Bhoot: Part One – The Haunted Ship – Review

Prithvi (Vicky Kaushal) is a widower who lost his wife Sapna (Bhumi Pednekar) and also his daughter Megha in an accident. Prithvi experienced hard times and suffered from severe depression. At the same time an abandoned merchant ship named Sea Bird will be stranded on the coast of Juhu, Mumbai. Prithvi who works at a shipping company gets the task to bring the ship back to the high seas.

Some of his friends suggested that the ship was a haunted ship and it should be left alone but Prithvi remained determined to enter and inspect the ship. After experiencing strange things on the ship, Prithvi still trying to find out why the ship ended so mysteriously in Mumbai.

His experience on the ship and some of the evidence he found made it all very clear that Sea Bird was a haunted ship. With the help of his friends Prithvi tried to solve the mystery of the ghost ship. Prithvi (Vicky Kaushal) is shown as a man who is haunted by sad memories due to losing his wife and child so it is only natural that he is attracted to the “real” ghosts that inhabit the ship. Prithvi, who deals with personal loss, found his purpose in life to find the truth in the Sea Bird ship.

Prithvi’s personal tragedy and the tragic events that befell the ship went in parallel, Vicky Kaushal played well enough, convincingly enough to display a balance between her guilty emotions and also her emotional passions to find the truth about the ship. Games Online dan Offline

Director Bhanu Pratap Singh was inspired by the actual incident of a cargo ship stranded on Juhu beach in Mumbai in 2011, then processed the idea into stories about a haunted ship.

A giant ship abandoned as a background for a horror movie is an interesting idea to work on. The film itself may be a resemblance to the storyline of a Hollywood film produced in 2002 called Ghost Ghost, in which a long-lost cruise ship was found floating back in free waters and a team of missing ship searchers was assigned to investigate it. . And when the team set foot on the ship a variety of strange events immediately appeared.

Prithvi, who has his own tragic story, seems to complicate the task at hand. After losing his wife and child in an accident, he has been prescribed medicine to overcome his immunization in a poignant scene he said that he did not drink it because it was the only way he would reunite with his family.

Is Prithvi hallowed or is Sea Bird really haunted? Bhanu Pratap Singh plays with this psychological drama skillfully as he builds the story between the Prithvi tragedy and the ship’s tragedy which seems to blend into one entity.

At the beginning of this film the story is indeed rather slow to build the premise above and it seems that it is indeed promising. But in the next round not many scary scenes that appear like in most horror films. Only a few scenes did surprise the audience.

However, the aroma of tension still feels quite intense guarded until the end. One by one the mystery can indeed be answered but the opposite also raises many other questions as well. Maybe this is left to be answered in the next section. Because the film itself is only the first part of the planned trilogy.

And Bhanu plays with many pretty classic elements of horror – creaking doors, recordings (videos) found, cracked mirrors, children who arrive, scary dolls and of course cellphones that don’t function when needed. Element that actually can build tension with the main character.

Besides other props such as long and creepy corridors in this film seems to be inspired and reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s classic work, “The Shinning” (1980). In terms of artistic and special effects, “The Bhoot” is quite convincing plus music scores that are enough to make goose bumps, unfortunately Bhanu did not succeed in maximizing the ‘terror’ nuance of the neatly built setting.

Bollywood itself is indeed very rarely issued a genre of horror in the repertoire of Indian film until now. And even if there is, the quality is still far below other Asian countries such as Japan, Korea or Thailand. Even so, this horror movie still has its own touch. A typical touch from Bollywood that has been oriented towards genres other than horror.

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