After Shock – Review

Have you ever heard of a giant earthquake in Tangshan, China, in 1976? Aftershock based his story on the earthquake, or rather what happened afterwards.

Tells the story of a mother, Yuan Ni, and her twin sons Zeng Fang and Fang Da and how their lives were changed forever by the earthquake on that historic morning in early 1976. When the earthquake occurred Yuan Ni and her husband were outside his apartment. The husband and wife watched in tears as the building collapsed and the twins were trapped inside. The two children aged seven years were buried under the ruins of the devastating earthquake. When the rescue team intends to explain the condition of the two victims, Yuan Ni is faced with a difficult choice, which must be saved because both are crushed by the ruins of a building that could sacrifice one of them. Yuan Ni faced with the most difficult decision of his life, he finally chose to save his son Fang Da, the twin boys. Decisions that later change their lives later.

Her mother’s decision to choose Fang Da carved a prolonged wound for Zeng Fang who was apparently still alive. With a blurry picture, among the corpses lying in between and between blood spills and rain germis, Zeng Fang got up and walked to look for his mother’s figure. Zeng Fang who was stranded in a temporary shelter was finally adopted by a pair of soldiers who until the end of his life were never blessed with a child. Zeng Fang who was injured finally chose silence a thousand languages ​​and tried to forget and never want to remember those bad memories. Not only because of the disaster that has caused many people to die including his father but his mother’s decision to save his younger brother is a difficult decision to accept.

Zeng Fang became an interovert girl and lived under tremendous pressure. While unexpectedly his daughter lives with his new family, Fang Da lives with his mother who still chooses to live in the city. Although faced with various problems being a single parent with boys who have problems at school. Yuan Ni also lived with a long period of guilt because her husband and daughter were victims of the earthquake.

32 years later, Games Online dan Offline after the twins had lived their own lives, Zeng Fang had become a doctor and lived in Canada with her husband and her son while Fang Da already had a company with many employees, moved to a big city and was able to buy her mother an apartment. When the city of Sichuan was hit by the same earthquake in 2008, they were moved to come to help, remembering that they had been victims of the same earthquake. Both of them joined the other volunteers.

Fang Da told his fellow volunteers about his childhood experiences where his brother and father were victims of the earthquake disaster in Tangshan Village. Not unexpectedly his sister who had 32 years never met even thought he had died among the volunteers and could only cry to hear how his mother was so guilty prolonged.

Long story short, Zeng Fang was reunited with his mother, who never stopped crying over the departure of her daughter, even though it had already been 32 years. It was a very touching meeting. Yaun Ni, who felt his decision was a mistake, asked Zeng Fang to forgive the decision. Zeng Fangpun told me 32 years was a long time to forget his mother’s decision to ignore it. But the Lord’s decision was unexpected as to what the outcome was.

The film, directed by Feng Xiaogang and produced by the studio Huayi Bros. Chinese actors and actresses Jingchu Zhang, Daoming Chen, Yi Lu, Fan Xu, Jin Chen and Chen Li are very charming acting especially with Li-guang Wang’s neat musical arrangement that made this film capable of making the audience blue.

A movie that is worth watching.

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