Black Christmas – Review

The film directed by Sophia Takal is a remake of the film and the drama of the same name.

Once upon a time there was a college called Hawthorne College which had some sort of dorms there. Well, the focus of the story is the MKE girl hostel and the AKO boy hostel. The students are busy preparing for the holidays before Christmas, so they love to decorate the house and also get ready to go home.

From the very beginning we were presented with the behavior of one Professor who seemed to be anti-student. From his teaching, it seems as if he considers the degree of women to be below men. Also when the girl group from MKE performed at AKO’s house, it was shown how very disrespectful the boys there were. Five friendly girls named Riley, Kris, Marty, Jesse and Helena will be performing. Helena was given medicine and almost got raped, fortunately Riley was there. But then Riley saw a strange candidate inauguration scene at AKO. During the performance, Riley quipped the figure of Brian from AKO who apparently had raped her first!

Before Christmas Eve, Riley became acquainted with Landon, the AKO boy who looked good. Together with him and his friends they went out and looked for Christmas trinkets. One of his friends at MKE mysteriously disappeared and also Helena did not reach his hometown. This made Riley curious and desperate to go to AKO who looked deserted. He was suspicious of the involvement of the boys there. And there was the “male-enthusiastic” professor there who offered him entrance and Riley refused. He was even more certain that there was something with them.

On the eve of Christmas, the four girls at MKE gathered and there was a debate between them. Likewise because there is a guy Marty there. They fought over the video recording of their stage which could be made a threat by the professor earlier. Riley’s words seemed like accusations without evidence.

Black Christmas
Black Christmas

At that moment, a tall stranger came in a black robe and archery! One by one they faced that figure, who wasn’t even just one. The climax, there is a betrayal between them and Riley is really confused who. Moreover, it turns out that this is all related to a sect, which naturally faces it will not be easy.

Then can Riley survive? What about his other friends? Then who exactly is the traitor and what kind of sect is behind him?

This film is quite terrorizing. From Christmas trinkets that can even be used as a killing tool. Tense but silly in some scenes. Moreover, Games Online dan Offline a cloaked figure uses archery as a weapon in the house. Helooow, is this really in the woods? Is it because you want to distinguish yourself from the SCREAM movie? But at least this film wants to give a pause so that those of us who watch don’t feel out of breath.

For the night view and all the accessories are installed beautifully. It’s beautiful The music in this film feels very lacking, even the fight scene with a mysterious black-robed figure is lacking in music.

From the plot of the story is pretty neat but seems bland and stiff. Boring. Comedy that is almost non-existent, Landon-Riley’s chemistry that bears responsibility and seemingly easy final execution. I’m even surprised how come in a university complex can be so vulnerable? There is no night watchman. There are no security guards or anything. The police also looked unprofessional.

The characters do not seem asking to be “pitied”. So even if someone dies, well, nothing feels to the audience. Because most of the focus here is on Riley. Then what makes me wonder, how come there are still many stills or ending scenes that appear on the internet? This reduces the curiosity about the film.

The meaning we can learn from Black Christmas is to be careful of anyone, even with friends or friends themselves. Do not easily believe one hundred percent, but still reliable for friends. Also do not easily underestimate other people, including the opposite sex.

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