Cuties and The Fake – Review

Cuties and The Fake is a Thai comedy from GDH. The film was based on a Thai TV series that was so successful that it reportedly gained more than 6 million viewers. The film Cuties and The Fake is full of all kinds of comedy and is classified as alay and dime. This very comical and very slapstick comedy might not be accepted by some people because it is too excessive, especially there are some humorous toasters and fart jokes, but there are quite a lot of scenes that are really very funny. Sometimes there is also some humor that is quite coarse or sexual, so the film has a rating of 21 years and above (Although in Thailand the film is included in the group 15 years and over). Then there is some meta humor and parody that can only be understood by Thai viewers.

Cuties and The Fake
Cuties and The Fake

In terms of storyline and characterization, it is quite standard and one-dimensional, maybe this filmmaker thinks that this film is shown to the fans of the TV series, but for those who do not watch it, they will ask questions about some of the storylines and characterizations. Games Online dan Offline

The biggest compliment should be given to Araya A. Hargate who acts as the original Cathy who is an artist as well as Nam (fake Cathy) who is a fried rice seller. He succeeded in acting gracefully, calm and full of the charm of the typical beauty of artists in general when he became Cathy and was able to act as a fierce, impulsive and has a bad personality. The biggest cuteness in this film was present when Nam appeared who has a personality that is contrary to Cathy.

The film Cuties and The Fake provides a variety of comic humor and coins. It could be that some viewers do not like the humor style. But some of the humor is really very funny and entertaining!

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