Alita : Battle Angel – Review

Alita: Battle Angel ‘set in a post-apocalypse city called Iron City in 2563. At first Alita was just the head of a cyborg. He was found among the rubbish heaps of Zalem, another city that hovered above Iron City. Games Online dan Offline

Dr. Dyson Ido, a genius scientist picked it up and gave him a body to resurrect Alita. The robot lost all of its past memories and began its new life as an assistant and foster child Dr. IDO. However, one by one the events around him led Alita to recall her previous life.

Alita : Battle Angel
Alita : Battle Angel

The cyborgs in this film, especially Alita, are polished with the most powerful CGI technology. Not surprisingly, Alita: Battle Angel was produced by James Cameron, the cold hand behind the success of ‘Avatar’ (2009). One of the films that sets a new standard for the CGI of the world film industry.

In fact, it can often be a good sweetener for stories. Especially the story of cyborgs who fall in love with humans. At one point the relationship between Alita and Hugo was indeed adorable. But the rest feels excessive and less deep. Feels so shallow the typical teen romance film that is not in line with the weight of the story.

In the end it must be admitted that the universe built by Alita: Battle Angel is so neat and promising. The action scenes also easily become champions among action films. However, it seems that there is still much to be improved in terms of story and plot. The number of information blanks seems to be revealed in the next sequel.

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