Ejen Ali : The Movie – Synopsis

The film by Wau Animation and Primeworks Studios presents interesting stories and moral messages with quality animation like Hollywood.

Ejen Ali The Movie tells about a 12-year-old boy who was accidentally recruited as a spy and had a role in a secret institution called the Meta Advance Tactical Agency or MATA. Ali and MATA have the duty to protect futuristic City of Cyberaya from outside threats. Games Online dan Offline

Ejen Ali
Ejen Ali

Ali was surprised to learn that he was no longer the sole ruler of the Infinity Retinal Intelligence System or IRIS, because MATA had upgraded IRIS to become a more sophisticated tool, the Neo IRIS for all MATA agents. This made Ali question his existence for EYE.

Ali was approached by an evil person named Niki. To Ali, Niki claimed to know about his personal relationship with his mother, Aliya. Risking his loyalty to MATA, Ali began a thrilling pursuit to uncover this mysterious matter. Interesting story, making this animated film is a pity to miss.

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