The film is a continuation of Avengers: Infinity War. Games Online dan Offline The defeat of The Avengers in the film Infinity War creates an impossibility for the audience, therefore the sequel appears. Though Infinity War is a form of contradiction from hero films in general, where superhuman always wins. But of course this film does not disappoint at all.

An exciting plot. The idea of ​​going back to the past turned out to be interesting. The great thing about this movie is that the changed past will not change the future as long as the Infinity Stones being chased are still meeting. Also the scenes in the previous Marvel Cinematic Universe were back again, like the scenes in the first Avengers. Especially in the past they can interact with people who in the future have died, cool!

Interesting character development. The defeat of The Avengers in Infinity War brings anxiety and depression to other heroes who see their friends turn to dust. Moreover, the relationship between Iron Man and Spider-Man is very close. Depressed Thor in the film tried to be reawakened as the film progressed, another superhuman intervened to teach Thor to fight again.

Avengers : End Game
Avengers : End Game

Scoring is epic. Many scenes here are accompanied by epic music so that the audience feels the real publicity, where the audience will feel the energy to look forward to the next scenes. Scoring also leaves unforgettable impressions in this film.

re is a little lack, namely the Main Villain – Thanos. Maybe this film is more focused on the Avengers, while in Infinity War, focus on Thanos. There is a little separated from the character Thanos in the film Endgame, namely dialogue. In Infinity War, Thanos is an “evil” character who is very wise and respectful to his opponents. Here he is too cold to his opponents. Take the example of Infinity War where Thanos fought Iron Man, where Thanos stopped hurting Iron Man because he was already helpless. In this film, although Thanos is still a smart, strategist, and strong primary scoundrel, there is still a lack of emotion that Thanos has. However, Thanos is still an unforgettable Villain in the MCU, instead he is the Best Villain in the MCU.

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