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I haven’t had a chance to check the promotional materials and the reviews, I think, Double World – as an adaptation of the MMORPG game of the same name – is a war movie set in the past of the ordinary Chinese empire. Until the opening sequence of the action displays gore, monsters, also set designs that look a bit more modern. Interesting! The attraction that unfortunately slowly fades as execution fails to fulfill its potential.

The story takes the setting of a fictional country named South Zhao, which has long been arguing with North Yu. After an assassination attempt on the South King Zhao by North Yu spies, Grand Tutor Guan (Hu Ming) plans to hold a martial arts tournament to gather the greatest fighters from around the country. The purpose? Preparing South Zhao to face war. But Guan secretly has other intentions. Top Movie Site

Each clan in South Zhao was ordered to send three representatives. Our protagonist, Dong Yilong (Henry Lau), who is notorious for causing trouble and being called “rogue” by the citizens, surprisingly expressed his desire to participate. Yilong hopes to find out his origin (the mother died after giving birth, the father is unknown). Even though Yilong often provokes noise, he is a good kid. More precisely naive. Later in the tournament, he refused to kill opponents, even willing to help The Beast King, a wild giant snake whose head continued to drain blood due to a war helmet that was forced to be forced by South Zhao’s soldiers, to make it look even more terrifying in the middle of the battlefield.

Joining Yilong is Chu Hun (Peter Ho), a deserter who holds a desire for revenge on Guan, also a girl named Jingang (Lin Chenhan), who has high self-defense skills despite being a teenager. Double World promises a deadly tournament that is followed by dozens of heroes. The tournament itself, which is divided into three rounds, only starts after 40 minutes. In the first round, each team member is tied to each other, then speeding along on the chain, while avoiding large stones. Fall means death, because below, iron spikes await.

The set piece is interesting, but it is not the equivalent redemption for waiting for 40 minutes because it rolls too short, also wrapped in mediocre choreography. Similar complaints are appropriate for the next rounds. While so plunging into battle, the heroes who seemed to have diverse abilities were only present to die. The pause between the actions was quite long, bridged by a half-cooked story from the manuscript written by Fendou Liu and Ning Wen. The revenge subplot is lacking in emotion due to the narrow characterization, while the construction of its world mythology, which includes elements of fantasy, the concept of “double world”, as well as secrets related to Dong Yilong’s identity, are they limited to mere patches? Saved for a sequel maybe?

There was also another revenge subplot, this time involving slaves from North Yu (Luxia Jiang) who were eager to kill Chu Hun. What is the essence of this story? A tool to make Chu Hun aware so that he doesn’t live filled with grudges? Not really, because finally the deserter continued to complete the mission. The slave (I forgot his name) had disappeared, before suddenly appearing at the climax, before then killed. Try to answer my question: Can you find the endless female characters who die or have a tragic fate in this film? .Best Movie

At least the acting department is quite helpful. Henry is more mature as an actor through his solid appearance as a naive young man who is forced to stare at the cruelty of the world. Lin Chenhan was no less slick. Thanks to that, Double World feels more playful. While other casts just carry out their work, as well as the director, Teddy Chan.

Teddy was so dependent on CGI, the majority of which functioned to revive the element of fantasy, which although (slightly) added color through monsters such as giant scorpions, giant snakes, etc., appeared to be less than optimal due to inconsistencies in CGI quality. When momentarily switching from computer effects, the standard action of the hit is also far from impressive. Some gore which increased the level of brutality of the battle were in fact unable to help, because once again, Teddy was just doing work. It’s hard to believe that this film is handled by filmmakers behind Bodyguards and Assassins (2009) and Kung Fu Jungle (2014). Movie Review

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