Bloodshot – Review

As in the comic, the film Bloodshot tells the story of Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel), an American intermediary who was killed while on duty. He was revived by the RST technology company, and got his own superhero name, Bloodshot. RST introduces nanotechnology into Garrison’s body and makes it have superhuman strength.

Trying to control his new power and avenge his wife, it turns out there are other problems coming to Garrison, from his memory to the truth about his wife. In addition to controlling the nano technology given to Garrison, it turns out that RST also affects his mind and memory.

The Bloodshot film became the first film in the universe of superheroes to be made by Valiant Comics. Therefore, this film focuses on the story of the beginning of Ray Garrison who will later use the name Bloodshot. In addition to explaining about nanotechnology that is the source of its strength, this film also explains the RST technology company that made the Bloodshot Super Army project. Games Online dan Offline

Presenting a more mature message, the story is given even deeper. Vin Diesel who also became a producer mentioned that the main focus in this film is a situation where someone feels manipulated. “When we watch the news in our daily lives, there are so many moments where we feel manipulated,” he explained in an interview.


If there are still many other characters in the comic version, apparently not all of them are introduced in this film. There are only a handful of characters who are ‘assigned’ to introduce Bloodshot to a wider audience. Some names were exchanged, different from the original series.

Bloodshot is a superhero series published by Valiant Comics since 1993. This series continues today. Originally written by Kevin VanHook with illustrations by Don Perlin. This series was stopped in 1996 when Valiant was taken over by Acclaim Comics. Acclaim finally rebooted this character in Bloodshot (Volume 2)

In the comic version, nanotechnology implanted in his body gives Garrison superhuman abilities, including super-fast body healing systems, superpowers, and changing shapes. Unfortunately, we have not been able to get all the power of Garrison. There are only a few types of power used in this film.

At first glance, the story offered is unique and different than other superhero films. However, a slightly simple plot is still a weakness of this film. Many questions have not been answered. Indeed, introducing comic characters that are not too well known to the general public requires more effort. Bloodshot has not been able to raise the big name of this Valiant Comics character in its first adaptation series.

The battle and action scenes shown in this film show the power of Bloodshot. But unfortunately, on some occasions the animation and CGI that are used still feels rough. Although it has teamed up with Imagine Engine and Method Studios

But, the film Bloodshoot is not wrong if it is called a distinguishing superhero film with a new formula. Although not too smooth in its delivery, this film can still be considered capable of presenting an unusual superhero original story. But there is still much that can be developed, especially Valiant Comics universe is being prepared.

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