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Is Becoming a campaign? Of course. Too naive to dismiss it. But campaign or not, it doesn’t matter. Film is a space for the makers to express their point of view. Most important is the extent to which a film is able to make the audience voluntarily forget that they are watching a veiled ad, even though they realize it. Becoming managed to do that, even though what was presented was still limited to touching the surface.

The subject, as well as the audience’s acceptance of it, determine the strength of a documentary. Ordinary handling will not reduce the allure of an extraordinary story. Conversely, extraordinary handling can be useless if faced with an ordinary story. Michelle Obama is clearly not an ordinary person. The first black mother country, an important figure of women’s empowerment, a fashion icon, and others. Similar responses of a teenage girl who seemed infatuated in one of the moments of the film, watching Michelle walk alone was awe-inspiring. Top Movie Site

Especially when he began to narrate in his memoir book tour series, Becoming, which brought him to stop in 34 cities, share experiences on stage, in the midst of young people, and among the church community. As Michelle said, thousands (even more) of people gathered, not to watch the action of the twerk, but to read. Michelle herself is a great storyteller. The story of life in the White House, which for ordinary people like us sounds “out of this world”, is delivered casually, lightly, tickling, even relatable. Michelle provided adequate materials for processing by Nadia Hallgren as the director, who in her packaging did not make a new breakthrough, and indeed did not need to.

What Michelle tells is very diverse, from light stories such as her relationship with bodyguards and clothing choices, to the heavy topics around racism, sexism (During the campaign many people called Michelle “bad-tempered woman” to drop her. Will a similar title be addressed to men? ), abstentions during the election that led to the election of Donald Trump, to the dynamics of husband and wife. How to become the wife of a figure like Barrack Obama without having to sink in the shadow of her husband? Michelle calls Barrack a tsunami. If it is not ready, it will be swept away and end up as a complement. Movie Review


Barrack Obama appeared a few minutes in this film, when he gave a “surprise” by appearing on one of Michelle’s book tours. The right choice, because it removes Barrack completely, will be a forced decision in order to keep the spotlight on Michelle, even indirectly justifying the inferiority of women in front of men.

Michelle said that after the end of her time as a first lady, she felt more free to look, act, and speak without having to get a filter from here and there. Unfortunately, Becoming doesn’t show that. Yes, Michelle did not hesitate to admit that she still harbored resentment at the statement of her teacher in high school, who said that she was not “Princeton material”. But it was only a joke. In the essential realm, this film is still a documentary full of filters, where the topic of conversation only touches the surface, and the majority of fragments that appear at a glance, then disappear before they could swept the audience.

The weakness of the narrative was evident when the film introduced us to Elizabeth Cervantes, a Mexican high school student in her final year. For a moment, he took over the focus when showing his last day in high school, while Elizabeth briefly expressed about the difficulties of being a minority teenager. But after that, he disappeared. A similar condition had occurred several times, as if Becoming forcibly pressed material that should have been able to last longer, perhaps even giving birth to several miniseries episodes.

One of the most important and relevant topics at this time is the issue of police violence against blacks. I hope to hear the response more deeply, openly, and at the same time personal, but only formalities are present. The story of a number of police officers who had threatened Obama and his family would be more “enlightening” if accompanied by discussions related to what has been attempted during Obama’s White House occupation.

But again, behind the lack of exploration, Michelle Obama is still an inspiring figure. If you are looking for a short, light spectacle, which is also quite inspiring when it touches exposure to women who are able to reach the top by defeating stigma and discrimination, Becoming is a suitable option. Best Movie

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