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An accidental meeting initiated by a prophecy, a love that is hindered by fate and the will of the family, a third person who is far better than the lover, are all basic formulas, you can even call them cliches, in romance stories. The main character of A Perfect Fit also realizes that his fate is similar to a movie cliché. Best Movie Site

The word “cliché” is rarely mentioned together with Garin Nugroho, who wrote the script for A Perfect Fit, while Hadrah Daeng Ratu is the director. But it’s worth remembering, recently that Garin also wrote the script for Danial Rifki’s 99 Names of Love (2019). A pop religious film, which presents a different point of view, is also much better than its peers. Could A Perfect Fit have the same fate?

Taking a Balinese background that is synonymous with spirituality, Garin tries to link his romance to these elements. How the meeting of two people is a form of universal blessing, then vice versa, separation (due to weton incompatibility, for example) occurs because nature does not support it. So when Saski (Nadya Arina) is predicted to find a “new path” by Mrs. Hadrah (Christine Hakim), the prediction is interpreted as representing the voice of the universe.

As a result, when Saski stopped at a shoe store, while the camera was focusing on the offerings that were in front of him, it seemed like the will of nature, not an ordinary coincidence. Incidentally, Saski needs new shoes to attend the birthday celebration of his girlfriend, Deni (Giorgino Abraham). Rio (Refal Hady) as the shop owner chooses a pair of shoes, arguing that the shoes “fit Saski’s character”. Why? Unfortunately not explained. Whereas the related explanation will strengthen the meaning of “a perfect fit”.

Predictably, Saski and Rio fell in love, when in fact, they were “destined” to be with someone else. Saski and Deni are engaged, and Rio is about to be paired with his old friend, a successful businessman named Tiara (Anggika Bolsterli). We are also invited to spend the first half, watching the development of the “forbidden” relationship between Saski and Rio who began to secretly meet. Movie Review

What’s fun about A Perfect Fit (which makes it called “A Perfect Flirt) is the teasing activity of the two main characters. Two humans who already know each other’s feelings, but because they realize that feelings shouldn’t grow, instead of expressing them verbally. clearly, they just throw “signs” at each other. Not only sweet romance, sexual tension (one of Garin’s characteristics) is implied between them. That’s what a fun affair feels like in real life.

Refal Hady becomes more charismatic, makes it easier for us to support his victory, and is also able to overcome some “poetic” rambles that often sound ridiculous (another characteristic of Garin, but this time it doesn’t seem suitable to be applied here). Meanwhile, Nadya Arina’s loveable appearance makes me hope that one day she will get a role in a romantic comedy. Previously he had played in Love Reborn (2018), but his character there tended to be serious. Refal-Nadya’s chemistry is so strong and fun, the film suffers a decline in quality when the two are separated more often in the second half.

Their engagement process continues, which should add to the dilemma, but unfortunately A Perfect Fit is stuck in a cliché, where the main character’s love interest is portrayed as an antagonist. Beni is the son of an arrogant and spoiled rich man, and Tiara is an arbitrary boss. A simplification, which makes the second act tiring, because apart from knowing the result, the audience doesn’t need to be trapped in the dilemma of the two protagonists. We don’t have to bother making choices.

Maybe Garin wants to insert a critique of the cruelty of capitalism promoted by greedy businessmen, which is fine, but why should both of them be given these characterizations? Especially Tiara, especially when we are finally invited to sympathize with her. Without making her a vile businessman, it will be completely successful, because Anggika Bolsterli, after a hiatus of almost two years (last appearing in Eggnoid which was released in December 2019), proved that she still deserves to be in the ranks of top young actresses through her capacity to play with emotions.

A Perfect Fit’s shortcomings were indeed collected in the second half. In writing, there are inconsistencies regarding the message, when on the one hand Garin seems to want to criticize sexism in the practice of checking virginity on the first night, but on the other hand, instead raises a sentence about “women must accept their nature”. In directing, Hadrah whose career is worrying after directing the horrors produced by the King of KKD, proves that she still has sensitivity in handling romance. Even though at one point, his style didn’t seem right to translate Garin’s signature script.

The scene in question is when Saski’s mother (Ayu Laksmi) who is seriously ill, performs breathing movements, while her husband (I Made Sidia) recites a mantra/prayer. If Garin handled it himself, it is likely that traditional music would be used. Hadrah uses a seductive orchestra, which strips the scene of the spirituality of the scene. Luckily, after the series of weaknesses above, A Perfect Fit was able to close the story romantically, again thanks to the sweet combination of Refal Hady and Nadya Arina. Top Movie

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