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The Chaos Walking film can be said to be one of the adrenaline-pumping spectacles. Starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley, this film is the first book adaptation of Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking trilogy. The book series alone won the Guardian Award, James Tiptree Jr. Award, and the Costa Children’s Book Award. So, do not be surprised if this film is one of the most awaited this year.

Synopsis Chaos Walking tells the story of the New World, which is set in 2257. From Earth, it takes 64 years to reach the planet. The first batch to arrive in New World formed a community called Prentisstown. Uniquely, the men who were present in New World could not hide their thoughts and feelings in the form of voices. The form of their mind is called Noise. Top Movie Site

Chaos Walking
Chaos Walking

Todd Hewitt (Tom Holland) becomes a Prentisstown resident who has a hard time hiding his thoughts. His mind was even more confused when he met the wreckage of the starship that had crashed close to his village. Moreover, it is the first time he meets a woman, namely Viola (Daisy Ridley) in his life. Remember, all the women residents of Prentisstown were killed for mysterious reasons.

Actually, the choice of Holland in this film is like two sides of a coin. On the one hand, the role of Todd and the concept of Noise are suitable for Holland, who is expressive. But on the other hand, his role is less iconic because that’s Holland’s persona in several of his popular films.

The interesting thing, Tom Holland in fact exerted his totality for the Chaos Walking film. She was asked to grow as much facial hair as she could for her role. Unfortunately, in the span of five weeks, all he was able to grow was a thin mustache that was barely visible on camera.

Then, he had a broken nose after being punched in the face by a stuntman during a fight scene. He also fainted when he had to hold his breath underwater. In fact, he missed the premiere of Avengers: Endgame (2019) because he was busy reshooting Chaos Walking.

Bearing in mind, this film was originally scheduled for release on March 1, 2019 but was pushed back to 2020, due to a massive reshoot, and was pushed back to 2021. For your information, from the reshoot that took place in April 2019, it cost 15 million dollars (approximately Rp219 billion). .

Tom Holland’s acting shone even more when he co-starred with Daisy Ridley as Viola, a new Earth girl he met. The acting competition between the two makes the atmosphere of this 129 minute film feel like British films, because of their thick and sexy British accents. Indeed, both were born and raised in England. Best Movie

Daisy Ridley is equally stunning. She wore a blonde wig for her character. Her ferocious expression of distrust of Prentisstown’s men was on her face until the very end. This role reminds KINCIR of the figure of Rey Skywalker in the Star Wars Saga, which he also stars. As Viola, she is also equipped with a strong physique, resilient, good at using weapons, and unfortunately can’t swim.

Reading the synopsis of the Chaos Walking film and watching the trailer, it’s already made me curious about the storyline. How not, the premise of a dystopian world where men can hear each other’s thoughts becomes mysterious and interesting to explore.

Unfortunately, this film only focuses on the two main characters, and does more than just survive. Especially on Todd Hewitt who tried to protect the girl he just met. In fact, there are many mysteries that can be told, such as Spackle or about the stereotype that men shouldn’t cry, and so on.

Broadly speaking, the Chaos Walking film can satisfy Tom Holland fans, lovers of young adult novel adaptations, and fans of dystopian stories. The visuals and scoring are almost impeccable, because they manage to bring suspense and mystery about another world. Movie Review

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