Climax – Review

Climax is a film produced in collaboration with producers of two countries, namely France and Belgium. This musical genre has the theme of horror psychology. Climax was directed by director Gaspar Noe who also wrote the screenplay. The 96-minute film is ruled by several production companies, such as; Rectangle Productions, Wild Bunch, Arte France, Vice Studio, VOO, Be TV, La Sacem, Eskwad, KNM, and Cineventure 3. Some of the characters are played by; Sofia Boutella as Selva, Romain Guillermic as David, Shoheila Yacob as Lou, Kidd Smile as Dadd, Claude Gajan Maull as Emmanuelle, and Giselle Palmer as Gazelle.

Identified with Fame directed by Marquis de Sade, Climax is a glass of cocktail music and horror that is usually confrontational. Like a blend of Carrie, Step Up and Enter the Void. It is an expression of Gaspar Noe’s epic dance-and-devolution epic description. For people who are familiar with the background of filmmakers, who struggle with sex, drugs, violence, self-injury, neon lights, taboo courage, Climax will look no surprise. The fact that he was heavily featured on the show with a bang of noisy music in recent years, however, will inspire shooting for this film.

Tells about Games Online dan Offline one group, the ethnically diverse crew interviewed by several TV crews. They talk about life, love, race, sexuality, why they need to dance, why they want to work with famous choreographers on this new project. Selva (Sofia Boutella) is one of their faces.

Then the group threw a party celebrating its success. Everyone dances again. Most, not all, start sipping Sangria. A man expressed disappointment because his female colleague was touched by several male dancers. Their manager Emmanuelle (Claude Gajan Maul) mixes the sangria drinks he has made. As the party progressed, the dancers became increasingly nervous and confused, until finally it was concluded that the sangria had been affixed with LSD.

Most accused Emmanuelle but he stated that he also drank it. With the situation out of control, Emmanuelle locked Tito’s young son in the electric room to keep him out of chaos. The group then accused one of the dancers, Omar (Adrien Sissoko), who poisoned drinks because he did not drink anything and locked it outside in freezing conditions.

The main dancer Selva noticed her friend, Lou (Souheila Yacoub), very withdrawn. Previously he argued with one of the dancers named David (Romain Guillermic) who intends to sleep with all the women in their group. Lou claimed he hadn’t taken sangria for fear he was pregnant. One of the dancers, Dom, enters and is greatly influenced by poisoned drinks, accusing Lou of mixing drinks. He kicked Lou several times in the stomach and left.

The police arrived the next morning and found the dancers fainted or in bed. But what surprised what happened with Omar and Emmanuelle. Likewise, when the police searched the building, Ivana’s girlfriend, Psyché, got up and dropped drugs in her eyes. A book in his room entitled “LSD Psychotherapy” became a clue what exactly happened to the dancers. Meanwhile, Lou’s bloodstain was visible in the snow outside the building.

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