Doraemon : Nobita’s Chronicle of The Moon Exploration – Review

Doraemon: Nobita’s Chronicle of The Moon Exploration is actually not the first film in which Doraemon and his colleagues explore space, because in the series of Nobita and the Space Heroes released in 2015, Doraemon has invited us all to adventure into space. However, when compared to the latest series this time, the series clearly loses in terms of action and storyline that is more affordable for children. Top Movie Site

This film tells about Nobita who saw that the Moon suddenly turned yellow and cast a white shadow. Doraemon then uses a tool called the History Explorers Club Badge, and discovers that there is a mysterious girl who lives on the farthest side of the Moon. At school, Nobita then told this to his friends, but what happened was he was laughed at by his classmates. At the same time, their teacher introduced a mysterious new student named Luka. Apparently, only Luka was the one who believed the Nobita story earlier. Nobita then plans to invite Luka to come with him to the Moon. Unexpectedly, their exploration of the Moon was prevented by Diabolo and his men who wanted the power of Luka and his family. Movie Review

Doraemon : Nobita's Chronicle of The Moon Exploration
Doraemon : Nobita’s Chronicle of The Moon Exploration

Like the previous films, in this series the filmmaking team remains consistent in creating a new world to amaze children to adults even through imagination in creating creatures such as the moon rabbit colony to the Kaguya mythology. Yes, like the adventure films of Nobita and Doraemon Previously, the Chronicle of the Moon Exploration did both present the excitement of our beloved gangs in exploring the wonders that are now marveled through aliens originating from the Moon. The animation presented looks simple but still typical of Doraemon, so we who have been fans for years will still fall in love. A light family watching and will certainly change the mood of your friends watching when watching it.

The decision to prefer the original story in the 39th film of the Fujiko F. Fujio comic franchise is worthy of a thumbs up. The tension of the story is thick with friendship like Doraemon series in general still dominates and is more pronounced though not as strong as Doraemon: Great Adventure in The Antarctic Kachi Kochi for example, which is able to make the audience shed tears. The story in this series is simpler, and the action is not too extreme, making it more suitable to be watched by all family members.

Indeed, this film wants to give a picture to humans not to damage the environment because we ourselves will bear the consequences later. Also described that humans will crave a comfortable environment even though they have used power to exploit it. There is also a need for a rebellion to restore power to the right path.

Overall, Doraemon: Nobita’s Chronicle of the Moon Exploration is Doraemon’s adventures and friends in outer space who are tense, action-packed, laughing and able to convey moral messages to children very well. This film is also suitable to be watched with children while explaining to them that the good done together will bring extraordinary benefits as well. Best Movie

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