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Cold Pursuit is actually a debut for director Hans Petter Moland in Hollywood. He remakes it from a Norwegian homemade thriller. It is titled Kraftidioten (in English entitled: In Order of Disappearence). Which was released in 2014 ago. And received a positive response from critics. Top Movie Site

In this 118-minute film, Moland takes Liam Neeson as the main actor. And Laura Dern as the supporting actress. The two seasoned stars become a married couple. Interestingly, in 1993, Neeson and Dern were directed by the same director. Namely Steven Spielberg. But, in two different films. Neeson starred in Schindler’s List. Which then won the Best Picture Oscar. Whereas Dern plays at Jurassic Park. Which was the best-selling film of all time.

The story of Cold Pursuit itself focuses on the figure of Nelson “Nels” Coxman. A snow sweeper at a luxury ski resort. Which just got an award as Citizen of the Year. In Kehoe, Colorado. However, only a few days after his coronation as the best citizen, Nels’s life suddenly changed. He found his favorite son dead. As a result of a heroin overdose. Best Movie

Nels became frustrated. He then tried to get revenge for his son’s death. By hunting down and eliminating members of the drug cartel. Led by a psychopath: Trevor “Viking” Calcote (Tom Bateman). In Denver, Colorado.

The Cold Pursuit shooting process had actually been done in March 2017. However, because of various obstacles, the film could only be released two years later. Namely in February 2019. This became one of the Liam Neeson films that the longest distance between shooting and release.

One obstacle: Cold Pursuit did not get permission to film in Banff National Park. Which is located in the area of ​​Alberta, Canada. Local government does not allow. Because one of the antagonists, named White Bull, is said to be a Canadian Indian. The White Bull actor, Tom Jackson, actually, had a chance to help negotiate with the Canadian government. However, his efforts were deadlocked. Finally, the Cold Pursuit shooting location had to be moved outside of Banff National Park.

The problems experienced by the USD 60 million budget film, apparently, did not stop there. Ahead of its release, the red carpet premiere event, which was originally held on February 5, 2019, had to be canceled. Because of Liam Neeson’s controversial comments a few days before. Which is considered by some to be racist comments.

Fortunately, these problems did not prevent the Cold Pursuit going. After being released in America on February 8, 2019, critics gave quite positive responses. Especially, for its cool and brutal action scenes. Although the plot looks like Taken at a glance, where Liam Neeson beats the criminals blindly, Cold Pursuit is considered to offer something different. Namely dark humor. Which will provoke the laughter of the audience.

Therefore, this action-packed comedy action movie, in fact, is too bad to miss. Especially, by fans of Liam Neeson. Because the 66-year-old opa has stated: Cold Pursuit will be his last action film. Given his age that is getting older. Movie Review

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