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Collectors mixes Ocean’s 11-style heist with “artifact hunting adventure” elements similar to the Indiana Jones series. Even one of the characters is nicknamed Indiana Jones, complete with fedora hat accessories. Best Movie Site

Kang Dong-goo (Lee Je-hoon) is our protagonist, a genius thief who relies on intuition. On one mission, in order to find the entrance to the buried tomb, he tasted the ground in the area. According to him, the ground where the door was located would feel like a human corpse. His talent is smelled by Sang-gil (Song Young-chang), a collector of stolen artifacts, who keeps his collection in a super tight safe. Through his assistant, Yoon Se-hee (Shin Hye-sun), Sang-gil offers Dong-goo to work for him. That’s where Dong-goo throws a plan to steal a legendary sword that is said to have been destroyed.

As with the heist film, Dong-goo begins to gather his team. Join Dr. Jones (Jo Woo-jin) the legendary tomb raider, and Shovel Leg (Im Won-hee), predictably, are the masters of digging. The greatness of Ryu Sun-gyu’s script is its success in avoiding the mistakes of many caper story makers, who tend to have the ambition to gather as many characters as possible in their team of protagonists, but end up wasting their potential. Movie Review

Dong-goo’s team only consists of three people. Five if you count Se-hee who occasionally helps out and Hye-ri (Park Se-wan), the girl who uses the drone who lives with Dong-goo. All of them are given the opportunity to shine to show off each other’s amazing skills. And neither of them have boring characterizations. Each of them is a colorful character, with a peculiarity that often contributes to refreshing the film through comedy. The confident Dong-goo tends to be arrogant, Dr. Jones, who is always lulled by every mention of his greatness, Shovel Leg who wants to have a girlfriend, Hye-ri who is “noisy”, to Se-hee as the neutralizer of the team’s silliness. All complement each other.

Of course the solid appearance of the cast made a big contribution. Shin Hye-sun appeared so charismatic that it made me forget that a twist on Se-hee was actually very weak due to not being accompanied by sufficient motivation. Meanwhile, Lee Je-hoon was able to make an arrogant man like Dong-goo, instead of being annoying, even cool and awesome, and again, made me forgive the weak construction of the protagonist’s background, which resulted in the film’s emotional impact not as expected.

The theft missions are presented in an entertaining way thanks to the director’s deft pacing, plus a detailed exposition of the plan that is easy to understand, when many heist films put too much emphasis on complexity, forgetting that apart from the characters, the audience must also understand the plans being carried out. Unfortunately, at one important point, Sun-gyu uses the deus-ex-machina element in the form of a natural phenomenon, as a way out instead of the ingenuity of his character. But that doesn’t dampen my love for this group of cool thieves. When Collectors implies a larger-scale sequel, I also hope that the plan is carried out. Top Movie

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