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The Case of Itaewon Homicide – Review

The film is based on a true story that involves two American students Arthur Patterson and Edward Lee who were named suspects for the murder of a Korean student Jong Pil Jo in the toilet at a fast food restaurant. The film is titled “Itaewon Murder Case” and is also known as the “Burger King Murder” murder that occurred on April 13, 1997 at Burger King’s Fast Food Restaurant

The police had difficulty finding the perpetrators of the killings that occurred at the Restaurant because there were no traces left at the scene because when they arrived at the scene the location was clean as if there had never been a murder there. Until then there were witnesses who saw that before the incident there were 2 students who entered the in the toilet along with Jong Pil Jo’s murder.

With some information from several witnesses and also doing crime scene, finally the police found a bright spot on who was the suspect for Jong Pil Jo’s murder, namely Pearson and Alex, who on the night of the incident were hanging out with their bully friends at the fast food restaurant.

But apparently it was not easy to uncover the motives behind the murder because Pearson and Alex each had their own alibis. Even then both of them attacked each other with their alibi. And then both of them accused each other if one of them was the real killer. Pearson who claimed not to speak Korean made Prosecutor Park very upset because he believed there was something hidden by Pearson but he had not yet found the evidence.

Not to mention when the police did a re-enactment at the crime scene, it seemed that Pearson was very familiar with all the movements carried out by Alex when he killed, he could even memorize the number of stabs made by Alex on Jong Pil Joo’s body and did the re-engineering with no feeling at all.

But it turns out Alex’s alibi was not too strong because after coming out of the toilet he had confessed to his friend if he had just killed a person and he did it just to have fun to test the power of the knife he had just bought !!. And then the judge decided that Alex was guilty and was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Jong Pil Jo murder case for seeing some incriminating evidence and Pearson was sentenced to 15 months in prison for allegedly hiding evidence and also carrying a sharp weapon in a public place. Games Online dan Offline

Alex’s father who did not accept his son in law for life appealed to the High Court and then after considering that the evidence was also not strong then the high court released Alex from sentence and also Pearson who got out faster from prison.

The Case of Itaewon Homicide
The Case of Itaewon Homicide

So who exactly is Jong Pil Jo’s killer, Pearson or Alex? And both admitted to the Panel of Judges that one of them was a murderer, because they were the only two who were at the scene.

And until now this case has not been solved after almost 12 years.

For those who like detective Conan or The X-Files, it is a pity to pass this drama because we will be invited to guess who the real killer of the alibi they are telling and from there we can pull the red thread.

Although for some things I noted there was something odd that could be made an indication that both of them were involved in the murder

Why Pearson could be made a murder suspect

1. He memorized the number of punctures Alex did on the body of the victim

2. When re-enacting in the toilet he stabbed the mannequins (who acted as victims) with great feeling and sincerity without hesitation

3. The color of the shoes when the film first started

4. when he has come out of prison looks light as satisfaction on his face

Why Alex can be made a murder suspect

1. He says that the killer posture is definitely higher than the prey (and seeing from this position Pearson’s posture is higher than the suspect)

2. Alex’s position when washing his hands in the toilet. Pearson could not have approached the victim

3. Alex’s statement “We did it”

So who do you think is the real killer? If you want to see and listen to Jang Geun Seok having a dialogue in English, you have to watch this drama because throughout the film he uses dialogue in English, although according to my English, it’s not too perfect but not …

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Way Back Home – Review

How does it feel to live in a prison far from home, alone, with language difficulties, for mistakes we don’t know about? It must be really heavy. That’s what was found in this South Korean film, Way Back Home.

Song Jeong Yeon, a housewife, has a happy life with her husband, Jong Bae, and son, Hye Rin. Until finally Jong Bae’s friend committed suicide and left a lot of debt in the name of Jong Bae. Their home and business were confiscated. They were forced to live life without money.

In a state of urgency, Jong Bae took a job from his friend, Seo Mundo, to bring jewelry from Guyana to France. Unfortunately, the work is only for girls. Games Online dan Offline

Way Back Home
Way Back Home

Jeong Yeon, who initially didn’t like the idea, finally decided to take the job because she needed money. This is his first experience abroad. But, everything is not as easy as he thought. Arriving at Orly Airport, France, he was suspected. After the suitcase was opened, it was discovered that he didn’t bring jewelry, but cocaine. Jong Yeon, who can only speak Korean, had difficulty understanding the situation.

In the midst of his confusion, Jong Yeon was forced to spend three months in a Paris prison, then moved to Ducon Prison, Martinique Island, Caribbean Islands. He spent 765 days there without a trial. Meanwhile, in Korea, Jong Bae struggles to do everything he can to bring Jong Yeon home.

This Way Back Home story is based on real events. Director Pang Eun Jin claimed to be interested in making this story after reading an article about the arrest of a Korean woman at Orly Airport for being caught carrying drugs in 2004.

The main location of this film is of course life in prison. And, director Pang wants to show a real prison life. Therefore, this film takes many extras in the form of prisoners in the prison, as well as prison officials. So the results are truly real. For those who like tears-drained family drama, Way Back Home is suitable to be our choice.

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Silenced – Review

Silenced is a film based on a true story, and I watched it while imagining it actually happened? Those children really are treated like that? Believe me if you know this film is lifted from a true story to make the tightness feel more pronounced.

I want to give a little info, this film was made because of Gong Yoo’s share (you know Train to Busan and Goblin players). So, Gong Yoo was currently serving in the military, there he read a book that discusses this tragedy. He was intrigued, then after the military, he contacted the director of his agency. He asked that his agency could lift the story of the book to the big screen.

I’m speechless. His concern with social issues is truly extraordinary. His movement was meritorious for the country. Because of what?

Do you believe a film can change something? This Silenced film is proof. Change happens. This film voiced justice and after the film came out, and was watched by millions of Korean people, the people also demanded justice! After that, the Government began working on new policies in changing the law. Yes, all that happened because of the movie.

Gang In-ho (Gong Yoo) who is a single parent and financial difficulties, was forced to accept a job offer to become an art teacher at a school for deaf children in Mujin, an area far from Seoul. At the school, In-ho finds a surprising fact, some children experience physical and sexual violence by teachers and school principals. Finally, In-ho with a human rights activist, Seo Yu-Jin (Jung Yu-Mi), together help these children and expose the case to be known to the general public. But, the facts on the ground speak differently. Both the teachers, staff, school principals, police, and even judges actually covered the case.

Watch Silenced, as if watching a horror movie. With minimal lighting, scenes in the hallway and dark room, the groaning sounds that were heard in the deaf school, made a frightening and terrible impression that was thick. Not to mention the dark atmosphere of the film. So, Silenced is the true horror movie!

With Games Online dan Offline music accompaniment and heartbreaking scoring, adding to the darkness of this film. Not to mention in the first hour, we will be presented scene after scene of violence that occurs in children who are deaf clearly and clearly. Then in the next hour the focus will be on problem solving in the courtroom. Here, there are many scenes that make us take a deep breath of annoyance, anger, or hate like watching Soredemo, Boku wa Yattenai. Especially if you see the faces of the suspects who are holy, it feels like to tear their faces apart. Wow! Looks like it seems excessive, but that’s how it is.

The main actor, Gong Yoo is the most appropriate character in In-ho. Duet with Jung Yu-Mi who is no less good at acting with Gong Yoo. And of course the villains, like the twin headmasters and one of the teachers who committed sexual violence, were indeed successful in making the audience want to spit in their faces because of their steady acting.

His children’s players were able to steal their attention with their cool acting. Especially because they also have to learn sign language. I like the character Yoo-ri more than any other child character. But I was quite moved when Min-Soo cried out loudly knowing the fact that the grandmother had forgiven the perpetrator. In accordance with the title of the film, Silenced, this two-hour long film shows more acting and expression of the players’ movements rather than dialogue.

As frustrating as the movie Soredemo, Boku wa Yattenai, Silenced will make us very furious, hateful, or even angry at seeing the facts on the real field, where the winner is always the person in power. Money … money and money. And with money, the law can be bought. Pity!

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The Himalayas – Review

The film is titled The Himalayas, a film adapted from the true story of Korean climbers who climbed the Himalayas directed by Lee Suk Hoon.

The film is based on the true story of the journey of Um Hong Gil (Hwang Jung Min) who took the body of his climbing friend, Park Mu Taek (Jung Woo) who is still left in the Himalayas. This film tells of a strong friendship between the two, which began during the ascent to the third highest mountain, Kangchenjunga in Nepal. After that they often set foot on the tops of the world. Games Online dan Offline

Unfortunately, Hong Gil had to hold back his steps to climb with Mu Taek to climb Everest because of the leg injury he experienced. Finally, Mu Taek who was his junior also led the climb. But the unlucky Mu Taek disappeared on the climb. Knowing that, Hong Gil climbed Everest in search of his best friend’s body. From then on, this inspiring story begins.

Actually the two did not really have a good relationship initially, Hong Gil who was not so concerned with mountain climbing techniques was often underestimated by Mu Taek.

The human side that is shown constantly in this film makes it interesting. Like a miracle, the view of the mountains covered with snow, the tenacity of the climbers, as well as the challenging elements displayed by the production team made their journey seem truly real and lively.

In reality, Um Hong Gil himself is a professional climber from South Korea who made it to the 14 highest peaks in the world in 12 months. For his success, he was awarded the Himalayan Crown in 2001.

The true story raised in the film itself he experienced in 2005. This is a story where a Hong Gil dared to give up his life to reach the highest peak in the world, about how he led the team and was responsible for the lives of team members and about the ferocity of nature.

In this film we can learn that besides the peak as a goal, safety and friendship ties are more important.

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Bombshell – Review

Bombshell films revolve around the downfall of Fox News big boss Roger Ailes. It all started with three women who worked at Fox News. Megyn Kelly (Charlize Theron), a news anchor who at the time was the moderator for the presidential debates. Officials, Roger did not support him to attack one of the candidates, namely Trump.

Secondly there is Kayla Pospisil (Margot Robbie), a new employee who is innocent and religious plus has a big dream to be a TV host. But there must be a dream that he sacrificed through the figure of “Roger Ailes” (John Lithgow).

Third is Gretchen Carlson (Nicole Kidman) who is a senior news host who is shifted to a lonely event. Gretchen always gets a sexist and sharp criticism from Roger. One day Gretchen was fired for no reason. Through the dismissal, he who had been gathering evidence and all the rottenness of Roger, finally sued Roger Ailes on sexual harassment charges.

The three of them became important figures in the disclosure of the biggest scandal that occurred on Fox News and Fox Television Stations.

Bombshell film reveals the Fox News scandal that occurred in 2016. Even so there are some changes to the story and the addition of fictional characters namely Kayla Pospisil with the aim of dramatizing the film. Maybe from you already know the end of this case, well in this film peeling deeper through the perspective of three women.

The issue of sexual harassment is indeed hotly discussed in the United States through the #MeToo movement. Not surprisingly, Lionsgate dared to raise the film with this theme. However, not only in the United States, sexual harassment in the workplace can occur anywhere. Therefore, this film is very important to watch. Games Online dan Offline

In this film we see how victims of sexual harassment are afraid to “speak up” and are threatened by higher-ups in a corporation. The message delivered is how to create a safe zone for women, and most importantly victim-blaming must be eliminated.

Bombshell also revealed the dark side of the television world in the United States, although not all TV stations there were similar to Fox News. We seem to see a picture of how difficult it is for a woman to pursue a career with obstacles from big bosses who use positions for their passions.

Speaking of the appearance of the cast, Charlize Theron played very well as a figure of Megyn Kelly. We really saw Megyn Kelly in presenting a news program. Not only himself, Margot Robbie’s appearance as an innocent new kid should be given a thumbs up. Plus Nicole Kidman as an ambitious, strong, and fragile Gretchen. The three of them are the pulse of this film.

John Lithgow also successfully transformed into a figure of former Fox News big boss Roger Ailes. He really deepened into a frustrating ruler. In addition, this film supported the appearance of Kate McKinnon, Connie Britton, Malcolm McDowell, and Allison Janney.

Bombshell film is a sharp scandal disclosure. Starting from the issue of sexual harassment to the dark side of the political world. The behavior of these powerful officials will make the audience sad. Plus the stunning appearance of the cast, one of them is Charlize Theron.

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The Beast – Synopsis

Fans of the crime genre and thriller must watch this upcoming Korean film. The film is titled The Beast. This film tells the story of two detectives in Korea. They are trying to solve a murder case that shook Korea.

The first detective is named Jeong Han Soo. Jeong Han Soo is working to catch a notorious killer. Games Online dan Offline

One day, a new murder case occurred that could provide clues to catch the killer he was looking for. To get these clues, he covered up this new murder case.

The Beast
The Beast

Meanwhile, there is another detective named Han Min Tae. Detective Jeong Han Soo and Detective Han Min Tae are two people who became rivals.

Han Min Tae smells something wrong with Jeong Han Soo. Finally, he found out if Jeong Han Soo was covering up a murder case. That made him try to catch Han Soo.

The Beast was worked on by director Lee Jung Ho. Lee Jung Ho has worked on several thriller films several times, namely in the films Broken (2014) and Best Seller (2010). The film distributed by Next Entertainment World is played by famous actors and actresses in Korea, such as Lee Sung Min, Yoo Jae Myung, Jeon Hye Jin and Daniel Choi.

In addition, there are also Kim Dae Gon, Kim Eun Hye, Kim Ho Jung, Ok Ja Yeon, Kim Byung Choon, and Han Kyu Won who also starred in this film. Intrigued by the ending of Detective Han Soo’s story? Will he succeed in solving this murder mystery?

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The Culprit – Synopsis

The Culprit is a Korean film from the thriller genre. The Culprit tells about a man named Young Hoon. His wife became a very cruel victim of murder.

At the scene of the crime, the police found a hair sample that could be evidence to find the culprit. After checking the hair turned out to belong to a friend of Young Hoon named Joon Sung. Games Online dan Offline

The Culprit
The Culprit

Because of this discovery, Joon Sung was arrested for alleged murder. Meanwhile, Joon Sung’s wife named Da Yeon insists that her husband is innocent.

Young Hoon also wants to know the truth behind his wife’s death. To free her husband from prison, Da Yeon needs Young Hoon’s testimony to support her husband.

Young Hoon invites Da Yeon to work together to expose the truth of this case. In return, he will be a witness for her husband’s trial.

This film was produced by Ko Jung Wook. The Culprit was his first film project as a director. Previously he had been an assistant director for the films Montage (2013), Scars (2011), Vegetarian (2009), and Love Me Not (2006).

The figure from the film distributed by Little Big Pictures is played by famous artists such as Song Sae Byeok, Yoo Sun, Jang Hyuk Jin, and Oh Min Suk. There are also other famous artists, namely Han Soo Yeon, Jung Hee Tae, Yoon Song A, Shin Hyun Tak, and Shim Hye Yeon.

Will Young Hoon and Da Yeon succeed in uncovering the truth of Young Hoon’s wife’s death?

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27 Steps of May – Review

When violence treatment occurs, how is the victim’s life after? Often the story after the incident only he and those closest to him know.

The film ‘27 Steps of May ‘provides a description of the story of a survivor who had experienced sexual violence at a young age. The story contains the daily activities of a family between father and daughter, a friend of my father, a magician and a boxing ring as a place to vent father’s anger. With a little dialogue and strong character from each of the actors in the film ’27 Steps of May ‘, it is worth watching.

Played by May (Raihannun), her life has changed completely since the violence she experienced happened in middle school age. May locked himself in his room for years.

It seems that withdrawing from social life is the safest choice. May does not have to answer all questions from around for bad experiences that he never expected. At least he is not exposed to the same people who have the opportunity to hurt him and make him a victim again.

No … no … he was silent because he could not tell the violence he experienced in words, with his own mouth. Shut up because he feels no one can help him – even though his father (Lukman Sardi) tries to help him.

May was silent because there was nothing more he could do because everything had been taken from him. Whatever is done seems useless. May has lost herself. Increasingly lost himself until eight years passed every time in the room.

Eight long years fill time by seeing the world as wide as May, but a survivor woman lives in her cave. Live by doing repetitive activities every day. Wearing the same color clothes, memita hair with the same position, eat the same type, and make doll clothes with the same model. Games Online dan Offline

Eight long years for his father to try to understand but his efforts never succeeded. Eight years had been a long time for her father to harbor anger against her for not being able to protect May.

The routines in the cave began to change since the beam of light entered through a small hole in the wall that bordered May’s room with the room in the next house. The light initially made him very disturbed. Past trauma made May a person with an ODC (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) personality.

But that hole also brought him back to the outside world. In the next room, May sees a Magician (Ario Bayu) who is busy practicing. The attractions that he made attract the attention of May to May dare to try new things and get out of his room.

Through his attractions in the next room that May can see through the small hole, the magician builds May’s trust through his treatment. Until finally he felt safe meeting directly with the Magician until he dared to get out of his house.

May’s experience as a survivor of violence is a representative representation of the many consequences it has caused. Often survivors of violence tend to get worse results, rejection of themselves and the outside world.

The film is not entirely melancholy, the presence of Verdi Solaiman gives humorous spices that make the atmosphere feel cheerful.

Silence over the violence that May has experienced seems to be a better looking choice but acceptance is the best way the world can do for May. Directed by Ravi Bharwani, the film titled 27 Steps of May won several International Film Festival awards.

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Ford v Ferrari – Review

The true story about the competition of Henry Ford and Enzo Ferrari in 1966 has indeed become the basis of the story of the film titled Ford v Ferrari by director James Mangold.
Through Ford v Ferrari, Mangold tries to show the other side of the sport of racing, namely the conflict between team operations and business interests.

Ford v Ferrari originated from the initiative of Lee Iacocca (John Bernthal) to persuade Henry Ford II (Tracy Letts) to acquire the racing division of the Italian car manufacturer, Scuderia Ferrari. According to Iacocca, the acquisition of the Ferrari racing division will help Ford to enter one of the most prestigious races in the world, Le Mans 24 Hours. On the other hand, if Ford can also win Le Mans, Iacocca believes it will boost sales of Ford’s flagging cars.

Henry gave the green light to Iacocca to buy a Ferrari racing division that was almost bankrupt. However, beyond Iacocca’s expectations, Ferrari flatly rejected Ford’s offer. Enzo Ferrari (Remo Girone) prefers to be acquired by the compatriot, FIAT. Not stopping there, Enzo also insulted Henry, who he thought was only a family car manufacturer, not a racing car.

Offended by Enzo’s insults, Henry vowed to finish off Ferrari at Le Mans 66. He immediately sent Iacocca to establish the Ford racing division. Without thinking, Iacocca immediately recruited a car designer and former US racer, Caroll Shelby (Matt Damon), who had won Le Mans in 1959. Shelby accepted Ford’s offer, on condition he was given the freedom to regulate team operations and choose drivers for Ford.

Ironically, it is not the US racer Shelby chose to drive a very American Ford. He chose Ken Miles (Christian Bale), a war veteran, a mechanic, as well as a British racer. According to Shelby, Miles was the most complete rider: Fast and a technical expert. Even so, he acknowledged that Miles was a rider that was difficult to manage and only a matter of time Miles would cause problems with Ford.

Sure enough, Miles joined Ford recently, he was labeled problematic by Ford’s senior executive, Leo Bebee (Josh Lucas). According to Bebee, Miles’ character is not “Ford” and that is dangerous for the company’s image going forward. Not wanting to know that Miles is a fast racer, Leo prefers riders who are slow but fit with Ford’s image.

As said before, the uniqueness of the Ford v Ferrari is in the angle it takes. While most racing films such as Driven, Days of Thunder, or Rush focus on rivalry between racers, Ford v Ferrari focuses on “rivalry” in the business and operational interests of the team. Director James Mangold tries to show that a racing team needs more than speed to be a champion. To be a champion, a racing team must also be able to fight business interests.

Ford v Ferrari
Ford v Ferrari

Various kinds of conflicts between racing team operations and business interests were pared out at Ford v Ferrari. One of them, besides the case of choosing a racer, is how the team must finish the race. On various occasions, Bebee’s character tried several times to take over the leadership of the team from Shelby’s hands, even in the middle of the race, on the pretext of protecting Ford’s interests. Bebee will not hesitate to ask the rider to budge if he feels it’s the best for Ford.

Unfortunately, the dispute between the team and Ford’s business interests here was too black and white. There isn’t a single part in the film that at least tries to justify Bebee’s actions. Shelby’s camp is entirely like a hero, while Beebe’s side is the villain. The development of both conflicts is very predictable. Even so, this does not hurt the preoccupation of the film as a whole.

Apart from Ford v Ferrari’s main focus is on the internal side of Ford, this 2.5 hour long film does not forget itself. The racing side at the Ford v Ferrari is also worked out well. Le Mans 24 Hours at Ford v Ferrari appeared tense and tense, full of accidents and overtaking overtaking. Various parts are able to suck up the audience so that it feels as if they are in a Ford GT40 driven by Miles. Games Online dan Offline

In reality, Le Mas 24 Hours can be very boring. The race actually lasts for 24 hours where not all the contents are filled with overtaking salip action. However, James Mangold managed to package the endurance racing race to be concise and full of driving action that is able to make imaginary feet come to press the accelerator and clutch.

It must be recognized that not a few parts of the Ford v Ferrari race are hyperbolic and unrealistic. One of them is how to overtake only the case of changing gears. Simply changing gears, which seemed limitless, Ken could suddenly approach the race opponent. In fact, there are various things that can be shown to make the race feel more realistic, such as showing drafting, oversteering, double clutching, heel-toe shifting, and much more.

How about acting? There is nothing entirely special about the actor’s acting nor the actress in Ford v Ferrari. Bale and Damon’s acting is not bad, it’s just that their character is too simple. Shelby is an All-American Hero, almost perfect inside and out without any significant character flaws. Meanwhile, Ken’s character is too genius, hilarious, without sides that can make the audience wonder about his motivation to race. In short, Shelby and Ken’s characters are too easy for Damon and Bale caliber actors.

Finally, the Ford v Ferrari is a good movie that is watched both by fans of racing sports and new fans. His racing action was of high quality and he managed to explore conflicts that were rarely reviewed before. Unfortunately, Ford v Ferrari is too predictable.

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The Irishman – Review

To support the statement that the film should be a story that is ‘intimate’ rather than excited about the franchise, Martin Scorsese presents The Irishman; a film that intimidates the universe (cinematic) highway with a duration of three-and-a-half hours and is filled with characters who have more dialogue than blow things up.

The Irishman may reconstruct historical myths as Quentin Tarantino did in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Or maybe not, and he spoke facts. Because what was raised by Scorsese in this film is an incident in the political history sheet of American crime garrisiring which is still confusing truth. About the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, one of the business leaders in the American political arena, who was later reportedly killed. In The Irishman, the incident is told from the point of view of Frank Sheeran, a retired war meat delivery warrior who, thanks to his expertise, was employed as a house painter. It’s just that he doesn’t use paint or brush. House shooters are just code language for mafia gang assassins. Sheeran quickly gained the trust, he befriended important people in the mafia world. Including with Hoffa. And there is a possibility he was the one who killed Hoffa who was like his guardian brother in an assignment.

The narration takes place over a period of 60 years, or maybe more. The story flows from the present opening to the past, according to Frank Sheeran’s account. From an old Sheeran to a young Sheeran – also shown at a glance while he was still on the battlefield – to a more mature version of him. We will see a variety of versions of Robert De Niro, from those made use of computer effects to these senior actors – I no longer know which appearance the original form of the actor is in so smooth the visual effects of this film. In such a long span of time, we are shown parallels between the political world with the world of gangsters alias mafia. Is all this just engineering alias only happens in the film world or indeed that is the reality in the real world of America, or maybe even the whole world – including Indonesia, makes films more interesting to watch. Especially by conspiracy enthusiasts. In this film, we see that Sheeran’s mission is not just to eliminate the ‘colleagues’ who are screwed up or those who are not useful. But also smuggling firearms which turned out to be to quell the Cuban Revolution. JFK’s murder was also shown as interference from the mafia gang. The most exciting thing is, the long period of this narration implies the role of the mafia in politics is still ongoing until now.

The Irishman
The Irishman

The world of Games Online dan Offline syndicates full of people was shot on the spot, by this film never being glorified. Although indeed the way they work is dramatized. Because the film wants to present the mafia crime in the light of business – which is related to emphasizing the ‘needs’ of the characters. Those who work in that world move in the interests of the ruling class. Conflict comes from figures who have personal interests. Sheeran, in this case, has a family. Specifically, Sheeran’s relationship with her daughter is highlighted. The film chose to focus more on exploring character contemplation rather than action. We will indeed still see some scenes of action and crime, but most of the time is dedicated by the film to characters sitting quietly between dialogues. They are given room to think, carefully consider options before choosing action. So even though the story’s tempo is indeed slow, we will find lots of intense moments. What came was not grandiose, as simple as the silence they found a way to surpass the other party. Up to us the emotions can multiply because we will automatically anticipate the tussle.

Regarding this, it is undeniable that the long duration of this film really feels long. Because sometimes it is filled with less than the maximum. Sheeran with her daughter should get deeper digging and the impact of their relationship on the story should be made even bigger. Sheeran’s princess arc is made clearer and more meaningful. To be honest, as long as it is utilized maximally, actually long duration is not a problem. Especially seeing the people who work in front of and behind the scenes of this film – spending all day long I’m sure we are all willing. Scorsese ensures that the violent scenes he presents feel elegant, and does not drop the entire film into a dime that sells blood or even blasts. There is no ‘special’ camera choreography, no excessive use of cut. Everything feels very calm, and directed efficiently and appropriately. In other words, he does not make the typical mafia world the main selling point.

The final battle or the big confrontation in this film is not a shootout. Nor is it a long, dramatic dialogue about recognition or what. The Irishman’s climax is in the form of Hoffa’s murder sequence for almost half an hour. Not many directors are able to combine many scenes – many cut – into one long sequence by maintaining rhythm and build-up suspensions so that the punchline or the end of the sequence feels very kicking. Notice Scorsese doesn’t even use background music throughout the sequence; make tension even higher. The ending of this film is one of the best ending of the year, in my opinion, because it raises many questions and triggers discussion about the meaning and decision of the character to take action similar to what he saw in the middle of the film.

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Ad Astra – Review

For fans of space-themed films, of course, very much looking forward to watching the Ad Astra film. This time is the first collaboration between Brad Pitt and director James Gray. In the production process, it turns out the film “Ad Astra” requires quite a long time. The idea to make a space-themed film emerged from James Gray and co-writer Ethan Gross that took place about 7 years ago.

After developing the script of the idea for one year, the film began to be produced in 2017, when Brad Pitt finally decided to star in and produce this film. Ad Astra is one of the most challenging films for Brad Pitt, but he can play the role of Roy McBride very well and get a lot of praise from film critics. n this film, also participated in actors and actresses such as Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, Liv Tyler and Ruth Negga.

The story begins when Roy McBride and his team experience a huge power surge. This event also caused chaos on Earth.

American intelligence agencies believe this was caused by a radioactive attack that took place near Neptune, the location of the spaceship ‘The Five Project’, a space mission led by Roy’s father, missing sixteen years ago.

After years of losing his father, Roy Mc Bride now has to deal with the fact that he must find his father who might keep the mystery behind all the chaos that occurred.

In the process of searching and traveling, the audience was brought to see the change and emotional wrapping in Roy Mc Bride, when the mystery that had been enveloping the absence of news from his strongest father. Roy Mc Bride also has to decide which is the best step to take, to save people.

For those who want to watch this film, can watch the acting of Brad Pitt who looks capable and mastered every emotional change that must be passed by the character of Roy McBride. In this film, the character he portrays is not only through a dangerous and threatening journey, but must fight emotions and himself.

Acting in solitude and immersed in a change of emotion due to the strongest layer of mystery is the core of this film.

Brad Pitt in his press conference conveyed the need to release Roy McBride’s emotions written by James Gray and co-writer Ethan Gross very carefully and in the right portion. Too much or too little, will reduce the essence of the story line conveyed, namely about emotional upheaval and inner wounds of a child left by his father. Games Online dan Offline

The wrapping of space background and its mystery, will be felt less for fans of space-themed films, because it does not provide surprises or philosophical alternative thoughts like in general films with similar themes. The film is purely about family drama and reunion between a child left by his father who is very dedicated to his work. so dedicated, that the boundary between fantasy and rational logic is blurred.

Not explained in detail anyway, whether the father based on what actually happened or just a mere hallucination, because it was too long in space.

The audience was also brought to enter into thought, the condition of the crew of the spaceship was always monitored and must be in prime condition. If something is found that deviates from the point of psychology to physicality, it can be asked to return to earth to get further treatment.

This change is kept a mystery, which opens a question, will there be a continuation of this film?

Movie Review

Terminator : Dark Fate – Review

Terminator: Dark Fate presents an atmosphere of stories that will take us back to the original Terminator movie.
In this film, as in the trailer, there will be a classic meeting between Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton and T800, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If in the previous two films, Terminator: Salvation and Terminator: Genisys the story has been expanded, in this film, we will again be trapped in the same storyline. Terminator: Dark Fate also has no connection to the two films. The story continues from their second film, namely Terminator: Judgment Day and TV series Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicle.

Oh yeah, Games Online dan Offline before going deeper into this film, there are a few things you should know. The Terminator currently has several timelines, from the first film, the second, and the TV series referred to as ‘main storyline’. The rest can be considered as ‘alternate storyline’.

The problem with Terminator: Dark Fate is a completely new future. As is known, Sarah and John succeeded in destroying Skynet, who is an AI who is an enemy of humanity in the future.

Instead, there was a new AI called Legion. Just like the previous story, the legion leader sent terminator robots to target human rebel leaders who threatened the existence of Legion.

This time, the main target is Dani Ramos, played by Natalia Reyes. He was an ordinary Mexican factory worker, but was confused after he and his brother were chased by the Terminator from the factory where they worked.

He was later rescued by Grace, played by Mackenzie Davis. Not long after, Sarah also participated in the rescue mission. Finally, they are together to survive.

The storyline is accompanied by a little plot twist. However, actually if the plot twist is removed, the storyline will not change at all. This twist plot only exists to emphasize Grace’s main reason for wanting to return to the past only to save Dani. In addition, there is no other reason why the story writer included the plot twist.

In this film, it seems the writer also wants to show a different feminine toughness. Naturally, the three main characters are all women.

Grace is a military doctor with a formidable and self-sacrificing mindset. While Sarah is a person who is tired of the world, and a character who knows everything that turns trauma into aggressive cynicism.

While Dani was originally a type of naive person who always had to be removed from every new battle because of his feelings wrapped in sadness and terror. But, at the end of the story, she becomes a strong woman, and does not want to leave anyone dead, even if she has to sacrifice anything.

There are some fresh aspects of this film, the latest model Terminator. This robot has several new technology options designed to make the ‘hunt’ in the film more unpredictable.

They also combine two terminators in one body, namely T2 and ordinary terminator robots. Yes, the terminator in this film can separate and unite themselves as they wish.

The displacement of the story line, CGI, and others looks perfect with very little ‘defect’ in it. Taking pictures are also quite interesting. The chase using helicopters and military aircraft is also very amazing. And of course, all the actors who play in this film can be very able to bring out their respective characters.

This film will be very interesting for those who are watching the franchise for the first time. Terminator: Dark Fate has a fairly new storyline, with only having to consume a little information from the previous film.

But, for those of you who have watched all the Terminator films, my suggestion is that you better sit down and enjoy the film without giving any spoilers regarding the previous film if you are watching with someone who is watching the film for the first time.

Movie Review

Angel Has Fallen – Review

While not carving an extraordinary result, the story of Secret Service agent Mike Banning played by Gerard Butler has great potential commercialism. Because, who would have thought that the lunge of the agent could reach the trilogy round.

Nine years have passed when presidential escort forces agent Mike Banning played by Gerard Butler first acted in Olympus Has Fallen. Olympus Has Fallen successfully outperformed the film with a similar premise that was interestingly released in close proximity, White House Down. Games Online dan Offline

Olympus Has fallen further emphasized its superiority, when three years later it presented its sequel story, London Has Fallen, which, despite criticism, was able to reap a rather encouraging financial achievement. So there’s no question about it, when the studio gave the green light to its third act, which this time carries the title Angel Has Fallen.

Mike Banning began to realize that what he had been through before (the events in the two previous films-ed) had caused him to experience physical trauma and make him no longer fit as a presidential escort forces. However, before he officially resigned, attempted assassination attempts against the president resumed, and this time he was accused of being the main suspect, which made him the most sought after fugitive as the most wanted fugitive in the United States. Banning then tried to clear his name and maintain the safety of the soul of the president, while revealing who was the real mastermind of the series of events.

Overall, as expected from this film, Angel Has Fallen is an entertaining, light action package that doesn’t need to be taken seriously, and it can be said that for this purpose, the third installment now directed by Ric Roman Waugh filmmaker is quite successful. At least in terms of exposure to the story, the resulting quality is able to match what is presented in the second half of the film.

The story is pretty smooth flowing, and quite relevant to what is happening in the real world, even if examined more closely, incitement to the main character, high-level conspiracy, and enemies in a blanket is not the premise that is raised twice in films with themes such as this.

The action did not disappoint, there are at least two that could be said to be the highlights of this film. The first is the application of new, up-to-date technology that makes the threats presented more fatal and tactical than ever before. Although it was preceded by Spider-Man: Far From Home, the drones used by the antagonists were able to present a sequence of fairly tense action scenes. And, the second is a surprise weapon that has a powerful scene that triggers audience laughter.

The performance support of the players is also able to bring the story to life. As the main spearhead, the main duo of Butler – Freeman can establish a convincing personal chemistry, while veteran actor Nick Nolte managed to steal the attention as the main character’s protagonist.

As for perhaps a rather disturbing weakness is the movement of the camera in the pembesutan portion of the action scene. The camera shakes wildly enough, enough to make a headache, even though the action scenes seem impressive more real.

However, aside from that, it can be said, especially for those who like action-laden movies full of shootout and explosion scenes, this is not a bad spectacle. The action is fairly standard, but if that is what you want to look for from this saga, as previously presented in the two previous films, it will definitely be quite satisfying.

Movie Review

The Last Full Measure – Synopsis

This film directed by Todd Robinson is based on the true story of the Vietnam War hero William H. Pitsenbarger (Jeremy Irvine), a US Air Force medical officer who personally rescued more than sixty people.

The Lastfull Measure film stars two Oscar winners, William Hurt and Christopher Plummer as well as five Oscar nominated actors and actresses Diane Ladd, Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, and Peter Fonda. This film became Peter Fonda’s last work before he died on August 16, 2019 due to lung cancer that attacked him.

The Lastfull Measure tells the Games Online dan Offline true story of the Vietnam War hero William H. Pitsenbarger (Jeremy Irvine), a US Air Force officer (also known as PJ) a medical person who personally saved more than sixty people.

During a rescue mission on April 11, 1966, he was offered the chance to escape with the last helicopter out of a heavily shaken combat zone.

The Last Full Measure
The Last Full Measure

But he decided to stay there in order to save and preserve the lives of his fellow US Army soldiers.

He was in the First Infantry Division, before deciding to make the ultimate sacrifice in the bloodiest battles of war.

Thirty-two years later, respected Pentagon staff, Scott Huffman (Sebastien Stan) was assigned to investigate the Congressional Medal of Honor request for Pitsenbarger made by his best friend and PJ partner on a partner mission (William Hurt) and his parents (Christopher Plummer & Diane Ladd )

Huffman sought the testimony of Army veterans who witnessed Pitsenbrier’s extraordinary courage, including Takoda (Samuel L. Jackson), Burr (Peter Fonda) and Mott (Ed Harris).

But as Huffman learned more about Pitsenbarger’s brave actions, he revealed the high-level conspiracy behind decades of rejection of medals. T

his prompted him to pursue a career in seeking justice for the fallen US aviators.

Movie Review

Killed My Wife – Synopsis

The film Killed My Wife begins with a man and woman trapped in a dark room, where it is impossible to make something before stabbing him. The next day a man named Chae Jung-ho (Lee Si-eon) woke up drunk and heard someone banging on the door. He was surprised to see a police officer named Lieutenant Choi (Ahn Nae-sang) who came to question Chae Jung-ho.

Choi states that Jung-ho’s wife has died but assures him that he just stopped by because of police procedures for talking to family members. When that happened, Jung-ho and his wife separated and the police apparently didn’t suspect that he was a murderer until he noticed all the blood on his hands and clothes. But the blood stain also surprised Jung-ho. Games Online dan Offline

Jung-ho doesn’t remember anything about the night before or how the blood got there. Jung-ho walks around with painful confusion that tries to fill the void in his memory. After stepping out of Lieutenant Choi’s grip, he turned into a fugitive, but only a few steps before the law and the prison cell while he tried to find the truth.

Killed My Wife
Killed My Wife

Jung-ho finds his best friend knowing that they are late at night together drinking at the bar. A bar girl gives him more details about how he fought to defend her. Jung-ho gets closer to finding out who killed his wife, who he hopes to get back together once Jung-ho solves his financial problems.

Jung-ho who has a cold attitude takes an interest in a suitcase full of money that suddenly appears, which is able to resolve his personal financial crisis. Jung-ho has a sad gambling habit. According to him money is the reason his wife kicked him out of the house. When Jung-ho loses his job, he doesn’t dare to tell his wife that he’s been fired and begging to work as a day laborer.

A group of gangsters running a gambling business intervened. Jung-ho has borrowed money from Mrs. The evil Kim boss woman who threatens to cut off his hand if he doesn’t pay. Can Jung-ho remember and prove that he’s not his wife’s killer?

Movie Review

Dark Waters – Review

Dark Waters was based on an article that appeared in the New York Times magazine and was rewritten by Mario Correa and Matthew Michael Carnahan

Robert Billott (Mark Ruffalo) is a lawyer incorporated in Taft Stettinius & Hollister, – a large law firm that defends many large companies, including DuPont.  

Told, when Robert was visiting his grandmother’s house in a town called Parkersburg that entered the West Virginia area, a resident named Wilbur Tennant (Bill Camp) came to Robert and asked Robert to defend his demands on the DuPont company. Apparently, the grandmother had often talked about her profession, a lawyer, to the townspeople.  

Wil also invited Robert to see conditions that are very different from what he saw during the trip to the grandmother’s house. Wil told, he had lost 190 of his cows that died from drinking ground water in the city.   As it turned out, the city was in a state of health emergency because for 40 years it had unconsciously consumed water contaminated with DuPont chemical plant waste. Water pollution by perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) residues from the manufacture of Teflon, triggers cancer and tooth decay in humans, and brain infections that cause livestock to go crazy, then die.  

Dark Waters
Dark Waters

Robert was confused, on Games Online dan Offline the one hand He had received many good things from DuPont while on the other hand, an arbitrariness was taking place before his eyes. Until finally, his conscience called and decided to help the cattle rancher as well as all the residents of the small town.   Various pressures faced by Robert to prove that the reality he found in the small town violated the law. And he has to deal with his own company, – even the government that has been influenced by DuPont.

The characters raised in this film focus on Robert and the people in Robert’s scope of work. Naturally, because the film’s story was adapted from a true story that depicts Robert’s struggle against a large company through the legal channels he quasi.  

While the wife of Robert Sarah (Anne Hathaway), described as a wife who is no less intelligent, where he is often setup to start debates over differences of opinion that occur between him and Robert.

The director Todd Haynes, I think is very appropriate to choose Mark Ruffalo who is very supportive in terms of face and character. Where Robert himself is portrayed as an intelligent, upright, polite but firm man.  

In this film, Mark has a lot of dialogues with his own boss Tom Terp (Tim Robbins), who has an ambitious and high-profile character. The film also landed insinuations on DuPont boss, Phil Donnelly (Victor Garber), who was described as looking good in front but arrogant.

Films with the concept of heroism over arbitrariness – corporate authority are always unique to be appointed, – because it easily ignites public anger. Overall, this film successfully presents a sketch of the struggle of an ordinary human being, which we really expect to happen in the real world. Despite the fact, often the corporate side is invincible.

Movie Review

A Hidden Life – Synopsis

This film tells the story of a man’s refusal to join the Nazi army during World War II. The film was played by August Diehl, Valerie Pachner, Maria Simon, Tobias Moretti, and Bruno Ganz. A Hidden Life is a film by director and screenwriter Terrence Malick. The 180-minute film had previously aired at the Cannes Film Festival.

A Hidden Life was inspired the real life story of Austrian farmer farmer Franz Jägerstätter (August Diehl) who refused to fight for the Nazis in World War II. Born and raised in the small village of St. Radegund, Jägerstätter worked on his land when the war broke out.

Franz and Franziska remember the first time they met. Franz drives a motorcycle, while Franziska wears her best dress. They looked at each other and both knew that they loved each other.

After they got married, they were blessed with funny children. They often play together, chase and eat together. Joy that they had never imagined would be wiped out since the start of World War II. They live a simple life with years and have three children.

One time, Games Online dan Offline Franz was called in for basic training and required him to be away from his wife and beloved children for months. Finally, when the French surrendered and it seemed that the war was about to end, he was sent back from training.

With his mother and brother-in-law, Resi, he and his wife returned to farming and raising their children in the middle of the mountains and valleys of upper Austria.

A Hidden Life
A Hidden Life

Autrians, especially men, were forced to fight with the Nazis under Hitler’s leadership. Franz did not escape being forced to fight, along with other men in the area. “What happened to our country? Killing innocent people and preying on the weak. “

The first requirement they must fulfill is to swear allegiance to Adolf Hitler and the third Reich.

Feeling that what the Nazis had done under Hitler’s leadership was incorrect, Franz refused to join the war. Unfortunately, the impact of this rejection has a long tail. “You can’t say no to your race and people,” one of the people told Franz. “Or you are a traitor.”

Jägerstätter knew very well the risks that haunted him, but he remained firm, he believed in the power of love and support provided by Fani.

Jägerstätter was taken to prison, first at Enns, then in Berlin and waiting for months to stand trial.

While in prison, he and Fani wrote to each other and gave each other strength.

Fani and their daughters accepted the consequences of hostility in the village over her husband’s decision not to fight.

After months of brutal detention, Jägerstätter’s case finally rolled to court.

Despite many opportunities to sign an oath of loyalty, he was convicted and sentenced to death.

Movie Review

Black Christmas – Review

The film directed by Sophia Takal is a remake of the film and the drama of the same name.

Once upon a time there was a college called Hawthorne College which had some sort of dorms there. Well, the focus of the story is the MKE girl hostel and the AKO boy hostel. The students are busy preparing for the holidays before Christmas, so they love to decorate the house and also get ready to go home.

From the very beginning we were presented with the behavior of one Professor who seemed to be anti-student. From his teaching, it seems as if he considers the degree of women to be below men. Also when the girl group from MKE performed at AKO’s house, it was shown how very disrespectful the boys there were. Five friendly girls named Riley, Kris, Marty, Jesse and Helena will be performing. Helena was given medicine and almost got raped, fortunately Riley was there. But then Riley saw a strange candidate inauguration scene at AKO. During the performance, Riley quipped the figure of Brian from AKO who apparently had raped her first!

Before Christmas Eve, Riley became acquainted with Landon, the AKO boy who looked good. Together with him and his friends they went out and looked for Christmas trinkets. One of his friends at MKE mysteriously disappeared and also Helena did not reach his hometown. This made Riley curious and desperate to go to AKO who looked deserted. He was suspicious of the involvement of the boys there. And there was the “male-enthusiastic” professor there who offered him entrance and Riley refused. He was even more certain that there was something with them.

On the eve of Christmas, the four girls at MKE gathered and there was a debate between them. Likewise because there is a guy Marty there. They fought over the video recording of their stage which could be made a threat by the professor earlier. Riley’s words seemed like accusations without evidence.

Black Christmas
Black Christmas

At that moment, a tall stranger came in a black robe and archery! One by one they faced that figure, who wasn’t even just one. The climax, there is a betrayal between them and Riley is really confused who. Moreover, it turns out that this is all related to a sect, which naturally faces it will not be easy.

Then can Riley survive? What about his other friends? Then who exactly is the traitor and what kind of sect is behind him?

This film is quite terrorizing. From Christmas trinkets that can even be used as a killing tool. Tense but silly in some scenes. Moreover, Games Online dan Offline a cloaked figure uses archery as a weapon in the house. Helooow, is this really in the woods? Is it because you want to distinguish yourself from the SCREAM movie? But at least this film wants to give a pause so that those of us who watch don’t feel out of breath.

For the night view and all the accessories are installed beautifully. It’s beautiful The music in this film feels very lacking, even the fight scene with a mysterious black-robed figure is lacking in music.

From the plot of the story is pretty neat but seems bland and stiff. Boring. Comedy that is almost non-existent, Landon-Riley’s chemistry that bears responsibility and seemingly easy final execution. I’m even surprised how come in a university complex can be so vulnerable? There is no night watchman. There are no security guards or anything. The police also looked unprofessional.

The characters do not seem asking to be “pitied”. So even if someone dies, well, nothing feels to the audience. Because most of the focus here is on Riley. Then what makes me wonder, how come there are still many stills or ending scenes that appear on the internet? This reduces the curiosity about the film.

The meaning we can learn from Black Christmas is to be careful of anyone, even with friends or friends themselves. Do not easily believe one hundred percent, but still reliable for friends. Also do not easily underestimate other people, including the opposite sex.

Movie Review

Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982 – Review

Adapted from the book of the same name, Kim Jiyoung, Born in 1982, this film will tell the twists and turns of a young family, a married couple Ji Young (Jung Yu Mi) and Daehyon (Gong Yoo). What really happened to this family? Why does this story have to be told?

The focus of this film is of course on Ji Young, and will make you see the point of view of the story from a woman’s side. Trying to understand about women. Try to understand how then a woman who grows up in a process comes slowly and then becomes a young mother.

Young families who are happy and then immersed in the sad remains of the past. Through Ji Young’s past thoughts, the audience was invited to see his childhood life with his mother, who at the time was in the middle of a conservative environment.

One of the looks of this film is how the scene where Daehyon who hopes Ji Young must help prepare dinner tirelessly. While Daehyon just sat quietly without doing anything.Games Online dan Offline

Kim Ji - Young : Born 1982
Kim Ji – Young : Born 1982

Another problem arose where Ms. Daehyon felt injustice for her son when Ji Young decided to work again. Of course this led to an extraordinary inner conflict for Daehyon. On one hand, Daehyon might be very happy and eager to support Ji Young to do whatever he wants.

But on the other hand, Daehyon did not want her mother to have a conflict with his wife, Ji Young. Daehyon’s character does look ordinary, but the presence of this character is able to neutralize the emotions of a slightly explosive audience.

Mental health is also shown in this film. As a result of the trauma of a little in the past, to the scorn of others makes Ji Young unconsciously doing things that cannot be considered normal. Again, the character of Daehyon made the audience moved.

Not wanting this to happen to his wife continuously, Daehyon looked for a way to find out. He gives more ‘freedom’ to Ji Young in the small family they manage. What exactly happened to Ji Young? What is the burden on his past? Why does this have an impact on his mental side when he has become a mother.

Overall, this film is a film about empathy for women, especially among Asian people who are often forgotten. This film might bring the audience a little emotional and relate.

Movie Review

ASHFALL – Review

Ashfall‘ tells the story of a group of people who set out to stop the last eruption of Mount Baekdu, which would be strong enough to wipe out North and South Korea.

Tense ! Games Online dan Offline That’s the phrase that is able to describe the situation of Korea Seasarana after the first eruption of Mount Baekdu. The streets were destroyed and cracked, skyscrapers collapsed, and crowds of people were about to seek help. It’s mixed.

The next eruption is predicted to be with greater force, making South Koreans panic and urging the government to evacuate. Being under pressure and having to make difficult decisions The South Korean government is more concerned with the best for its people. They must find the best solution for the surrounding community.

A geology professor who happens to be studying Mt. Baekdu, Kang Bong Rae (Ma Dong Seok) is trusted to find a solution. Based on his research, he has a very difficult method. However, alas, all that must be made to reduce the eruption of Mount Baekdu next.

To ensure the plan, the Professor is assisted by Jeon Yoo Kyung (Jeon Hye Jin), one of the President’s secretaries. However, the key to all strategies to reduce the eruption of this mountain rests on the shoulders of Captain Jo In chang (Ha Jung Woo). He was given the task of rejoining the special forces he had to be willing to leave his wife, Choi Ji Young (Bae Suzy) who was pregnant for the sake of a mission is very dangerous. Captain Jo In Chang also had to meet with Lee Jeon Pyeong (Lee Byung Hun), one of the people who knew very well how the best weapons could be used to cushion the eruption of Mount Baekdu. What secret weapon does Professor Kang Bong Rae have? Is it true to use nuclear warheads to stop the activities of Mount Baekdu?

Is this the only way to do it when the South Korean government is under pressure to save its citizens?

This film involves a lot of complexity of problems which will then spur the audience’s adrenaline, also carried away in a tense atmosphere. There are names of two directors Lee Hae Jun and Kim Byung Seo who created this film. Plus, the presence of actors such as Lee Byung Hun, Ma Dong Seok aka Don Lee, Ha Jung Woo, Bae Suzy, and Jeon Hye Jin.


Not only action, this film is also able to display a very thrilling picture of the thriller. The complexity of how to blow up a mountain with a nuclear warhead plus have to make difficult decisions between one plot and another story plot is able to trigger the adrenaline of the audience.

The relationship between Captain Jo In Chang and Lee Jeon Pyeong presented throughout the film is a plus. Chirps that were thrown by the two with a flat expression, able to make the audience give a smile in the midst of rising adrenaline. Both are able to display chemistry based on conflict in the plot of the story.

Korean film without drama? It tastes bland. Bae Suzy’s appearance is getting more and more attention? As a supporting actor, this one actress turned out to be able to play a good role as Choi Ji Young, a wife of Captain Jo In Chang.

The audience will be pitied to see Choi Ji Young who is pregnant experiencing severe events during the eruption of Mount Baekdu.

One more strength that is very fitting of this film is the personal relationship of the characters played by Tantara Ma Dong Seok and Jeon Hye Jin who are very strong, although their portion in this film is not as much as Lee Byung Hyun and Ha Jung Woo. Really a good line of players.

Seeing the combination of unexpected story ideas, players, and unusual visual effects, it is no exaggeration if the Ashfall films are aligned with natural disaster themed films.