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I See You – Synopsis

I See You is a type of horror film whose story is twisted so that its plot is limited to spoilers, which is about a strange incident experienced by a detective and his family in a small town when he investigates the disappearance of a boy. But it is also a very entertaining, thrilling film, and there is a dark side that will spark a lot of conversation.

In the city queues, women who are named Jackie (Helen Hunt) is a mother who was recently discovered by her husband a detective named Greg (Jon Tenney) having an affair. The affair turned out to result in destroying the family, with Greg sleeping on the couch while Connor rages against his mother, leaving Jackie in such a narrow place, unable to apologize to the person who is he loved. Games Online dan Offline

I See You
I See You

During the riot period that, something unknown began to infiltrate the house, put Jackie on the edge when she tried to gather some clues are left behind, also juggling the progress of his lover who named Todd (Sam Trammell) who returns to express his love for married woman.

Can not explain certain changes around the place of residence, Jackie began to consider that something so spooky might be close. With the whole city worried Regarding the recent abduction, Greg was placed against the case this, dealing with a partner named Spitzky (Gregory Alan Williams) who is worried that an old killer has returned.

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Riki Rhino – Review

Children’s films always talk about how we live with each other or with the natural surroundings, a film production in the country precisely done in Bandung by Batavia Pictures. The process took about 4 years to develop characters, research into the location of endangered species of forests, build production assets and the selection of actors who acted in the film’s voice, with a solid story that gives a picture of one of the rare animals, the one-horned rhinoceros. Where the population has entered a rare level akibar hunted by hunters to be made government or just for fun. If all this time they have gotten from the Hollywood market there is nothing wrong with Indonesia making films that educate them, a light comedy animated film that does not have to decipher, they are very easy to absorb what they watch. The next generation is the spearhead of the Indonesian nation, filmmakers are obliged to legally deliver unattractive stories but have a broad impact on themselves and their environment.

Tells of Riki (Hamish Daud) Sumatran rhino that had been abandoned by his mother due to forest fires, he himself was hunted by Mr. Jak (Jack Lee) animal hunter for personal gain, after his beheaded was cut off by Mr. Jak. Riki felt that losing his pride could not live better, the only thing he was proud of was that he could no longer help his friends. Beni – a duck friend of his bestowed his feathers into a temporary Cula with the help of one monkey who has magical powers, they are on an adventure to find the Master who can restore Riki’s Sugar. The greatest strength when a stone is placed on artificial horn so that Riki is able to fight against his enemies. Going through all the challenges is not easy. Riki has to deal with fierce hunters who are ready to kill Riki at any time. Games Online dan Offline

Much is conveyed to the world of children with a humorous storyline for 90 minutes expected by the audience, especially families to be aware of the environment of endangered animals and love animals, this film will unwittingly be recorded on the minds of children, it’s time to act not wait long starting from self.

Screenwriting by Casandra Massardi with a very thick plot of the world of children provides high motivation with the background of the story itself, where each character is always associated with children’s characters such as brave, honest, afraid, low self-esteem. All processed into a dish that is easy to digest, even given a twist in every achievement Riki Rhino when adventuring. This proves how fast the children’s thoughts digest the films he watches. There are a number of voices that are underexplored in detail, with the potential to become even greater. Apart from the quality of 2D animation which is still lacking, there are some differences in animals and forest or river backgrounds. This is an input for the next film will be even better hopes. Well, in matters of soundtracks, unfortunately they are not listened to certain scenes, even though the song that is delivered very precisely appears on credit tille, hopefully the next film will still be felt because the soundtrack is very important in animated films. The strength of the storyline that is shattered in Riki Rhino is full of education, action, humor and amusement and after the film is finished it can be used as material for family chat.

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Rambo : Last Blood – Review

If you see the actor Sylvester Stallone, surely we will always remember the figure of Rambo. Stallone has indeed played the role of Rambo since he was young decades ago. Although he has played in many films, Rambo’s image is still strongly attached to Stallone. Stallone released his Rambo film Rambo: Last Blood. Still with the gripping atmosphere typical of the action film Stallone, what makes Rambo: Last Blood different is that he is no longer a soldier. Now he lives like an ordinary retired man with someone he considers family.

Rambo: Last Blood opened with a catastrophic flood that occurred in one of the mountains in Arizona. In the midst of the storm and the threat of flash floods that can kill anyone who passes through John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) with all his might to help the three mountain climbers who are trapped. He managed to save one person while the others did not survive because he could not do much.

After completing the mission to help the lost climber, Rambo returned to his comfortable home. He lives in a house where there also lives a grandmother named Maria Beltran (Adriana Barraza) along with her granddaughter, Gabrielle (Yvette Monreal) whom Rambo saved in the past. Living together for years made Rambo love Gabrielle like her own child. He promised to always take care of Gabrielle whenever and wherever. Games Online dan Offline

One day Gabrielle decided to go to Mexico to meet her father. He only wanted to hear clarification from his own father’s mouth why he had left Gabrielle and his mother. His father also treated Gabrielle very badly and made Gabrielle very sad.

Gabrielle accompanied by Gizelle visited a club to get rid of her sadness. Unfortunately, there Gabrielle was kidnapped and made a prostitute by the largest human trafficking network in Mexico, Martinez brothers, Hugo Martinez (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) and Victor Martinez (Óscar Jaenada). This makes Rambo revenge and plan attacks.

For matters of action scenes and military war tactics, Sylvester Stallone does not need to doubt. Every detail of the strategy carried out by Rambo makes us curious about how the execution will be. Sure enough, the mine scene at the 1/3 end of the film was executed nicely. Although we know that in the end Rambo will win the battle, but still second by second to the end of the film is very thrilling .

There is one thing that is appreciated from this film is the director, Adrian Grunberg, managed to show the real life of the fringes who live on the border of America and Mexico. There was also shown how social inequality.

Not only that, this film is also considered as one form of criticism of the government how human trafficking is still very high in the border region. The large role of law enforcement officials and local officials in the practice of human trafficking makes this activity very difficult to eradicate.

Looking at the things presented in the film Rambo: Last Blood, this film should be able to satisfy the fans’ longing for the action of John Rambo, who is known to be tough and invincible

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Hitman : Agent Jun – Review

Jun (Kwon Sang-Woo) is a sophisticated National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent. His parents passed away when he was a child. From an early age he was recruited to become the most sophisticated spy agent. The boss / trainer is Deok-kyu (Jung Joon-ho) who teaches him to be the best spy. As a result, Jun became an extraordinary secret agent.

But in his heart Jun doesn’t want to be an agent. He wants to be a comic artist. Every free time he draws. And one day Jun finally decided to fake his death. Jun succeeded. Everyone believes that Jun is gone. Jun smiled and struggled to reach his dream to become a comic artist.

Skip to a few years later. Jun finally became a comic artist. But reality is different from the dream in his head. Jun is married to his wife Mi-na (Hwang Woo Seul-hye) and has a daughter named Ga-yeong (Lee Ji-won) who likes to rap. Their roles were exchanged. Jun is at home and manages the house while continuing to write comics while his wife works. His son also secretly realized that parents were short of money and dreamed of taking a reality show in order to get money. Games Online dan Offline

Hitman : Agent Jun
Hitman : Agent Jun

Webtoon written by Jun was not responded well to the reader. Instead of being famous, Jun actually gets various insults and insults from readers. Because this is Jun, when he was drunk he decided to make comics when he was an NIS agent. Without realizing it, his wife saw the comic and sent it to the editor. In a short amount of time, Jun’s comics told stories about his experiences being a viral spy and made him the comic artist he loved. Of course this good news comes with bad news. Because the former boss and former enemy finally knew that Jun was still alive.

Written and directed by Choi Won-sub, Hitman Agent Jun is an entertaining comedy action film. Bright colorful visuals that support how lightweight the plot carried by Won-sub. Editing is concise enough so that the film runs smoothly without obstacles. And the cast, especially Kwon Sang-woo played enough so that Hitman Agent Jun could be enjoyed.

Unfortunately unlike most other comedy action films, such as Midnight Runners or even Extreme Job, Hitman Agent Jun does not have extra personality. As a comedy film, the jokes in this film are hit and miss. There are some jokes that will make you laugh out loud like the scene of Jun with his boss involving a cellphone in the groin. But there are also jokes that are too crisp.

As an action film, Hitman Agent Jun did not provide anything new. The scene is just like that even if it’s not bad. In the plot, the mystery carried by Won-sub does not provide many puzzles so the audience will catch it without the need for effort. The ease with which the main character resolves the problem is what makes Hitman Agent Jun not stand out compared to his other friends.

What is quite striking about Hitman Agent Jun is probably the relationship between Jun and his pretty touching daughter. There were quite a few stand-out scenes that provided strong motivation for Jun to make mistakes that finally brought Hitman Agent Jun to the turning point. The Won-sub way to combine live action and animation also makes Hitman Agent Jun more hip and unique. For those of you who want to watch a stress-free spectacle that is easy to see, Hitman Agent Jun can be an option for you. Although the story is predictable, at least you will still relax while watching it.

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The Closet – Synopsis

The Closet is the latest Korean film with a horror thriller genre. Directed by Kim Kwang-bin, starring Ha Jung-woo and Kim Nam-gil.

The Closet will tell the story of a father and daughter who began to turn away when the death of his wife and mother of the child. The incident that took place in the house after the death of his wife would haunt the character of the father and daughter. Games Online dan Offline

Director Kim Kwang-bin, who debuted the director with this film, revealed that the idea of ​​the film came after seeing his cupboard door suddenly open. As he said during the interview session “Maybe because I haven’t fully woken up yet, but it feels very scary like there is someone behind the cabinet door. Then later, I came up with the idea that it would be interesting to combine intense moments and drama genres into a film, “.

The story at The Closet begins with the misfortune of a man who lost his wife in an accident. Since the departure of his wife, Sang Won (Ha Jung Woo) has had a bad relationship with his only daughter, Yi Na (Heo Yool) who is always depressed.

The Closet
The Closet

To improve relations, Sang Won invited Yi Na to move to a new home. Since then, Yi Na has become more cheerful because she has a ‘new friend’.

Gradually, Sang Won realized that something was wrong with the signs of his daughter as if he had started drawing something scary. Until one day, Yi Na mysteriously disappeared.

Sang Won who was desperately looking for Yi Na was suddenly approached by Kyung Hoon (Kim Nam Gil) who claimed to be a priest exorcist. He was interested in the disappearance case of Yi Na which was broadcast on television. Kyung Hoon said Yi Na was in another dimension. The only door to the world where Yi Na is is the cupboard in Yi Na’s room. The mystery begins. Two men who do not know must work together against natural law

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Onward – Review

Pixar’s latest film titled Onward is their first try in the Coming of Age genre.
Taking a setting in which the fantasy world has been assimilated into the modern world, Onward tells about the adventures of two monster monsters, Ian (Tom Holland) and Barley Lightfoot (Chris Pratt), to be able to meet their father again. Their own adventure story begins when Ian gets a birthday gift in the form of a magic wand and a magic stone named Phoenix Stone. It is said that, if the Phoenix Stone is used properly, then the dead can come back to life.

Growing up without his father, Ian and Barley’s dream was to be able to see their father again. Therefore, once they get the Phoenix Stone prize, the first thing they do is try to revive the father.

Apparently, using Phoenix Stone is not an easy matter. Their first magic attempt was (somewhat) a total failure. Instead of reviving their father as a whole, Ian and Barley only managed to revive half of their father’s body. Leg to waist, without body, hands and head. Laughable.

The problem does not stop there. The Phoenix Stone they have is also completely destroyed. Not wanting their father to come back alive without a body, the two ventured to find a new Phoenix Stone. Their capital: instructions from the board game card. What happened next was predictable, chaos after chaos.

Behind the Games Online dan Offline chaos, Onward’s focus is actually on Ian’s character. Growing up without his father making him a shy, awkward, and clumsy figure. On his 17th birthday, Ian didn’t dare to invite his friends to party. When being bullied, instead of defending himself, Ian surrendered with resignation. In short, he was pathetic.

The good, Ian wants to change. He does not want to continue to be a loser. Reviving his father is the way out. He wants to learn directly from him how to be a tough guy. That’s why when Barley said there was one more Phoenix Stone, Ian immediately decided to go on an adventure with him.

Onward premise is actually quite obsolete. The story of Coming of Age in which the main character becomes an adult by leaving the comfort zone is too often used. However, director Dan Scanlon (Monster University) has a unique way of conveying this generic story. He takes the approach of Role Playing Game (RPG).

Yes, Onward is very thick with references to western RPG a la Dungeon and Dragons (D&D). Grinding, leveling, puzzles, magic, monsters, all on Onward. In fact, Ian and Barley’s adventures were designed to resemble quests in RPG games.

As an illustration, for Ian and Barley to get the location of the Phoenix Stone, they have to venture from location to location. At each location, they had to ask local residents for instructions. Sometimes, they have to deal directly with the witty, witty creatures of the Manticore (Octavia Spencer), a lion with bat wings, scorpion tails and curly hair.

Throughout the adventure, Ian also practiced his magic abilities, just like the leveling process in RPG games. Ian wasn’t good at it right from the start. And, like in the game, if he doesn’t practice his abilities, then he won’t be able to overcome the obstacles that stand in his way.

The concept of western RPG is not used at all by Dan Scanlon. Using all his experiences from Monster University, he combines the fantasy world of western RPG with the contemporary world. The result is a unique blend. The police are not played by humans, but are centaurs. Stray dogs were replaced by unicorns and street thugs were replaced by fierce, half-dead fairies. While the bar, which has always been a center for information exchange in the RPG, was replaced by fast food outlets. All that makes Ian and Barley’s journey to maturity become more fun even with the outdated premise.

Acting from Tom Holland and Chris Pratt helped liven up the characters of Ian and Barley perfectly during their adventure. Tom is perfect for being a clumsy and awkward Ian, while Pratt deserves to be a sloppy, sloppy Barley, but unfortunately half to death with his brother.

From the comedy side, Onward also appeared humorous. There are many funny moments that are ready to cause laughter. The comedy that often steals the attention comes from the father Ian and Barley. Present without body, head, and hands, he made many strange movements that would remind the audience with a physical comedian pattern.

Despite all the advantages mentioned above, Onward has one very obvious shortcoming: he is too light. Onward does not have the same weight as the previous Pixar films. The audience was not challenged to rethink the messages that were presented so that what happened was that Onward ended up being just entertainment. Very different when compared to Inside Out where the audience is challenged to think about the impact of emotions, motivation, and pressure or like Wall-E where the audience is asked to rethink modernization and its impact on the environment.

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Guns Akimbo – Synopsis

An international trailer for the action-comedy film Guns Akimbo has been released and has succeeded in presenting various levels of film madness. Starring Daniel Radcliffe as a nerd video game developer with a weapon attached to his hand which was then pushed into a terrible underground match and broadcast live-streaming.

The film follows the story of a video game developer named Miles, who spends his days at work and misses his beautiful ex-girlfriend, Nova. His mediocre existence reversed when he found himself listed on the darknet website which forced strangers to fight death games throughout the city so that their gladiatorial battles could be broadcast live throughout the world to fanatical hearings.

Contestants are chosen by a clandestine gang known as Schism, which inhibits weaker contestants from going further. Initially, Miles’s problems paid off when he managed to avoid his first opponent, but when Nova was kidnapped, he finally had to stop running and overcome his fears to fight for the girl he loved. Games Online dan Offline

The film was first released on September 9, 2019 at the Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto, Canada. However, this film will be widely released throughout 2020. Jason Lei Howden is the director behind the process of making this film. Guns Akimbo’s film is his second experience as a director. In addition, Jason also became a screenplay writer in this film.

The reason why this film is very much awaited, because it was also attended by various famous Hollywood stars. Most of you, certainly not familiar. Among them, Daniel Radcliffe, Samar Weaving, Rhys Darby, Ned Dennehy, Natasha Liu Bordizzo. Even more interesting from this film is, there are three producers who participated in this film project namely Tom Hern, Felipe Marino & Joe Neurator. Guns Akimbo is under the Sabana Film production company.

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The Invisible Man – Review

Are you a fan of psychological horror films? There is a movie The Invisible Man that will haunt you in theaters. With a mixture of sci-fi genres, this film was produced by Leigh Whannell (Insidious). Intrigued by the film?

The Invisible Man film tells the story of Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) who is trapped in a toxic relationship with a rich and brilliant scientist named Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). Adrian is possessive, abusive, and manages everything Cecilia does.

Cecilia also tried Games Online dan Offline to escape at night when her husband was fast asleep. He is assisted by his sister, Emily (Harriet Dyer). Cecilia managed to escape from Adrian’s figure. He lives in the house of their childhood friend, James (Aldis Hodge), so Adrian doesn’t know his whereabouts.

One day there was news that Adrian died of suicide and left most of his enormous wealth in Cecilia. At first Cecilia was relieved but felt something was watching her.

Adrian’s death did not make Cecilia completely calm, many strange incidents came to her. Cecilia’s sanity began to be questioned by the people around her, when she desperately tried to prove that she was being hunted by someone who could not be seen, namely the figure of Adrian.

The Invisible Man movie is not just an ordinary horror that relies on the characters from classic films. Tucked in a modern spice, Leigh Whannell managed to make this film a genius and frightening. You are also invited to be a figure of Cecilia, restless throughout the film.

The audience was invited to sink into worries from beginning to end. At the beginning of the film, the heart was tested, which is when the Cecilia scene runs out of the house. Walk slowly, turn off the CCTV, and always look back. Really make a heart

Not only is the scene full of suspense, the film also features a few raw scenes that have caught the attention. Adrian’s insanity not only became terror for Cecilia but also the people who loved Cecilia.

Now the scoring in this film is also a champion, Leigh knows very well when to slip a surprise through the sound. The most challenging audience is when silence appears in this film. Once again, prepare your mentality. The Invisible Man is not for the weak hearted.

Elisabeth Moss appeared stunning as Cecilia who truly became the main victim of her husband’s insanity. The face of trauma, torture, and the destruction of the figure of Cecilia successfully displayed by Emmy-winning actress and Golden Globes award. Bravo!

The Invisible Man is a horror thriller genius and heartbreaking. The audience was made uneasy and invited to drown in anxiety throughout the film. All the more complete with a neat appearance from Elisabeth Moss.

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Konosuba : Legend of Crimson – Synopsis

KONOSUBA – God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World – Legend of Crimson (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Kurenai Densetsu), an anime film based on a Japanese comedy novel by Natsume Akatsuki, this web novel was published by Syousetsuka ni Narou in December 2012 until October 2013 ago.

Before being promoted to film, this web novel was firstly promoted into a light novel printed with illustrations from Kurone Mishima in October 2013. Long before the film was started, illustrator Masahito Watari had begun to realize it in Monthly Dragon Age magazine, a year after the completion of the published web novel.

Then, Games Online dan Offline in July 2014 a light spin-off series titled Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Bakuen was released. In March 2015 the drama CD was released by Hobi Records and Studio Deen who adapted an anime in Japan from January to March four years ago.

The novel and film revolves around a young man who was sent to a fantasy world after his death. He also formed a team, consisting of a goddess, magician, and also a crusader to fight against a monster. Named Kazuma Sato, a 16-year-old student, who was very obsessed with playing after being broken-hearted because of his little tean in middle school.

Kazuma is also a closed student who enters the Adventure class. Although included in the lowest class, but he was finished in all the skills of the other classes. Starting from stealing, archery, detecting monsters, and magic which must be paid for at a high cost, can be proven by the ability that he finally has well.

Konosuba : Legend of Crimson
Konosuba : Legend of Crimson

Kazuma died in a traffic accident, making him meet with the goddess Aqua after his death. He was given the opportunity to be reincarnated in a fantasy world, if he could keep one thing. When they decided to choose Aqua themselves, the two of them were transferred to their new lives.

By continuing the search that could be sufficient to buy food, shelter, and clothing, they finally decided to recruit a female magician named Megumin. In addition, they also recruited Darkness the swordsman.

Choosing Takaomi Kanasaki, who returned as a film director with J.C.Staff Makoto Uezu studio as a script writer, Koichi Kikuta the character designer, Masato Koda the music composer, and Kurone Mishima the animation designer, this film would have been eagerly awaited by anime lovers.

The several actresses and actors chosen to fill the voices of the cast of this anime are Jun Fukushima as Kazuma, Sora Amamiya as Aqua goddess, Rie Takahashi as Megumin, Ai Kayano as Darkness, Yui Horie as Wiz, and Aki Toyosaki as Yunyun.

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Chhapaak – Review

Chhapaak tells a touching story, but it does not fall into a melodrama that resembles most Bollywood films. In the hands of director Meghna Gulzar (‘Talvar’, ‘Raazi’), a story based on the true events of the unfortunate story that befell Laxmi Agarwal; her face was doused with hard water so that she was damaged both physically and psychologically, with the potential to become a crybaby. However, Meghna tackled the issue with maturity that is rarely found in most other Bollywood directors. He did not make the subject of the film, Malti (Deepika Padukone, ‘Padmaavat’, ‘Bajirao Mastani’), a suffering figure that needed to be pitied.

The scenario also doesn’t tell the story of his suffering after being doused with hard water. The story focuses instead on how Malti can rise from the misfortune that befell her, and try, through non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and his lawyers, to help people with the same fate seem to go through periods of trauma and continue to live.

Right at the beginning of the film we are given a picture of how Malti was walking on a sidewalk in the morning, attacked by someone who splashed hard water on her face. An old man who happened to be not far from her approached to help, pouring mineral water into his face. Malti cried out in pain. Then she was taken to the hospital.

Step by step we see the change in her face to be damaged, so that it takes seven operations to repair her face, it did not even make it look like it was before. Games Online dan Offline

The brave and meticulous decisions of the scriptwriter duo Atika Chohan (‘Margarita with a Straw’, ‘Waiting’) and Meghna Gulzar (‘Talvar’, ‘Raazi’) who concoct the film’s story by not making it a story about Malti, but rather the setting behind Malti’s story is used to encourage a larger narrative, highlighting the fact that despite the increasing trend of attacks on women in India using hard water, these chemicals are still sold freely, and the state does nothing about it.


She met Amol (Vikrant Massey, ‘Criminal Justice’, ‘Dharam Veer’), an activist from an NGO who tried to get the government to ban the sale of hard water freely. Their story is not present like in most films that present the love story of two lovebirds, which among others are often filled with scenes of sweet dialogue in the form of seduction, or scenes with romantic backgrounds. In this film the sub-plot of their romance is worked on with a totally non-traditional nuance, even there is a dialogue that meta commented on it, through Amol who said to Malti, “Such stories only exist in films.

The above sentence was uttered when Malti held a party for the victory she had just achieved. She invited many people to gather, dance accompanied by cheerful music, and Amol who came later seemed unhappy over the ‘rah-rah’ behavior. “I was doused with hard water, not you. However, it is as if you are the victim. I want to have fun today, “Malti said to Amol, who was stunned later.

That is the attitude of the filmmaker who I admire in working on this film, even though it tells the story of misfortune, but basically ‘Chhapaak’ is a film that celebrates the spirit of humanity, about courage, and how women who are victims refuse that their lives are not determined by fate bad luck that befell them.

Instead of selling melodrama by focusing on a Malti, this film is filled with procedural scenes of how the police handle cases that afflict Malti, as well as scenes of trials in an attempt to make law in India provide the maximum rewards for the perpetrators of hard watering. It is ironic that the law in India considers hard watering actions, which can ruin someone’s life permanently, is considered to be no different from, for example the action of someone who splashes a cup of hot coffee on someone else.

Supported by a very convincing prosthetic make-up, and of course with his best efforts, Deepika Padukone disappeared, melting into the character he played almost impeccably. Not a single moment made me realize that the figure in the film was the Padukone superstar, for example like through ‘Padmaavat’, I consciously still saw him as Padukone as is the superstar, not Padmavati, the character he played in the film.

‘Chhapaak’ also gives us an ending, an epilogue to be exact, one of the most shocking ones I have ever witnessed in recent years. When I smile watching the victory achieved by our protagonist, but then we are stuffed with facts that really make us lost! And that haunted me for days.

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All the Bright Places (Netflix) – Review

This film is an adaptation of the best seller novel of the same name by Jennifer Niven. Not only that, Niver also took part in writing the screenplay with Elizabeth Hannah.

Actors who joined included Elle Fanning, Justice Smith, Keegan-Michael Key, Alexandra Shipp, and Virginia Gardner.

All the Bright Places tells the story of Violet Markey’s life became worse since his brother died. It seems like he really loves his brother and is not ready to be left. It turned out that the downturn caused many problems, one of which was related to Violet’s social relations with her friends who were also disturbed. He became a quiet person and tended to be a loner. Both of Violet’s parents are also worried about her child’s condition. They always take care of their children so they don’t do anything dangerous or out of control. In the midst of Violet’s adversity, there was one man in her class who was paying attention. The man is Theodore Finch. In a Geography class, students get assignments and must be done in groups. Even though it looks like working in a normal group, it’s a bad thing for someone like Violet.Games Online dan Offline

“I don’t want to do this,” Violet said to her mother about group work. “Maybe it’s time for you to get out,” his mother answered.

Then Theodore chose Violet to be his group partner. Violet is quite strange to see someone who wants to be friends with him. “What do you want from me?” Violet said to Theodore. “I think it will be good for you to get out,” answered Theodore. “Maybe I don’t want to.” “You might finally like it.”

Since then they have increasingly communicated and met. They work on assignments and at the same time share things in their lives. That was enough to make Violet’s parents pay more attention to their children’s behavior. They are afraid if something unexpected happens.

During a chat, Theodore asked Violet, “What is the thing that you fear the most?” Then Violet answered that she was afraid to be normal. “Then don’t become normal,” Violet said.

The relationship that started from college matters now continues to be deeper. But of course that change is not always going well, especially when Violet was trying to fight her old self. Not to mention Theodore who later became the talk of his friends since close to Violet.

Violet Markey and Theodore will be played by talented young actors Elle Fanning and Justice Smith. Elle Fanning’s acting skills in the film The Neon Demon and Justice Smith in the film Detective Pikachu make fans sure that they are able to bring the two characters to life. Alexandra Shipp, Keegan Michael-Key, to Luke Wilson also played a role in this film.

A slick shooting technique and transfer from one scene to another feels smooth and far from being in a rush to be a plus in this 2 minute 52 second trailer. It’s no wonder that netizens who have watched the All The Bright Places movie trailer are fascinated by the beauty of Indiana’s natural scenery.

Netflix will release this drama-romantic film genre on the 28th February.

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Birds of Prey – Review

The film Birds of Prey tells the story of Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) who just broke up with the Joker. He wants to move on and end all his dependence on the Joker. All triggered by people around who underestimate him, can not live without the Joker.

Harley also tried to continue to live and maintain a hyena named Bruce. But the news he broke up with the Joker backfired for him. Old enemies and rows of people who have been hurt by the Joker and he starts targeting him.

Roman Sionis / Black Mask (Ewan McGregor), the club owner, hears about Harley breaking up with the Joker. Harley initially asks Roman help to protect him from his old enemies. Unfortunately, Roman also wants Harley to die.

Not losing his mind, Harley offered to work with Roman. Just when Roman is having trouble finding an important diamond with two of his men Victor Zsasz (Chris Messina) and Black Canary (Jurnee Smollett-Bell).

The diamond turns out to be in Cassandra Cain (Ella Jay Basco), a girl who pickpockets. Everyone is looking for Cassandra, starting from detective Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez) who is tracing Roman case, then there is Huntress (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) who thirsts for revenge to Roman’s men, Victor Zsasz. Games Online dan Offline

Harley also managed to find Cassandra, but was reluctant to hand it over to Roman. He also gathered a team, detectives Montoya, Huntress, and Black Canary who actually hated Roman. Did they beat Roman Sionis a.k.a. Black Mask?

Birds of Prey
Birds of Prey

The film Birds of Prey is created by the restless weariness of Harley Quinn, always overshadowed by the figure of the Joker. In this film he wants to prove that he can be independent and shine without the help of his ex-girlfriend. This film is also the origin of the formation of the Birds of Prey team.

Presenting Harley Quinn as a narrator, you are invited to how it all happened in a humorous way. Because this is Harley Quinn’s film, please be advised if the plot that goes forward then backwards 4 minutes continues to advance again feels natural to him who is rather crazy.

Some of the scripts and silliness of Harley Quinn managed to make us laugh. From heartbreak, self-discovery, channeling love to pets to food worshipers. Margot Robbie successfully plays the strange, unique, crazy, but still adorable figure of Harley Quinn. Ewan manages to portray a narcissistic, sadistic, and annoying Roman / Black Mask that is not playing. An antics were also created between Harley to his team, Cassandra, Detective Montoya, Black Canary, and Huntress.

The film Birds of Prey presents a fairly intense action scene. Margot Robbie appears badass when fighting his enemies with his unique style, ranging from rifles full of glitter, baseball bats, to fighting with roller skates.

Cathy Yan’s film also conveys an important message for women. The female characters in this film get unfair treatment and are underestimated. Underrated Harley Quinn, Detective Montoya who was not appreciated in his office, Black Canary who was restrained by his boss, and Huntress who sought justice for past wounds.

The film Birds of Prey offers intense, colorful, and fun Harley Quinn madness. Margot Robbie again stole the attention as a unique, crazy, but still adorable Harley. Rows of compact and witty casts. Tuck a message of self empowerment to women all over the world.

Movie Review

The Laundromat Netflix – Review

Leaked documents with the classification of “top secret” from a Mossack and Fonseca Law Firm that has headquarters in Panama with branches spread in 40 countries occurred around April 2016. No less than 11.5 million highly classified documents related to 214,000 companies with data from the beginning of 1970-2016 leaked by hackers who succeeded in retrieving 2.7 terabytes of data from the law firm’s database, and then distributed to the public.

This leak was the biggest shock to the “underground” economic industry. Because so many documents leaked. The leaked document, later called the Panama Papers Scandal, was investigated and analyzed by 370 journalists from 76 countries around the world.

Mossack and Fonseca is a Law Firm founded by Jurgen Mossack and Ramon Fonseca in Manama, Panama, a country in Central America. This law office is responsible for overseeing and regulating the services of trusts and trust assets of a company. The main focus of this law firm is asset protection, tax and property planning. The company has more than 40 branches worldwide, known for being involved in this leak of the Panama Papers tax haven document.

Why is this a scandal because in the document it is stated that Mossack Fonseca helped the parties to set up a company without activities, without employees but seemed to be running on assets and finances only on paper. Like a shell company, there are only shells with no contents except for fraudulent financial records and are legally legal. Nearly all of these shell companies were established in the Pacific region, more than half of which were established in the British Virgin Islands and the rest in Panama, the Bahamas, the Seychelles, Niue and Samoa.

Most of these companies are made for illegal activities such as money laundering, tax avoidance, and as special purposes for Company vehicles. Although not all companies are created for the purpose of breaking the law, the potential for violation of the law is huge. Or the term “Legal But Not Ethic”.

Now this incident was later recorded by Jake Bernstein, a journalist who won the Pulizzer prize with the title “Secrecy World”. This book was later adapted into a film with the title “Laundromat” by Netflix with director Steven Soderbergh, with the script written by Scott. Z. Burns.

The film was opened by Gary Oldman who played Jurgen Mossack and Antonio Banderas who played Ramon Fonseca. Both of them narrated about the world economic system starting from the barter era to the sophisticated economic system as it is now. Games Online dan Offline

The Laundromat
The Laundromat

Then the story unfolded when Meryl Streep, who played Ellen Martin on a vacation with her husband, ended in tragedy after the boat she was traveling in sank and her husband died.

Insurance left by her husband apparently can not be claimed for various reasons by the insurance company. This condition made her curious and continued to investigate what actually happened. In her journey, she found various kinds of financial transactions that were ambiguous and confusing because there were so many layers in them.

She later discovered that there were many names of officials from various countries who on average made the shell company for illegal activities, from money laundering to infidelity.

This film uniquely explains the world of “shell company”, a company on paper without offices and employees and foreign accounts to the audience. It was also revealed the journey of illicit transactions and corruption that crossed China, the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

A very interesting film of dark comedy genre that can explain something complicated into an interesting and memorable story.

Overall the film is cool, as usual Meryl Streep plays very well. The plot moves fairly quickly, but the message is conveyed and contained. For enthusiasts of this genre film will be fun watching this film.

Unfortunately, according to the latest news this film was sued by Mossack Fonseca on defamation. As well as being submitted for the cancellation of airing. The lawsuit was filed in a US federal court in Connecticut on October 13. However, Netflix did not immediately answer these demands.

Movie Review

I am Mother – Review

The film I am Mother revolves around the earth which has just experienced human extinction. A robot is designed to restore the human population in modern facilities, complete with all its needs. The robot, then called ‘Mother’, then chooses a human embryo and ‘takes care of it’ until it grows up, the chosen human being is called ‘Daughter’.

Robot Mother raised her ‘daughter’ with a theoretical method that (maybe) had been implanted in it since the beginning of the robot was created. However, the child’s curiosity finally revealed the veil of mystery that had been hidden by the Robot ‘Mother’. Games Online dan Offline

Plus, the presence of a strange woman suddenly asked for help outside the facility where the Mother and her child lived. This is of course inversely proportional to the recognition of the Robot Mother who sad that there is not a single human who is still alive out there.

Conflict grew, when the foreign woman turned out to have a gunshot wound. From the results of the Robot Mother’s research, the bullet lodged in the woman’s body was not a bullet from a droid that was patrolling out there. So, the Daughter increasingly exasperation.

Trapped, by the foreign woman’s seduction, Daughter finally decided to ‘run away’ from the facility together with the Foreign Woman. Unlucky, what is outside the facility is not as described.

This film is a debut for an Australian director; Grant Sputore. Because of this it is not wrong for many critics who judge underestimating the film’s eyes. Grant also wrote the script together with Michael Lloyd Green. I Am Mother stars Luke Hawker, who acts as the Robot Mother. As for the voice of the robot acted by Rose Byrne. Clara Rugaard plays the role of Daughter, while Hillary Swank plays the character of a Foreign Woman.

The premise of the I Am Mother story is fairly unique, although there is still (very) little in common with Morten Tyldum’s Passenger. The plot was made almost perfect, yes maybe there are still a few plot-holes here and there, but for the size of the debut film, this is still within reasonable tolerances.

The acting quality of the cast is also fairly good. Practically, only two characters can be judged by the quality of his acting in plain view. Clara Rugaard and Hillary Swank appeared extraordinary, both of whom were able to convey the unrest of each character to the audience.

As the saying goes; Nothing is perfect, neither is this Netflix production film. Behind the premise and the quality of its acting, this film still has limitations on cinematography and CGI quality which is still weak. Try to look, the scene where Clara and Swank ran away from the facility, the scenery displayed looks too fake.

However, this is certainly not an important thing. Considering this is a film debut for the director.

Overall, I Am Mother appeared quite impressive. The premise of the story is cool and brilliantly executed. Two thumbs up for the debutant; Grant Sputore. For this reason, it feels like a 7/10 rating is appropriate for I Am Mother.

Movie Review

Brahms : The Boy II – Review

William Brent Bell partnered again with his co-author, Stacey Menear, to design the sequel to The Boy in Brahms: The Boy II. This handsome but deadly porcelain doll. Like what?

In the previous film The Boy, the old couple Heelshires disappeared after writing a farewell letter to Brahms. The house caught fire accidentally, and burned everything until it turned to ashes, including a caretaker named Creta and her rude boyfriend Cole. But Brahms stayed in the house, and repaired his broken doll.

In the Games Online dan Offline film Brahms: The Boy II, a small family consisting of mother (Katie Holmes), father (Owain Yeoman) and son (Christopher Convery) moved to the guest house at Heelshire Mansion without knowing of the dark story behind the magnificent building.

As they were exploring the nature around the mansion, the boy, whose name was Jude, was mysteriously guided to find a porcelain doll buried deep. Although admittedly quite terrible, but Jude’s mother and father decided to allow his son to bring home the doll which was later known as the Brahms.

In the beginning, there were small oddities like TV that suddenly turned on on its own, until the table was rolled over due to the anger of the doll. Until finally the presence of Brahms not only terrorized the small family, but also threatened the lives of everyone around him. What really happened? Will this little family survive Brahms’ clutches?

Former Dawson’s Creek star Katie Holmes returned to the big screen in 2020 through her role as Liza, Jude’s biological mother. As a mother, it was not difficult for Katie to dive into her role and describe the various worries that Liza experienced when she saw Jude being in the grip of Brahms. Katie’s appearance as Liza in this horror genre film reminds her fans, why Tom Cruise’s ex-wife deserves to appear in more feature films.

Aside from Katie, the appearance of little star Christopher Convery (Stranger Things Season 3) is also very attention-grabbing. As Jude, Chris could easily move from plain and childish to cold and scary.

Overall this two-hour film offers a typical jump scare of a horror movie, but it is less gore than I had anticipated. However, when the scene happened, it felt very realistic.

The author is personally happy to be able to see Katie Holmes back in action on the big screen. Especially in the horror genre film that will certainly attract the attention of many people.

Movie Review

The Call of the Wild – Review

The Call of the Wild will be the first film that tells the story of friendship between humans and animals released in 2020. The presence of this film is very suitable to be watched with people closest to you like your beloved family because it has the genre of adventure, drama, and family.

This film tells Games Online dan Offline the story of a dog named Buck who was kidnapped from his home to be carried to the snow plains in Alaska. There Buck was found by someone and joined a group of dog pulling a delivery carriage letter. In addition, Buck is also known as a noble hearted dog and likes to help anyone throughout his adventure.

The story in this film is adapted from a novel book of the same name by Jack London and published in 1903.
And was made in 1935 with the same title. The film stars Clark Gable and Loretta Young.

This exciting adventure film directed by Chris Sanders. Previously, he was known through the films “How to Train Your Dragon” (2010) and “The Croods” (2013).

Harrison Ford is the main character and plays John Thornton. This film also stars MCU actress, you know! Karen Gillan, known from the “Guardians of the Galaxy” (2017) was present in the role of Marcedes. In addition, there are other Hollywood artists such as Dan Stevens, Cara Gee, Bradley Whitford, Omar Sy and many more. The most interesting fact is that dogs in this film actually use the CGI effect, you know, and not real dogs.

Come on, watch with the closest person. Games Online dan Offline

Movie Review

Fantasy Island – Review

The film, adapted from the 70s TV series, stars Michael Pena, Maggie Q, Lucy Hale, and Austin Stowell. How was the film?

The film Fantasy Island tells the story of a group of young people visiting a remote tropical island. They were the winners of the contest and successfully visited Fantasy Island. They are Gwen (Maggie Q), Melanie (Lucy Hale), Patrick (Austin Stowell), Brax (Jimmy O. Yang), and JD (Ryan Hansen). On the island managed by Roarke (Michael Pena) they are convinced that the guests’ fantasies can be realized. Not alone, Roarke is accompanied by Julia (Parisa Fitz-Henley), her assistant at Fantasy Island to welcome guests.

Fantasy from Gwen, Melanie, Patrick, Brax, and JD finally came true. At first they enjoyed everything but wondered if this was true or a trick from Roarke. Guests know that their fantasies become nightmares as the island slowly twists their desires. Now they must be able to solve the mystery and escape the island safely.

The film Fantasy Island presents a gripping adventure on a mysterious island that can realize a fantasy. Slowly we are invited to see the fantasy of each character, we can not guess what the contents of the fantasy of all of them. In the trailer, only Melanie’s character is revealed, what is the fantasy of the other characters?

Fantasy Island
Fantasy Island

Behind a satisfying fantasy Games Online dan Offline tucked in a tense secret, how the island grants all the fantasy of his guests. The idea of ​​the story is quite interesting, but unfortunately the origin of the power of fantasy island is not very explained.

Not a Blumhouse horror film without surprises. In the film Jeff Wadlow is relying on a lot of jumpscare to surprise the audience. The characters are also haunted by the horrible creatures on the island.

The cast of Fantasy Island played quite well, the most prominent one might be Lucy Hale and Maggie Q. But the characters of the two brothers were played by Jimmy O. Yang and Ryan Hansen did not succeed in joking, even though their intentions broke the atmosphere. Michael Peña, who is usually funny, in this film he appears serious.

For those of you who want a horror adventure full of mysteries, you really have to watch the movie Fantasy Island. Be careful what you fantasize about so you don’t backfire. The past of each character is the key answer to all the horrors on the fantasy island. Jeff Wadlow also prepared an unexpected twist, curious? Watch the film in the cinema.

Movie Review

The Poison Rose – Review

The Poison Rose film tells the story of Carson Philips (John Travolta), a former NFL (National Football League) player who is now turning a profession as a private investigator. One day, a beautiful woman offered him a large enough amount of money, provided Carson was willing to find out the cause of the disappearance of a teenage boy, who was allegedly killed.   Initially Carson objected because the incident happened in Texas, a city full of dark shadows of Carson’s past. But his weakness for beautiful women, moreover the client came with a sad story, made Carson finally accepted the offer.  

Carson began an investigation in Texas, by contacting some of his acquaintances, – including a former girlfriend he had left. The investigation led to a mental hospital, where a suspected key witness of the murder of a client’s relative was treated.  

For reasons that don’t make sense, Dr. Miles Mitchell (Branden Fraser), to keep Carson away from the patient he insisted was in the facility. But Carson’s abilities turned out to be more than Dr. Mitchell.  

The Poison Rose
The Poison Rose

Behind it all turned out there was the intervention of a God Father who had long controlled the underworld in the city. Many suggestions for Carson to stay away from this case, and not deal with Doc.  

It turned out that what was imagined by Curson was far different from what he was facing. And that really made him a dilemma. Games Online dan Offline

Like detective films in general, The Poison Rose also only focuses on one or two characters at the beginning of the story. Until little by little, the storyline unfolds the figure of each character slowly, – especially the characters Doc (Morgan Freeman) and Jayne Hunt (Famke Janssen).

Quite a lot of characters who stand out in this film, and take the audience’s mind room to confirm whether he is a good character or evil. Although, spotlight remains dominated by the actions of Carson until the end of the film.

This film set is made with the setting and mindset of Texas residents in the 70s. And quite successfully presented by the director. Both property and dialogue, neatly packaged to realize the setting in accordance with the original novel.

This film presents the version of the novel quite well if you look at it from the budget, as well as minimal manufacturing time. This film is worth enjoying, especially for those who like detective films.

Movie Review

Girl On The Third Floor – Review

Travis Stevens made his directorial debut through the film Girl on the Third Floor. Starring a former professional wrestler who is also a mixed martial arts fighter, Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, who is next to a newcomer actress, Sarah Brooks.

Tells a former lawyer named Don Koch (Phil “CM Punk” Brooks) who wants to open a new chapter in life. He bought a shabby house in suburban Chicago with the intention of renovating it. However, Don began to experience strange events in the house.

From the beginning of the film Girl on the Third Floor, starting to the end, the location you will see is an abandoned slum. Tells the story of Don Koch, a husband who bought a house for his wife, Liz (Trieste Kelly Dunn), which is far from urban areas. When the process of renovating his new home, Don immediately tidied up all the equipment left by the previous owner.

When renovating, Don saw a strange liquid coming out of the walls of his house. Unable to stand, he touched the liquid and began to paint the wall. Games Online dan Offline

After finishing painting the wall, he switched to another wall that had a big hole. Seeing something in it, Don reached his hand and found something buried inside the wall. However, supernatural terror begins when there is a ball of marbles that suddenly appears in front of him.

However, the atmosphere was gripped even more when his pet dog Don, Cooper, was found lifeless in the washing machine. From the visible blood, enough to make you sympathize with this animal known as a human friend.

At the same time it makes the psychological thriller feel a little. In addition, there is a twist plot that is quite salvaging, although again the storyline lacks detail.

This former wrestler’s debut is arguably a bit of attention. Although not as interesting as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Don Koch can be played by Phil “CM Punk” Brooks well. He became a macho husband. When the terror began, the deepening of the CM Punk character was quite pronounced.

Especially when scoring began to rise, CM Punk managed to describe the frustration and depression when he began to be haunted. Feelings of frustration and do not know what to do will come you feel.

Unfortunately, the nature of the supporting cast actually makes this story seem confusing. In addition to Sarah Brooks who still provides acting that is quite entertaining, the actor Ellie Mueller (Karen Woditsch) lacks the character’s depth.

Despite all that, actually Girl on the Third Floor has the potential to be a slick horror film because it has a good scenario. Unfortunately, again the execution of this film did not run optimally. Fortunately, the acting of CM Punk can provide color in this film made by Trevor Stevens.

Movie Review

El Camino – A Breaking Bad – Review

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie opens with a conversation “wise” two people who want to start a new life, trying to break away from their lives now. The peaceful atmosphere at the edge of the lake ended with the decision to go to Alaska.

However, a second later, peace turned into chaos. Hysterical screams by Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) who try to escape from the police pursuit form a contrast that will make you excited. For those who follow the series, this scene is certainly familiar. However, for those who watch this film regardless of the series, this scene is very suitable to start Jesse’s journey out of his dark world.

This film actually lacks action. You will focus on being invited to follow Jesse’s journey now, while still being invited to see his past. Vince Gilligan is happy to take you back and forth to Jesse’s darkness and his golden age.

Gilligan brilliantly repacked the movement of this groove smoothly, not apart from what happened to Jesse at the present time. In fact, when Jesse is currently in a race against time to start a new life away from his country, a sweet and warm flashback makes the atmosphere calm.

What makes you also won’t lose interest in knowing the fate of Jesse finally is a camera that moves dynamically in certain scenes. When Jesse tried to escape from the police pursuit after he left Walter, a close-up of the expression of loss, fear, and a hint of relief was reflected from Jesse’s face. Aaron Paul again managed to make you sympathetic with this one character. Games Online dan Offline

El Camino : A Breaking Bad
El Camino : A Breaking Bad

Jesse’s PTSD momentum was well illustrated from a clear angle. When Jesse looks for Todd Alquist’s savings, the rotating camera angles as Jesse unloads every corner of Tood’s apartment allows you to feel the absurdity of the search. So, when Jesse felt almost hopeless, you were invited to think the same until Gilligan issued another card.

The cinematography is also really cool when the cat-and-mouse scene, both with the police and Lou, when Jesse is in Todd’s apartment. Although only a few minutes, this crime drama was gripping in those few minutes. This list will be very long if mentioned one by one. But, guaranteed you will agree on this.

Breaking Bad is arguably selling the life drama of Walter White, a chemistry teacher who feels the need to sell drugs after being convicted of cancer. The reason is, in order to support his family.

Therefore, he “invited” Jesse to take part in the plan. Now, as the series goes deeper into the lives of Walter and Jesse, you will be invited to think about the contrast between justice and crime.

In the film, the boundaries of justice and crime are also biased. At the beginning of the film, Jesse who is chatting with Mike Ehrmantraut seems to have a bright future, illustrating that those who are already on the wrong path can also be aware.

Afterwards, he is also described as a fugitive, the only person still alive involved in the slaughter of a gang. Now, in this escape, Jesse meets Skinny Pete and Badger, Jesse’s old friends who are willing to do anything to help Jesse. Their brotherhood ties will make you all melt.

If many say the Joker is a film about “good people who turn bad”, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie means it is a film about good people who look bad, even though all they do is just survive.

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