Angel Has Fallen – Review

While not carving an extraordinary result, the story of Secret Service agent Mike Banning played by Gerard Butler has great potential commercialism. Because, who would have thought that the lunge of the agent could reach the trilogy round.

Nine years have passed when presidential escort forces agent Mike Banning played by Gerard Butler first acted in Olympus Has Fallen. Olympus Has Fallen successfully outperformed the film with a similar premise that was interestingly released in close proximity, White House Down. Games Online dan Offline

Olympus Has fallen further emphasized its superiority, when three years later it presented its sequel story, London Has Fallen, which, despite criticism, was able to reap a rather encouraging financial achievement. So there’s no question about it, when the studio gave the green light to its third act, which this time carries the title Angel Has Fallen.

Mike Banning began to realize that what he had been through before (the events in the two previous films-ed) had caused him to experience physical trauma and make him no longer fit as a presidential escort forces. However, before he officially resigned, attempted assassination attempts against the president resumed, and this time he was accused of being the main suspect, which made him the most sought after fugitive as the most wanted fugitive in the United States. Banning then tried to clear his name and maintain the safety of the soul of the president, while revealing who was the real mastermind of the series of events.

Overall, as expected from this film, Angel Has Fallen is an entertaining, light action package that doesn’t need to be taken seriously, and it can be said that for this purpose, the third installment now directed by Ric Roman Waugh filmmaker is quite successful. At least in terms of exposure to the story, the resulting quality is able to match what is presented in the second half of the film.

The story is pretty smooth flowing, and quite relevant to what is happening in the real world, even if examined more closely, incitement to the main character, high-level conspiracy, and enemies in a blanket is not the premise that is raised twice in films with themes such as this.

The action did not disappoint, there are at least two that could be said to be the highlights of this film. The first is the application of new, up-to-date technology that makes the threats presented more fatal and tactical than ever before. Although it was preceded by Spider-Man: Far From Home, the drones used by the antagonists were able to present a sequence of fairly tense action scenes. And, the second is a surprise weapon that has a powerful scene that triggers audience laughter.

The performance support of the players is also able to bring the story to life. As the main spearhead, the main duo of Butler – Freeman can establish a convincing personal chemistry, while veteran actor Nick Nolte managed to steal the attention as the main character’s protagonist.

As for perhaps a rather disturbing weakness is the movement of the camera in the pembesutan portion of the action scene. The camera shakes wildly enough, enough to make a headache, even though the action scenes seem impressive more real.

However, aside from that, it can be said, especially for those who like action-laden movies full of shootout and explosion scenes, this is not a bad spectacle. The action is fairly standard, but if that is what you want to look for from this saga, as previously presented in the two previous films, it will definitely be quite satisfying.

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