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Imagine Total Recall meets Get Out, but with less horror elements, no subtext about race, and more family drama. That’s about the Black Box by debutant director Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr., who opened the anthology parade of eight films produced by Blumhouse Television, which will be released exclusively on Prime Video, Welcome to the Blumhouse. It is also possible that Osei-Kuffour, who wrote the script with Stephen Herman, took some inspiration from Christopher Nolan’s high-concept science fiction titles, particularly Inception. Just look at the name of the protagonist: Nolan Wright (Mamoudou Athie).

The first time we met Nolan, he was having a hard time managing his life, due to amnesia he suffered after a deadly accident that also killed his wife. He has to lose his job as a photographer because his abilities are considered to be declining, and he also relies heavily on his little daughter, Ava (Amanda Christine), who always prepares breakfast and dinner. In addition to memory loss, Nolan also often shows unusual attitudes. One of them is an explosive emotion, even though he has been known to be kind. Top Movie Site

Nolan almost gives up, until his younger brother who is a doctor, Gary (Tosin Morohunfola), introduces him to the number one brain wave expert, Dr. Lilian Brooks (Phylicia Rashad). With Dr. Lilian, Nolan underwent an experimental treatment method, using a device that is able to bring him into the subconscious world, including visiting his memories.

The farther Nolan goes to visit the “past”, the more we understand why he suffers from amnesia… ..but in an unexpected way. Black Box saves two twists. First is the “big twist” that lays out the background to Nolan’s condition. Osei-Kuffour is reluctant to underestimate the ability of the audience to draw their own conclusions, so that you will never find a vivid, protracted exposition. Unfortunately, at the same time the script is not clever enough and pays less attention to the details of the foundations of its science-fiction elements. There are many irregularities around the “rules” of the film regarding the subconscious and brain waves.

Meanwhile, the twist of the two, although “smaller”, left an impression. Most mainstream Hollywood films will say, “those who are gone will always be missed”. But the reality is not. Sometimes relatives and loved ones feel happier after being abandoned. Best Movie

Among these surprises, you might be surprised to find that the Black Box only contains a handful of terror, to be exact, each Nolan enters the subconscious, then is attacked by a faceless figure, whose appearance reflects the creatures from many horror films, complete with sound effects. “Broken” and imagined as his way of moving. The rest, this film tends to have minimal tension. Moreover, Osei-Kuffour is not that mature to be able to maximize the smallest amount of material. Movie Review

Luckily the actors are strong. Mamoudou Athie, who previously stole the show in Uncorked as a wine enthusiast, was able to immerse the audience in his confusion. The biggest charm comes from Amanda Christine, as Ava, the boy who is more mature than his age. But that is not a character hole, because there is a reason why Ava was forced to prematurely mature, while the actress decisively embraces the complex role, simultaneously injecting emotional weight that easily provokes sympathy.

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