Ad Astra – Review

For fans of space-themed films, of course, very much looking forward to watching the Ad Astra film. This time is the first collaboration between Brad Pitt and director James Gray. In the production process, it turns out the film “Ad Astra” requires quite a long time. The idea to make a space-themed film emerged from James Gray and co-writer Ethan Gross that took place about 7 years ago.

After developing the script of the idea for one year, the film began to be produced in 2017, when Brad Pitt finally decided to star in and produce this film. Ad Astra is one of the most challenging films for Brad Pitt, but he can play the role of Roy McBride very well and get a lot of praise from film critics. n this film, also participated in actors and actresses such as Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, Liv Tyler and Ruth Negga.

The story begins when Roy McBride and his team experience a huge power surge. This event also caused chaos on Earth.

American intelligence agencies believe this was caused by a radioactive attack that took place near Neptune, the location of the spaceship ‘The Five Project’, a space mission led by Roy’s father, missing sixteen years ago.

After years of losing his father, Roy Mc Bride now has to deal with the fact that he must find his father who might keep the mystery behind all the chaos that occurred.

In the process of searching and traveling, the audience was brought to see the change and emotional wrapping in Roy Mc Bride, when the mystery that had been enveloping the absence of news from his strongest father. Roy Mc Bride also has to decide which is the best step to take, to save people.

For those who want to watch this film, can watch the acting of Brad Pitt who looks capable and mastered every emotional change that must be passed by the character of Roy McBride. In this film, the character he portrays is not only through a dangerous and threatening journey, but must fight emotions and himself.

Acting in solitude and immersed in a change of emotion due to the strongest layer of mystery is the core of this film.

Brad Pitt in his press conference conveyed the need to release Roy McBride’s emotions written by James Gray and co-writer Ethan Gross very carefully and in the right portion. Too much or too little, will reduce the essence of the story line conveyed, namely about emotional upheaval and inner wounds of a child left by his father. Games Online dan Offline

The wrapping of space background and its mystery, will be felt less for fans of space-themed films, because it does not provide surprises or philosophical alternative thoughts like in general films with similar themes. The film is purely about family drama and reunion between a child left by his father who is very dedicated to his work. so dedicated, that the boundary between fantasy and rational logic is blurred.

Not explained in detail anyway, whether the father based on what actually happened or just a mere hallucination, because it was too long in space.

The audience was also brought to enter into thought, the condition of the crew of the spaceship was always monitored and must be in prime condition. If something is found that deviates from the point of psychology to physicality, it can be asked to return to earth to get further treatment.

This change is kept a mystery, which opens a question, will there be a continuation of this film?

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