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There will certainly be many comparisons between this Malayalam film and Searching (2018), considering that both of them carry the desktop film sub-genre, as well as stories about cases of missing persons. I am always excited about this kind of spectacle. The spectacle that requires the scriptwriter to think creatively creates a solid story amidst limitations. C U Soon himself was completely shot with the iPhone, and was produced from May to July during the pandemic.

Set in Dubai, for about 98 minutes, the flow is conveyed through applications on laptop and smartphone screens (WhatsApp, Team Viewer, Google Hangouts, etc.), which begins with a meeting between Jimmy (Roshan Mathew) and Anu (Darshana Rajendran) in the application. date. Every day they talk via chat and video call. Jimmy, who recently ended his relationship, seems more aggressive. Meanwhile, Anu, despite giving a positive response, seemed to be hiding something. Top Movie Site

Mahesh Narayan, as the director and scriptwriter, was able to imply that Anu has a secret. The audience is led to make guesses, which makes the first half so interesting, even before there really is a significant conflict, thanks to the good storytelling pacing. In fact, about the first 45 minutes, we were only treated to the PDKT process of two lovebirds, until finally, Jimmy proposed to Anu even though he only knew him a few weeks ago and had never met face to face.

The real mystery arrives when Anu disappears. There were several incidents between the proposal and the disappearance of Anu, but for the sake of watching pleasure, I will not describe them. In order to find his fiancé, Jimmy asks his cousin Kevin (Fahadh Faasil), who happens to be a software expert, to help. Together with Kevin’s investigation, C U Soon established a mystery that succeeded in getting the audience to guess, and was also good at tricking us into thinking about wrong conclusions.

The limitations of the media are barely noticeable when Mahesh deftly moves his investigation from one application to another, from one web to the next, embarking on the exciting journey of “bread crumbs”. Gopi Sundar’s music always accompanies it, with an impact that is not always positive. The investigation becomes even more tense, but when it arrives at the dramatic moment, the music stands out too much, stripping away the “raw” impression that should have been a feature of desktop films as the evolution of the found footage subgenre.

Back to talking about limitations, not only the script being tested, also acting. Darshana Rajendran is not confined by a narrow space, mostly only able to reveal the faces of the actors. Through expression alone, we can see Anu’s pain, which also implies ambiguity and limitless possibilities. Meanwhile, Roshan Mathew has clearly put in her best efforts, but unfortunately, Jimmy’s character made it difficult for me to feel sympathetic to her. Best Movie

Jimmy is hard to like. He is often pushy. For a moment, Anu didn’t reply, he immediately bombarded him with chat or a series of calls. Jimmy was in a hurry in his relationship, often ignoring what his partner said. Maybe C U Soon really wanted to convey about the absence of a long thought process in a relationship where lovers don’t really know each other. When Anu disappears, Jimmy doesn’t know who his future wife’s friends are, or the places he might visit. Even if that was the goal, couldn’t the script still give the protagonist one or two positives?

After her intense investigation, C U Soon stumbled when it was time to answer a question, which actually contained an important issue regarding human trafficking. The presentation was draggy due to trying too hard to build a melodrama through endless vlogs. And after Kevin’s extraordinarily hard work, it seemed that all was in vain, because elsewhere Jimmy had gotten the answer easily. I also asked, “What’s the use of this film?”. Cheer up? Of course. Vain? Unfortunately, yes. Movie Review

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