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Deerskin came from the head of Quentin Dupieux, the director who made Rubber (2010). While more normal than the satirical horror of the killer tires, this latest work is still an impossible film to predict where it will go, at least on the majority of occasions. Just look at the opening scene, where some teenagers put their jackets into the trunk of a car, telling the camera that they won’t be wearing jackets again forever. A prologue for criticism of humanity’s destruction of nature? Apparently not. Top Movie Site

A moment later, we become acquainted with the protagonist. Georges is his name, played by Jean Dujardin, who is best known for winning the Oscar for Best Actor, through his role in The Artist (2011). Georges spent over 7,500 euros redeeming the reindeer leather jacket of his dreams. “Killer style”. That’s how Georges calls his style. Designations that later present other meanings.

Georges was willing to run out of money, so he had to use his wedding ring as collateral when he was in arrears for the hotel room rental fee, even eating from scraps in the trash, for the sake of the jacket. His new wife left him, as well as blocking their credit cards, which aggravated Georges’ situation. But he didn’t care. Most importantly, the dream jacket has been obtained. Georges continued to admire his appearance, filmed himself posing in the mirror, then began to engage in conversation with the jacket, as if it was alive.

Dupieux, who also wrote the script, developed a strange, surreal atmosphere. Many people here feel “not alive”, creating the feel of a thick deadpan. Deerskin is reminiscent of Roy Andersson’s works, except that the pacing is faster, lighter, more dynamic, and has more blood. Meanwhile, his humor becomes more intriguing as Georges’ behavior and words become more absurd. Some are black comedy, some are satire, some are pure silliness, but the response expected from the audience is always the same: WTF ?! Best Movie

Every night, Georges stops by the bar where Denise (Adèle Haenel) works as a bartender. When asked about his profession, Georges lied and admitted he was a filmmaker. The lie got deeper, because Denise, who turned out to be an editor, started asking a lot of questions. Long story short, the lie forced Georges to continue recording, continuing his “film production”, with a story inspired by his “chat” with the jacket. Georges wants to be the only man in the world to wear a jacket, while the jacket wants to be the only jacket in the world. Georges is someone with no knowledge of film, who makes films to fulfill egos and ridiculous ambitions. Sounds familiar.

Dujardin gave birth to a loser character who the audience was happy to laugh at, especially every time he boasted of his “killer style”. But over time, Georges’ silliness was accompanied by horror. He is not sympathetic, but his actions are fun to follow, even tend to be addictive. I don’t mind if the film lasts longer.

The question is, what exactly is Deerskin trying to say? A portrait of a man with a mental illness? Unhealthy obsession? A flirtation with the film industry? Or the story of a man who hides his loneliness and vulnerability behind a shell of masculinity? Not all of the above. Even after Deerskin hit its closing moments, I’m sure Quentin Dupieux, able to wrap up an entertaining 77 minutes full of absurdities, surprises, and turns, just wanted to have fun playing with the audience’s expectations. Both expectations regarding the direction of the flow, and the substance in it. If there was anything Deerskin wanted to flirt with, it would be the audience themselves, who were trying (too) hard to read the contents of the story. Like George’s nonsense about his profession as a filmmaker that doesn’t need to be taken seriously, so does this film. Movie Review

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