Arab Blues – Review

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This film tells the story of a young Tunisian psychoanalyst, Selma, who has just returned from France. This woman returned to her hometown, the city of Ezzera, to open up
practice in the field of psychoanalysis. Top Movie Site

However, at that time, Tunisia had just emerged from its dictatorship. Apart from experiencing a cultural shock with her French mind that is more “open” and more rebellious to the indigenous culture, Selma is also in conflict because she has difficulty getting a license to practice.

The synopsis of the Arab Blues and the topic that he raised at first would make the audience feel jittery. However, take it easy, because even though it departs from a cultural clash and with forward-thinking female figures, the Arab Blues nuance is more playful and the comedy vibe is quite strong. This is certainly different from Persepolis (2007), a film by Marjane Satrapi which tells the story of a woman and upheaval in her hometown, Iran.

Arab Blues
Arab Blues

The dialogues are quite fresh and the interaction between Selma and Naim, a policeman who is always watching her movements is one of the things that makes this film cheerful. Naim himself is actually a more likable character than Selma himself, which in fact has been found in many French films with characters of Arab blood.

How many of you have annoying siblings, or siblings who are so excited that they want to try all new things? Of course almost all of us have that and that is often the case during Eid, Christmas and other family events. That is, a fact faced by Selma on his return from France. Best Movie

She has to interact with her obnoxious aunt and uncle and other community groups as she carries out her dream of building community. In addition, he also had to deal with complicated bureaucracy and lowered the ego of his youth.

One of the things that will irritate and empathize young people is when Selma goes to the hospital. The senior doctor there, apart from being busy with many patients, also didn’t seem to care about him. Worse, the way he handled patients was impolite, due to the booming number of patients.

Apart from that, the interaction between Selma and the police was also hilarious. At a time when he was told to blow his breath as a form of alcohol test, the cop wanted him to do it manually because of “budget cuts.” Very typical of a third world country, right?

Selma, like most fresh graduates, has big dreams as well as a figure to be admired. Since he is a psychoanalyst, who else could it be if not Sigmund Freud, a French psychoanalyst who is famous for his iceberg theory. Therefore, this film will make young people scream “I really am!”, Especially those who are thirsty for knowledge, thirsty for career paths, and want to break existing regulations. Maybe, if Selma was a Twitter kid, she would be totally blended with lots of people and the threads she made would go viral.

Apart from the strong character of Selma, other things that are fun about this film is the cinematography. The Arab Blues film portrays a third world country in Africa realistically and is neither too bad nor too stunning. You will see a picture of Tunisia as it is through various shooting angles.

Arab Blues feels like a rather “sotoy” French film about Tunisia. Maybe the feeling is the same as when you watched Emily in Paris – a Hollywood series on Netflix that is “sotoy” in describing Paris.

However, just calm down. Apart from some annoying stereotypes about French and Tunisian people, the Arab Blues film is not as frequent as the Emily in Paris series, really.

It’s still a cute film, a film that makes you miss your hometown, and you question what your goal is to achieve higher education. Is it just wanting to get recognition from others and yourself, or do you want to do something bigger? This film is for those of you who are full of dreams and want to make them come true. Movie Review

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