El Camino – A Breaking Bad – Review

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie opens with a conversation “wise” two people who want to start a new life, trying to break away from their lives now. The peaceful atmosphere at the edge of the lake ended with the decision to go to Alaska.

However, a second later, peace turned into chaos. Hysterical screams by Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) who try to escape from the police pursuit form a contrast that will make you excited. For those who follow the series, this scene is certainly familiar. However, for those who watch this film regardless of the series, this scene is very suitable to start Jesse’s journey out of his dark world.

This film actually lacks action. You will focus on being invited to follow Jesse’s journey now, while still being invited to see his past. Vince Gilligan is happy to take you back and forth to Jesse’s darkness and his golden age.

Gilligan brilliantly repacked the movement of this groove smoothly, not apart from what happened to Jesse at the present time. In fact, when Jesse is currently in a race against time to start a new life away from his country, a sweet and warm flashback makes the atmosphere calm.

What makes you also won’t lose interest in knowing the fate of Jesse finally is a camera that moves dynamically in certain scenes. When Jesse tried to escape from the police pursuit after he left Walter, a close-up of the expression of loss, fear, and a hint of relief was reflected from Jesse’s face. Aaron Paul again managed to make you sympathetic with this one character. Games Online dan Offline

El Camino : A Breaking Bad
El Camino : A Breaking Bad

Jesse’s PTSD momentum was well illustrated from a clear angle. When Jesse looks for Todd Alquist’s savings, the rotating camera angles as Jesse unloads every corner of Tood’s apartment allows you to feel the absurdity of the search. So, when Jesse felt almost hopeless, you were invited to think the same until Gilligan issued another card.

The cinematography is also really cool when the cat-and-mouse scene, both with the police and Lou, when Jesse is in Todd’s apartment. Although only a few minutes, this crime drama was gripping in those few minutes. This list will be very long if mentioned one by one. But, guaranteed you will agree on this.

Breaking Bad is arguably selling the life drama of Walter White, a chemistry teacher who feels the need to sell drugs after being convicted of cancer. The reason is, in order to support his family.

Therefore, he “invited” Jesse to take part in the plan. Now, as the series goes deeper into the lives of Walter and Jesse, you will be invited to think about the contrast between justice and crime.

In the film, the boundaries of justice and crime are also biased. At the beginning of the film, Jesse who is chatting with Mike Ehrmantraut seems to have a bright future, illustrating that those who are already on the wrong path can also be aware.

Afterwards, he is also described as a fugitive, the only person still alive involved in the slaughter of a gang. Now, in this escape, Jesse meets Skinny Pete and Badger, Jesse’s old friends who are willing to do anything to help Jesse. Their brotherhood ties will make you all melt.

If many say the Joker is a film about “good people who turn bad”, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie means it is a film about good people who look bad, even though all they do is just survive.

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