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“Such a grand opening!”, Exclaimed Tang Ren (Wang Baoqiang), referring to the airport fight, which opened Detective Chinatown 3 with a fun riot set in the background of J Soul Brothers’ Welcome to Tokyo. But hearing it now, almost two weeks after the film premiered in China, the sentence also reminds us of the success of this film in breaking the Avengers: Endgame record, for “The biggest opening weekends in a single territory”. The distance is no joke. About $ 67 million. Such a grand opening indeed. Top Movie Site

After Bangkok and New York in the first two films, it is now Tokyo’s turn to be visited by Qin Feng (Liu Haoran) and Tang Ren (the plan for the fourth film will be held in London). They come at the invitation of Hiroshi Noda (Satoshi Tsumabuki), Qin Feng’s rival and partner. Certainly not an invitation to travel, but solving a murder case. Watanabe (Tomokazu Miura) has been accused of murdering fellow mafia boss Su Chaiwit (Hirayama Motokazu), when the two meet to negotiate cooperation as well as a truce.

When the witnesses entered the scene because they heard screams, apart from the victim’s corpse, only Watanabe was holding the murder weapon. There is only one way out and in, which is strictly guarded. This means that if Watanabe is not the real culprit, then there has been a murder in a closed room. Our three detectives also crossed various areas in Tokyo in search of clues. Obviously not easy. Often interfering with the investigation are Tanaka Noki (Tadanobu Asano) the famous police officer, as well as Jack Jaa (Tony Jaa), Su Chaiwit’s subordinate and fellow top detective on the Crimaster app, like Qin Feng and Noda.

As always, don’t expect any clever investigations in the Detective Chinatown series. The script treats the investigations of detectives as a tool to keep his adventures moving. No hints were distributed so that the audience could participate in racking their brains. All appear randomly and suddenly, which even makes the first installment like a “real detective film”. Just sit back, go with the flow, just give in to wherever this large-scale riot-filled adventure might take us. Best Movie

If you can do that, Detective Chinatown 3 will be fun entertainment. Director Chen Sicheng, who moved his film with high energy, was quite successful in taking advantage of Tony Jaa’s presence, both as an action actor, as he was able to go through some solid scuffles, or as a comedy actor, which was his first experience. When will you see Tony Jaa cosplaying as Maruko from Chibi Maruko-chan?

Chen still maintains a combination of slapstick and absurd situation humor as a weapon to churn the audience’s stomach. The highlight of the fun is certainly the “morgue” sequence, which is an extension of the “hide and seek” sequence from the first film. While Wang Baoqiang appeared not as annoying as before (for some viewers, maybe even that temperament is the most entertaining element of the Detective Chinatown series). Still often make stupid jokes, but in normal levels.

For 136 minutes, Chen’s ambition was true to make this work as big as possible. The scale of production is not far from the Hollywood blockbuster, and the appearance of characters from the series (you can watch it on iQiyi) is the realization of Chen’s dream of building a world like the MCU. Unfortunately, it was because of that ambition that Chen felt the need to increase the quantity of melodrama elements which made the third act drag on, thus losing intensity. Not to mention the cringey moment when the song Heal the World accompanies the fireworks festival at the end of the duration. Chen needed to improve on his dramatic methods. At least the cameo of a big star in the ending as “the real big bad guy”, aroused my interest in waiting for the continuation of the filmmaker’s ambition. Movie Review

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