. Casey was further promoted teaching children’s classes instead.

The Art of Self-Defense is a satirical film that insinuates all the time, even as if laughing at it, the traditional view of masculinity. And I must say, the way to insinuate is really hilarious.

Jesse Eisenberg once again plays the character of a cowardly geeky man who then develops defeating his weaknesses. And he seems more able to unleash his potential when playing a character like that, like he did in the film Zombieland.

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Missing Link – Review

Missing Link tells the story of an adventurer named Sir Lionel Frost who had to take a Bigfoot from America to the Himalayas to find a distant relative of the Yeti. What makes the story interesting is of course the figure of the bigfoot named Susan or also called Mr. Link. In contrast to human expectations about Bigfoot, Bigfoot turns out to be a creature with high intelligence that is not inferior to humans. Susan can talk, behave and act like humans. Their journey also did not go smoothly because Lord Piggot-Dunceby, an adventurer who denied the existence of Bigfoot tried to prevent Sir Lionel Frost’s mission in proving the existence of Bigfoot. While being hunted by hired hunters Willard Strenk, the adventures of Sir Lionel and Susan became a roller coaster ride that was quite interesting to follow.

In addition to focusing on Susan’s story, Missing Link also takes a lot of focus on Sir Lionel Frost. From the opening scene in this film the audience can already see clearly the ability of Sir Lionel Frost as an expert adventurer. Sir Lionel Frost easily handled and established relationships with legendary creatures. However, there is one problem and drawbacks of Sir Lionel Frost that is the difficulty in establishing relationships with other humans. Sir Lionel Frost is described as an egocentric perfectionist and workaholic. Actually, Sir Lionel wants a relationship with other people and he is aware of it, but he cannot change himself. This can actually be said as an irony that is quite sad. For the sake of gaining recognition and entering into an adventurous community, Sir Lionel must prove the existence of Bigfoot which triggered his exciting adventure with Susan. Games Online dan Offline

Missing Link
Missing Link

The theme raised in this film actually talks about ‘home.’ The house is not in the sense of a physical place but a place where we feel comfortable, appropriate, and surrounded by the right people. The two main characters, Sir Lionel and Susan, are both in the dilemma of trying to find a ‘home’ to get out of solitude and loneliness. Sir Lionel tried to make the adventurous community his home, while Susan tried to make the Himalayas his new home in the hope of being surrounded by distant relatives of the yeti. Unfortunately, they both seem to be looking for a house in the wrong place. Trying to get recognition from the adventure community seems to be the wrong way to get a ‘home’ for Sir Lionel. It is wrong to mean that a ‘house’ should not need to have proof and see the adventurous community members who actually do not have a concern for Sir Lionel. Meanwhile, despite Susan’s expectations, the Yeti in the Himalayas turned out to be ‘racist’ to him and didn’t even consider him a brother. The ‘house’ theme raised was a potential theme because it was quite interesting, felt close and relatable.

When compared with the film from the previous Laika animation studio you could say Missing Link is the lightest, simplest and most colorful film. The story given in this film feels so generic, general and sometimes feels boring. There is no specific and clear target audience for this film, at first glance the visual aspect of Missing Link seems to be aimed at children but there are some parts of humor that seem more suitable for adults.

If seen from a visual perspective, Laika’s animation studio cannot be doubted. Laika has succeeded in perfecting the stop-motion technique so that it looks so smooth and beautiful. The resulting visuals look so beautiful like digital preparations even though the majority of the visuals that we see are puppets or artificial environments that are arranged slowly by humans. I was so perfect that even the audience had several times forgotten that Laika was a stop-motion film not 3D animation.

Missing Link also stars famous top actors such as Hugh Jackman as Sir Lionel’s voice actor, Zach Galifianakis Susan and Zoe Saldana as Adelina’s voice actor. Missing Link became the film with the worst income studio Laika so far, even Missing Link became the worst opening film of all time ranked twelfth. Or can we actually see that the failure of Missing Link is a proof of reduced audience interest in stop-motion animated films? Not a bad movie but Missing Link is just a normal animated film.

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Booksmart – Synopsis

The BOOKSMART film tells the story of a pair of friends, Molly (Beanie Feldstein) and Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) who realize that both of them have spent their teen years only by doing one thing, namely learning. Therefore, on the night of their graduation, they made a plan to summarize all the things they missed in one night. The film, starring Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein, will bring us memories of graduation in high school.

Molly and Amy, two smart school stars who are good friends, spend their high school time just studying. Although in the end they got what they dreamed of, like Molly who was accepted to Yale University because she aspires to become the Supreme Court later. And also Amy, who will continue her studies at Columbia even though she plans to become a volunteer in Botswana first.

However, Games Online dan Offline without them knowing, they have spent a lot of their teenage time just by learning without doing exciting things like other teenagers. Until before graduation, they realize it all. Moreover, they also know that their other friends can do two things at once, that is having fun and studying and they can still enter the famous University in the end. Unlike those who can only do one thing.

After they know that their friends can do these two things at once, they also think if they should have more fun than have to study continuously. That’s when they devised a plan to be able to summarize the things they had been missing all night. On the night of their second graduation, Molly and Amy tried new things by going to Nick’s party, the senior vice president at school and the man Amy liked. During the night, many new things happened for both of them. How did their excitement summarize the things they had missed the night before graduation?

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Portrait Of A Lady On Fire – Review

This film won Queer Palm (Sciamma became the first female director to win this award) and won Best Screenplay at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

Portrait of A Lady on Fire tells the story of a painter, Marianne (Noémi Merlant) who was hired to make a portrait of a young aristocratic woman named Héloïse (Adèle Hanel). Héloïse is said to be married to a rich man from Italy whom he has never met.

Mrs. Héloïse, a French nobleman called The Countess (played by Valeria Golino), had arranged the marriage, and the portrait was needed to convince her future husband of the charm of his future wife.

After his arrival, Marianne learned that the previous painter had failed and was expelled by Héloïse. The Countess also arranged for Marianne to be as close to Héloïse, to observe it as closely as possible and then paint it through the memories of her conversation.

This was done in secret so Héloïse would not know what Marianne’s real mission was until her portrait was finished.

Who would have thought, the closeness of Marianne and Héloïse provided a variety of new perspectives on both. This closeness leads to “more than just female friends”.

Like the European film, Portrait of A Lady on Fire has a slow pace in storytelling. However, this can be helped from the jokes that often occur in dialogues between Marianne and Héloïse.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is one of four films in the 2019 Cannes Film Festival that are directed by women. What’s more, some of the Portrait of a Lady on Fire production team included a producer, cinematographer, and first director’s assistant as well as a woman. Games Online dan Offline

Not surprisingly, Céline Sciamma plotted the Portrait of a Lady on Fire about how Marianne and Héloïse fell in love step by step.

Sciamma was very patient in building the emotional bond through a series of lines, conversations, and eye views between the two women.

Sound system also plays a very good role in the film Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Noted, there are only two music that is displayed in this film but is very able to be maximized. First, the acappella was carried out by a group of women while at a campfire.

The acapella is transformed into a very interesting intense choir (composed by Jean-Baptiste de Laubier and Arthur Simonini)

Secondly, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons notation was played in the middle of the film and (the most climax) at the end to show Héloïse’s emotions with extreme close-ups.

In addition, the sub-plots presented in the Portrait of a Lady on Fire such as mother-child conflict, unwanted arranged marriages, unwanted pregnancies, as well as contemporary ways to deal with them have quite good storytelling weight.

Even more interesting, Céline Sciamma did not try to apply the standards of modern women at the end of Marianne and Héloïse’s relationship.

Instead of trying to be critical and “break the rules”, Sciamma put both in a position of surrender and “accept” patriarchal culture (which of course was created by men) as his destiny.

In general, the Portrait of a Lady on Fire provides a boundary between gloomy realism options and an understanding of reality.

Céline Sciamma clearly chose the latter option, thus placing the film in the climax of the perfect ending with a wave of maximum emotional intensity but still very quiet.

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The Farewell – Review

Grandma said, lying is a sin. But, what happens if we have to lie for the good of Grandma herself? That’s the outline of the story of The Farewell, a comedy drama filmed by director Lulu Wang.

In detail, The Farewell tells the story of Billi (played by Awkwafina+ who is trapped in a ‘structured, systematic and massive lie’ directed at his grandmother, Nai Nai (Shuzhen Zhao). Billi’s parents asked her to lie to Nai Nai that she was fine despite the medical record saying cancer.

Billi, as a mere grandson of wayang, initially rebelled. According to her, Nai Nai has the right to know the actual conditions. However, later she was forced to change her mind after learning that the lies are part of habit, not will. In China, lying to parents about their health condition is common.

“There is a saying in China, when someone has cancer, it’s not cancer that kills him. The thing that killed him was fear, “said Billi’s mother, Lu Jian (Diana Lin). Games Online dan Offline

What followed was a series of lies after lies to deceive the grandmother. In fact, Billi’s uncle, Haibin (Yongbo Jiang), even pretended to marry off his son, Hao Hao (Chen Han), with his girlfriend, Aiko (Aoi Mizuhara), just to distract Nai Nai. Even so, Billi was not sure she would be able to lie to the end.

The Farewell is one of the best comedy dramas at the end of 2019. The quality arises from Lulu Wang’s ability to package the differences between western and eastern cultures and internal conflicts that often occur in large families, especially Chinese families.

Like the common view that develops in society, Westerners are more open and straightforward in expressing opinions, emotions, or truth. Meanwhile, eastern people, more closed, more restrained in doing the same thing. Well, the contrast situation is displayed in a balanced way, like Yin and Yang, by Lulu Wang.

The western view is represented by Billi who grew up in New York, United States. Meanwhile, the eastern view was represented by Billi’s father, mother, uncle, aunt, and other relatives. With a playful style that is not exaggerated, throughout the film both sides clash about what is best for Nai Nai: Lies or truth.

Lulu Wang did not make one side of The Farewell. As said before, on both sides of the draw, nothing is completely right or wrong. For example, even though Billi urged her family to reveal Nai Nai’s true condition, she was not prepared to take responsibility for the effects. Meanwhile, Billi’s parents and relatives do not know how long they can continue to lie.

Balancing both sides is a good decision from Lulu Wang. By making both views equally strong, the conflict in The Farewell’s story becomes more dynamic. On the other hand, it also forces the audience to empathize with both sides, not support one and blaspheme the other.

How complicated the interaction within a large family is also displayed by director Lulu Wang neatly. So neat, those interactions feel real and can cause déjàvu. Certainly familiar to (some of us) how family gatherings often end in chatter about marriage or who is the most successful. Well, all that is in The Farewell with a portion that does not take over the main story.

Beyond the story factor, praise should be given to Awkwafina. She was able to display the conflict within Billi perfectly. On the one hand, we can see how much she loved Nai Nai, more than anyone. On the other hand, it was clear that she too was dying to hold back in her plans to deceive Nai Nai. False happiness and inner torment brought Billi into the emotional roller coaster and Awkwafina showed it perfectly.

Finally, The Farewell is a skit that should not be missed, especially the audience who have a Chinese family background. Lulu Wang managed to make a witty and weighty film. It’s no exaggeration to call The Farewell a study of communication between culture and subjects of Chinese families in China and America.

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Richard Jewell – Synopsis

Richard Jewell is a 2019 drama biography of the United States directed by Clint Eastwood and produced by Tim Moore, Jessica Meier, Kevin Misher, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson, Jonah Hill and Clint Eastwood. The script of this film was written by Billy Ray. The film stars Paul Walter Hauser, Sam Rockwell, Kathy Bates, Jon Hamm and Olivia Wilde.

The film is based on an article published by Vanity Fair in 1997 and tells the life of Richard Jewell (Paul Walter Hauser) during an attack at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Richard Jewell worked as a security guard at AT&T when he learned of the plan that resulted in the bombing of the Centennial Olympic Park. He later saved the lives of many people after a bomb exploded during the 1996 Summer Olympics. However, the FBI identified him as one of many suspects and caused much slander by reporters and the press. Finally, the FBI cleared his name after 88 days in custody.

There are three important facts that you need to know from this case : Games Online dan Offline

  1. Only one person died – The bomb was placed on construction that is being built for the 1996 Olympic Games, namely at the Centennial Olympic Park. The place is very crowded with many people, especially at night. Richard Jewell found a package containing a bomb, swiftly he immediately emptied the area. However, there are still casualties from the results of the bomb explosion. More than 100 people were injured and only 1 person died.
  2. Richard Jewell is a suspect for 3 months – After the bomb case, the name Richard Jewell was announced as a suspect. Since then, he has been chased by the media and authorities. His house was ransacked and his fingerprints checked as seen on the trailer. In fact, his voice was analyzed because someone called about the threat of the bomb. In October 1996, Jewell officially received a letter that he was cleared of suspect status.
  3. The real bomber was arrested – Although Richard Jewell’s name was clean, it took years for the bomber to be arrested. Eric Rudolph, the perpetrator of the Atlanta bombing, continued his actions at the abortion clinic in 1997 and the lesbian bar in 1998. Then, he was arrested in 2003 and confessed in 2005, that he was the perpetrator of the Atlanta bombing.
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A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood – Synopsis

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, a biographical film about Fred Rogers is a Presbyterian minister from Pittsburgh, better known as Mr. Rogers, as preached by The Wrap. He also starred in a children’s show on PBS TV. Mr. Rogers often uses songs and dolls to entertain the children and family who watch.

In 1998, Lloyd Vogel (Matthew Rhys), an Esquire magazine journalist, attended the marriage of his sister, Lorraine (Tammy Blanchard), with his wife, Andrea (Susan Kelechi Watson), and their new-born son, Gavin. During the reception, Lloyd fights with his father, Jerry (Chris Cooper), who mock Lloyd about his family. The next day, Lloyd’s editor assigns him to interview Fred Rogers (Tom Hanks) for a 400-word article about heroes. Lloyd traveled to the WQED studio in Pittsburgh to interview Fred Rogers. In the interview, Fred Rogers rejected his fame and showed concern for Lloyd’s nose injury, knowing about his grudge against his father. Meanwhile, Lloyd rejects Jerry’s apology for attempting to make peace.

Determined to open Fred Rogers’ good personality in acting, Lloyd watched several episodes of Fred Rogers, but could not distinguish anything. Lloyd interviewed Fred Rogers again when he visited New York. In the interview, Fred Rogers avoided Lloyd’s questions and reminisced about raising his two sons, making Lloyd quickly end the interview. Games Online dan Offline Lloyd arrives home and learns that Jerry brought his girlfriend, Dorothy (Wendy Makkena), for a family dinner. Lloyd is angry because Jerry cheated on his mother, Lila (Jessica Hecht), when he was dying of cancer. Lloyd ordered Jerry to leave, but Jerry suffered a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. Lloyd refused to stay in the hospital with other family members. Lloyd returned to Pittsburgh to see Fred Rogers. Lloyd, exhausted, collapsed on the set of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Lloyd dreamed of his childhood trauma pressing on him and in his dream, he stumbled into an episode of Fred Rogers’ show about the hospital, found himself wearing rabbit ears and shrunk the size of the characters Daniel Striped Tiger and King Friday XIII, while Fred Rogers and Andrea towered over him . He visited his dying mother, who urged him to release his anger.

Fred Rogers and his wife, Joanne (Maryann Plunkett), bring Lloyd to their home to recuperate. Lloyd and Fred Rogers then went to a restaurant where Fred Rogers asked Lloyd to spend a minute thinking about people who “loved him”, and encouraged him to forgive Jerry. Lloyd apologized to Andrea for leaving him and Gavin in the hospital, then he visited Jerry and Dorothy in their home. He learned that Jerry was dying of a prolonged illness and the reason why Jerry was trying to reconnect with Lloyd. Lloyd forgave Jerry, promised to be a better father to Gavin and to write an article about the impact of Fred Rogers on his life. Lorraine, her husband, Todd (Noah Harpster), and Fred Rogers visit Jerry. Fred Rogers prayed for Jerry before he left. Jerry died shortly after Fred Rogers’ visit and Lloyd’s 10,000-word article, titled “Can You Say … Hero?”, Was published as the cover story of Esquire magazine.

In the middle of the credits, the real Fred Rogers appears on the screen and sings.

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The Two Popes – Review

The Two Popes ”is the latest Netflix Original Movie that can be streamed starting December 20, 2019. Directed by Fernando Meirelles and written by Anthony McCarten based on a true story of friendship between Pope Benedict and Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio who we now know as Pope Francis.

When Pope John II died in 2005, all cardinals from all over the world were summoned to the Vatican for the election of a new Pope. When all cardinals championed Jorge Bergoglio from Argentina, Joseph Ratzinger from Germany was chosen as the new Catholic religious leader.

Entering 2012, a huge scandal caused the Catholic Church and the Vatican to experience a crisis of trust from the people and the world community. This also put Pope Benedict in a bad position. While in Argentina, Jorge is preparing his resignation letter in service to the Catholic church. However, God seems to have other plans for these two religious leaders.

Not a film about religion, but about a religious leader who is also human

Religious leaders are usually seen as a great and holy person without sin. We sometimes forget that they are also human beings with all their personal weaknesses and turmoil. “The Two Popes” is not a film that examines the principles or laws of Catholic religion, but the human side of a Great Pope.

Like other biographical films about state leaders and scientists who innovate, this film tells the story of two religious leaders who face their mistakes and doubts in religion.

When we think they are special people with “access” smoothly talking with God, they sometimes also experience distress and difficulty in prayer. They can also be lonely and need friends to talk and negotiate. This is not only experienced by Catholics, but all people who have a religion and a routine of prayer.

The Two Popes
The Two Popes

Stunning Acting and Chemistry from Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins Games Online dan Offline

We will see two interesting characters brought by two talented actors in “the Two Popes”.

Jonathan Pryce appears as a priest who will steal our hearts with his simplicity and open mind as Jorge Bergoglio. While Anthony Hopkins plays the role of Pope Benedict who is conservative and has a stiff personality. Apart from their two opposing qualities and thoughts, there is an interesting friendly relationship between these two characters.

Both present authentic acting and look very natural. Jonathan Pryce is also said to often improvise, have the same facial features, and have a sense of humor that makes him meet the criteria for playing Pope Francis.

“The Two Popes” is a film that is very dense dialogue and various pieces of the historical story of each character. There are many scenes where Pope Benedict and Cardinal Jorge spend time together and just talk. They also apparently drink wine and eat pizza for their lunch .

Far from being ‘boring’, “The Two Popes” has a storyline that builds the audience’s emotions with the right composition. There is a light touch of humor that will make us laugh. There are also warm moments that will touch our hearts for these two “great” characters. And certainly a serious moment with intense dialogue and makes us tense. Everything is brought with the up and down grooves that fit and make us not easily bored.

Overall, “The Two Popes” is a film that shows us the humanity of a Great Pope with perfect execution. From script writing, direction, casting, to various technical elements in this film, all of them combined to produce an authentic and unique biography for a serious issue.

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Judy – Review

In the film Judy, Zellweger portrays the figure of the classic Hollywood actress Judy Garland. This classic actress was formerly known as Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz (1939) and A Star Is Born (1954). The glamorous life of a celebrity is displayed on his trailer. Although living in a sparkling world and a good career pace, on the one hand it has also been aggressively heard that Garland’s life is filled with tragedy. However, the film by Rupert Gold seems to be exploring the career struggles of a Judy Garland and her motherhood rather than focusing on her tragic story.

Since many of the current generation who do not know the figure of Garland, there is no harm in knowing a few facts from his life that can not be separated from the tragedy which is also part of his success story. Without intending to ‘Schadenfreude’ (feel happy to witness the suffering of others) or gossiping about change, here are some bitter stories that color the life of the actress:

Since childhood, Judy has become a ‘doll’ for his mother who is too ambitious. Born Frances Ethel Gumm in 1922, he was a baby who failed abortion. Since the age of two years Garland has been forced to go on stage by Mrs. Gumm, the mother.

This makes little Garland not live as a child in general. It becomes a means of investment for the mother so that she cannot freely play like children. This later led him to label his mother as “the evil witch of the true West.”

Garland’s father, Frank Gumm is a stage performer and he marries his mother only because they look good on stage rather than solely because of love. Reportedly Frank has an affair with a teenage boy (bisexual) who often attends his family theater. This also encouraged their families to move to California.

The problematic household life of his parents caused concern in him. He claimed to be afraid if they separated forever. Frank Gumm died in 1935, not long after Garland contracted with MGM.

At the age of 13, Judy signed her first contract with MGM. He will play a character that has the nature of children. His appearance in this first film must look immature for a predetermined time. To fulfill the studio’s request, he was forced to go on a diet, he also pressed the corset on his chest so it didn’t look like a teenager.

MGM studio’s head, Louis Mayer, often calls Garland “My Little Hunchback”, who knows what that means, but it is said that besides being too familiar with the strange call, Mayer’s hands often grope Judy’s body parts. Mayer contributed to the actress’s fitting process in the film Wizard of Oz. When Judy confronted this, Mayer was surprised and said that Judy was like her own child. Due to the mental stress he experienced, the actress was fired from MGM in 1950.

Garland was only 17 when he starred in The Wizard of Oz, who skyrocketed his name. For the sake of perfection, MGM always strives to starve the actresses to look thin, Garland is no exception. To keep his body slim, he went on a strict diet, drank black coffee and smoked as much as possible, he was also fed with anti-depressant drugs while promoting the film to a series of tours. Games Online dan Offline

Pressure from his biological mother and the studio made Garland think that having a husband would free him from misery. When he was 19 years old, Garland decided to marry David Rose. Regardless of the ultimatum of his mother and Louise Mayer who disagreed with the decision, Garland was determined to get married on July 28, 1941. Soon he was pregnant, but Rose and those around her advocated abortion. Finally, Garland and Rose separated after 8 months and officially divorced in 1944.

It’s no secret that Garland’s second husband, Vicente Minneli led an openly gay life in New York, where at that time gay life was still unacceptable in the Hollywood film industry. Garland met her second husband at Meet Me in St. Louis and married on June 15, 1945. They were blessed with a daughter named Liza. In 1948, Garland caught her husband hugging a man, immediately, Garland ran to the bathroom and almost injured his veins. A year later, they separated and officially divorced in 1951.


Garland’s career was in decline when he met Sidney Luft. They married in 1952, and Luft became Garland’s manager. Both produced A Star Is Born, a film that rekindled Garland’s career and got him nominated for an Academy Award. On the one hand, Luft is a compulsive gambler and alcoholic who consumes most of Garland’s income. Garland finally divorced Luft in 1960 after going bankrupt. Luft tried to sell the 1939 honorary Oscar Garland in 1993, but the Academy demanded that Luft go to court, and he was forced to pay compensation of $ 60,000.

Garland has a history of involvement with gay men before he met Mark Herron. The two married in Las Vegas in November 1965 even though Herron openly had a male lover. One day, Garland’s son Liza Minneli caught Herron with her husband, Peter Allen in his room. Herron and Garland finally separated after five months and officially divorced in 1967. Herron returned to his girlfriend until 25 years later.

Garland had issues with drugs and alcohol in his lifetime and worsened in the 1950s-60s. Liza Minneli had to support the lives of her mother and younger siblings and several times rescued her mother from an overdose and committed suicide plunging from a hotel window. After success, Minneli gave up on supporting her mother emotionally and financially. He refused phone calls from his mother and blocked Garland from coming to his apartment in Manhattan.

In 1968, Garland exiled his children, his colleagues, and anyone who could help him professionally. He was so poor that he lived on the mercy of the fans who would take him in and let him sleep on the couch.

One of the people who helped him, John Meyer, owns a gay link bar in Manhattan. Garland will sing a few songs and get paid $ 100.

Aged After Three Months of Marriage to the Fifth Husband

When he met Garland, Mickey Deans ran a nightclub in New York in 1966. Dean became one of the many men who tried to save Garland and reignite his career in the years that followed. Dean, 10 years younger than Garland, dated the actress for several years before marrying him on March 15, 1969. Dean found Garland died in the bathroom on June 22, 1969. His death at the age of 47 was convicted of an overdose

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The Gentlemen – Review

This latest January 2020 film stars senior actors Matthew McConaughey and Colin Farrell. Judging from the trailer, it looks like power struggles and various elements of crime such as weapons and narcotics are found in the film The Gentleman.

The Games Online dan Offline Gentlemen are following the story of gangsters and marijuana business, who are getting resistance from people who want to control the business. Guy Ritchie took a number of top actors who made The Gentlemen worth watching. You will see the performances of Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, and Colin Farrel.

Crazy Rich Asians actor, Henry Golding, also listed his name in the player’s credit. Known as a charming protagonist, Golding’s role as a gangster named Dry Eye in The Gentleman, presents a different appearance.

The Gentlemen
The Gentlemen

From a number of actors involved, there is one that attracts attention. That is a comedy actor, Hugh Grant. Grant’s strong and funny performance was another factor that made The Gentlemen a film that could be enjoyed and enjoyable.

This story is presented from the perspective of Fletcher, the character Hugh Grant brought to the screen. The premise centers on Fletcher who wrote the story of Mickey Pearson (McConaughey) and told it to Ray (Hunnam).

Mickey Pearson is a gangster who dominates the sale of cannabis in the UK. Being a ruler makes Mickey the target of other gangsters who try to take the business. As a result, a lot of betrayal, violence and murder.

The number of scenes of violence and the use of language that is not polite, making The Gentlemen pocketed an R rating.

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The Turning – Synopsis

The Turning. This horror film is based on Henry James’s classic novel published in 1898 called The Turn of the Screw. James’s novel has been “terrorizing” horror fans for more than 100 years and now it may be that the wide-screen adaptation is likely to carry on the tradition for years to come. Finn Wolfhard starred in a totally different role from anything we’ve seen before.

The Turning tells the story of a mysterious plantation in rural Maine, where a newly appointed caregiver named Kate is assigned to care for two orphans, Flora and Miles (Finn Wolfhard). However, he quickly discovered that both the children and the house kept dark secrets and things that might not be what they seem. Games Online dan Offline

The trailer is full of images that haunt and tantalize mysteries very well, without revealing the whole film. Finn Wolfhard is an orphan who is very disturbed in adaptations that can be seen doing and experiencing strange things. This haunted house thriller is directed by filmmaker Floria Sigismondi (The Handmaid’s Tale) and also stars Mackenzie Davis (Terminator: Dark Fate), newcomers Brooklynn Prince and Joely Richardson (Red Sparrow).

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Time to Hunt (2020) – Review

Time to Hunt is the latest film from Korea with the genre Thriller, Crime. It premiered on February 20, 2020. The film was directed by Yoon Sung-hyun of the famous “Bleak Night,” which won awards at film festivals at home and abroad in 2011.

It is a thriller that tells four men who are good friends. The four of them will risk everything to seize a better opportunity in a new life. But the hunt without breath occurs when a mysterious figure starts chasing them.

Their story begins when Joon Seok (Lee Je Hoon) wants to leave a city full of poverty and start a new life. In order to launch the action, he made a rash crime plan. For that, he then asked the help of three friends, namely Ki Hoon (Choi Woo Shik), Jang Ho (Ahn Jae Hong) and also Sang Soo (Park Jung Min).  

Time to Hunt

This film is the first Korean work to be shown in the special Berlin gala section, which highlights films from current topics and creative formats. The Berlinale is one of the three best film festivals in the world, along with the Cannes Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival. This special screening aims to provide an opportunity for viewers to experience popular international films and provide a place for in-depth discussions about the diversity of the film industry. Games Online dan Offline

Time to Hunt tells about the future in an area full of poverty. Joon-Seok (Lee Je-Hoon) wants to leave the city and start a new life. For that, he made a rash crime plan. He asks for the help of three friends Ki-Hoon (Choi Woo-Sik), Jang-Ho (Ahn Jae-Hong) and Sang-Soo (Park Jung-Min). Soon, these 4 men are chased by a mysterious man named Han (Park Hae-Soo).

Lee Je-Hoon as Joon Seok is the mastermind behind the group’s dangerous plan. With unwavering loyalty and determination, brave Joon Suk will lead his friends as he boldly runs towards his ultimate goal.

Ahn Jae-Hong as Jang-Ho, a funny character even in dangerous situations. Trying to ease the anxiety of his friends by making them laugh. However, interestingly though his character is usually funny, he wears a serious expression when he sits in the car late at night.

Choi Woo-Sik as Ki-Hoon, a character who feels uncomfortable about Joon Suk’s dangerous plans, but decides to participate and actively help his friends.

Park Jung-Min as Sang-Soo, the friend who is responsible for getting all the information needed.  

Park Hae-Soo as Han, Mysterious chaser of Han. Remember. You cannot escape wherever you are.

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The King’s Man (2020) – Review

The scene opens with a picture of the barren land of the former battlefield. Black Sabbath’s War Pigs song which was re-arranged with the orchestra was chosen as the background. The scene continues with a conversation between a new agent named Conrad (Harris Dickinson) and one of the senior agents named Duke of Oxford (Ralph Fiennes).

Conrad seemed excited about wanting to do something in between the current war conditions. But the Duke of Oxford did not, he seemed to want to give a lesson to Conrad. “There is another way to do your work. You will need clothes. Come on,” the Duke of Oxford told Conrad.

The Duke of Oxford explained that King’s Man was the first private intelligence agent in Britain. King’s Man was formed to maintain peace and life. Games Online dan Offline

The scene was joined by the Duke of Oxford and Conrad who attended an event. In the event, a character whose name is unknown is still seen, played by Rhys Ifans. The character played by Ifans is likely to be Conrad’s opponent. Some scenes seem to imply that the character can make poison that can take lives.

In another scene seen Kingsman members are fighting a number of troops, ranging from fighting with firearms, sharp weapons to empty hands. Including fighting the character played by Ifans.

The King’s Man is a feature of the films Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) and Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017). This film is still directed by Matthew Vaugh, like the two previous films.

Overall this film tells the story of a party who planned a war to wipe out millions of people. That’s when a private intelligence agent named Kingsman was formed. There has been no leakage about the story of the third film Kingsman, but Vaughn seemed inspired by World War. The King’s Man is scheduled for release on February 14th.

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