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CODA stands for “child of deaf adults”, or children with deaf parents. In music, the coda is the ending. Finishing, also completes the composition. This remake of the French film La Famille Bélier (2014) tells the story of family unity, as well as how the end of a phase marks the perfection of the family.

Ruby Rossi (Emilia Jones) is the youngest daughter, and the only one who can hear in her family. That’s why Ruby must always be present when her father, Frank (Troy Kotsur), and her brother, Leo (Daniel Durant), set sail to fish. The condition of the fishermen themselves is not good. The fish caught are priced too cheaply, the additional costs imposed by the local council are increasing. Top Movie Site

Music is Ruby’s escape. He joined the school choir team, and opportunities began to open up. Mr. V (Eugenio Derbez) as a teacher recognizes Ruby’s talent, then offers her to try an audition to enter Berklee. Ruby will also duet with her eye-catching student, Miles (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo), at the choir team’s recital. But the reality is far from smooth.

Ruby struggles to divide her time between music and being a translator for her family. If he had been accepted at Berklee, who would have filled the position? Not to mention the mother, Jackie (played by Marlee Matlin, the youngest winner in the “Best Actress” category, as well as the only deaf performer to win an Oscar to date), also opposes Ruby’s intentions.

CODA is a film with no true/false. As a child, of course I can empathize with Ruby’s frustration when her parents oppose her life choices. But like Ruby too, CODA made me understand things that people with normal hearing never feel. Naturally, Jackie was haunted by a pile of worries. His life is filled with people’s ignorance, which labels deaf friends as “weird”.

On the other hand, Mr. V wasn’t wrong either. In order to be accepted at Berklee, Ruby had to practice regularly. All parties have their own rights, desires, and interests that cannot be blamed. Including Ruby, squeezed in between. Ruby has spent her entire life as a translator, but can anyone translate her heart? Best Movie

Sian Heder (Tallulah) as the director and scriptwriter, raised the complexity of the problem, inviting the audience to see it from the perspective of the characters, in order to provide a comprehensive understanding. Complicated, winding, but still includes laughter. Interestingly, in addition to provoke laughter, CODA’s humor can make the audience say, “That’s right”.

Call it when Frank explained, “the reason God created the smell of farts” as well as the prohibition of listening to music while eating together, while playing Tinder is actually allowed. These are all jokes, but not empty jokes. It’s like CODA is educating in a fun way.

Even though he talks about music, Heder doesn’t use much accompaniment music, leaving a natural atmosphere, as if it’s impressive, that CODA is a presentation as it is. Even so that the audience understands the condition of a deaf friend, Heder had time to insert a complete silence, which lasted longer than most films that try to have a similar impact.

Rather than a bombastic sound, CODA stomped through the silence. One silence that addresses the film’s biggest question. Ruby does not have the privilege of other children’s characters, who are able to dispel parents’ doubts about her talents, by showing and/or listening to those talents directly in front of them. How does Ruby convince her parents that she is good at singing? Another question, “How does the film have an emotional impact if it doesn’t show the (formulaic) scene?”.

The third act explores the questions above, which Heder answered, through unexpected moments, which successfully stirred feelings. Heder’s directing sensitivity is extraordinary, especially regarding maximizing reaction shots, as a basic filmmaking technique, which is so basic, it is often used only to fulfill obligations.

Heder’s version of the reaction shot does not (only) aim to manipulate the audience’s emotions, it also describes the heart of a deaf friend. What is it like to be among the frenzy of appreciating a loved one’s accomplishments, when we can’t understand them?

The appearance of the lineup of players strengthens the narrative. Jones is the protagonist who makes it easy for the audience to connect emotionally, but for me, the other three performers, Kotsur, Matlin, and Durant (all deaf) are the strongest. Matlin interprets the bitterness that is often misunderstood, Kotsur bombards the hearts of the audience in a scene that involves singing, while Durant steals the attention as an older brother who wants to prove his capacity for his sister (the smile that he tries to make when watching the recital even though he can’t hear, is really a form of acting. touching subtitles).

It’s all about mutual understanding. Understand that each family member has advantages and disadvantages. Understand that there is not only one way to express affection. Understanding that a family must complement each other, but without forgetting each other’s identity as individuals. In the end, the abandoned ego is the most beautiful coda that completes a family. Movie Review

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