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Dying to Survive (Wo bu shi yao shen) is a film from China with a drama and comedy genre. This film by director Muye Wen features talented actors and actresses such as Zheng Xu, Chuan-jun Wang, Zhuo Tan, and Yu Zhang. Dying to Survive was first released in China on June 19, 2018. Releases in countries such as South Korea to Canada and Japan were carried out as follows, namely from June 30, 2018 to October 16, 2020.

The story in this Chinese and English language film was made based on on the true story of the life journey of a patient with CML or chronic myelocytic leukemia named Yu Long. In his life, Yu Long illegally smuggled cancer drugs to poor patients in China. With a duration of 117 minutes, the film Dying to Survive successfully delivered one of these touching stories. Top Movie Site

Funds disbursed for making this film is estimated at 15 million US dollars. In its opening week in the United States, Dying to Survive only made around 3.2 thousand US dollars in profit. However, the screening of this film was managed to get massive revenue globally, with a profit of around 451 million US dollars.

The recognition of the quality of this film is evidenced by a number of awards. This film won 60 awards and 52 nominations. These awards include the Asian Film Awards (2019) with Yu Zhang as the winner of the Best Supporting Actor category, and the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards (2018) in the Best Asian Film category. The movie review site IMDb, gives a rating of 7.9 out of 10 for Dying to Survive. Best Movie

Meanwhile, film critic site Rotten Tomatoes gave 86 percent (Tomatometer) and 95 percent viewership scores for Dying to Survive. Synopsis of the film Dying to Survive Set in 2002, the story in Dying to Survive centers on Cheng Yong (Zheng Xu), a drug dealer from China. His business selling ‘love’ medicine from India is not going well, while his father is lying weak in the hospital. He also faces divorce issues with his ex-wife Cao Ling (Beibi Gong).

Once upon a time, one day a CML patient named Lv Shouyi (Chuan-jun Wang) came to Cheng’s drugstore. Shouyi asks Cheng to illegally sell a CML medicine named Glinic. Shouyi offers Cheng a deal, if he can get Glinic from India and sell him cheap, there will be a profit for both of them. Glinic is the name of the drug for CML patients. In China itself, this medicine is sold at a very high price. The patients, who mostly come from poor families, find it difficult to buy. Movie Review

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