Brahms : The Boy II – Review

William Brent Bell partnered again with his co-author, Stacey Menear, to design the sequel to The Boy in Brahms: The Boy II. This handsome but deadly porcelain doll. Like what?

In the previous film The Boy, the old couple Heelshires disappeared after writing a farewell letter to Brahms. The house caught fire accidentally, and burned everything until it turned to ashes, including a caretaker named Creta and her rude boyfriend Cole. But Brahms stayed in the house, and repaired his broken doll.

In the Games Online dan Offline film Brahms: The Boy II, a small family consisting of mother (Katie Holmes), father (Owain Yeoman) and son (Christopher Convery) moved to the guest house at Heelshire Mansion without knowing of the dark story behind the magnificent building.

As they were exploring the nature around the mansion, the boy, whose name was Jude, was mysteriously guided to find a porcelain doll buried deep. Although admittedly quite terrible, but Jude’s mother and father decided to allow his son to bring home the doll which was later known as the Brahms.

In the beginning, there were small oddities like TV that suddenly turned on on its own, until the table was rolled over due to the anger of the doll. Until finally the presence of Brahms not only terrorized the small family, but also threatened the lives of everyone around him. What really happened? Will this little family survive Brahms’ clutches?

Former Dawson’s Creek star Katie Holmes returned to the big screen in 2020 through her role as Liza, Jude’s biological mother. As a mother, it was not difficult for Katie to dive into her role and describe the various worries that Liza experienced when she saw Jude being in the grip of Brahms. Katie’s appearance as Liza in this horror genre film reminds her fans, why Tom Cruise’s ex-wife deserves to appear in more feature films.

Aside from Katie, the appearance of little star Christopher Convery (Stranger Things Season 3) is also very attention-grabbing. As Jude, Chris could easily move from plain and childish to cold and scary.

Overall this two-hour film offers a typical jump scare of a horror movie, but it is less gore than I had anticipated. However, when the scene happened, it felt very realistic.

The author is personally happy to be able to see Katie Holmes back in action on the big screen. Especially in the horror genre film that will certainly attract the attention of many people.

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