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Before the main menu Far From the Tree first played. Telling the story of a raccoon who has a hard time taking care of his child, while he is looking for food, this short animation talks about the learning process of the younger generation, so that one day they can be better than the previous generation. Encanto is also similar, although this time, instead of taking the place of a role, the younger generation also invites the older generation to improve, then together they welcome a new, better era.

The Madrigal family are known for their miracles. Thanks to the magic candle that the matriarch, Abuela (María Cecilia Botero) gets, once they reach a certain age, the whole family gains different powers. However, unlike Isabela (Diane Guerrero), her eldest sister who is admired for her ability to make flowers bloom anywhere, and Luisa (Jessica Darrow) the second sister who is a mainstay thanks to her physique, Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz) is considered nothing special. He was the only Madrigal Family not endowed with power. Top Movie Site

How could that be? Forget for a moment about the miracles, because we often encounter similar conditions in reality. Imagine a family. Maybe both parents had high positions, abundant wealth, and were also highly respected. While the children, either have got a well-paying job, or are doing very well in school. Then there’s one kid who doesn’t stand out in any field. People, including his parents and siblings, all said, “How can he be so different, huh?”.

That difference made him underestimated, or even distrusted. So, no matter how hard the child tries to prove himself, as long as he is different, his existence will continue to be sidelined. That’s roughly what Mirabel’s condition is. Movie Review

The script by Charise Castro Smith and Jared Bush composes a series of relatable conflicts, which even though they are filled with magical things, are still grounded, and of course emotional. No antagonists here. No terrible monsters, no bad humans, no curses to be removed. The enemy of the character is “expectation”. The family expects all members to be perfect. Expectations that put tremendous pressure if they fail to be met. Even for those who are successful, it does not mean that peace always accompanies, because perfection could be in the form of falsehood that is forced to be pursued.

Apart from writing the script, Jared Bush also sits in the director’s chair with Byron Howard (Bolt, Tangled, Zootopia), and the two are good at putting together beautiful, colorful pictures, especially in musical sequences, which, like the story, are magical. The songs composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda are still catchy, although overall they are still below his best works. Dos Oruguitas (Two Oruguitas), an acoustic number that accompanies one of the most touching moments throughout the film, is my favourite.

Unfortunately, the third round appeared a bit rushed. The scriptwriters seem confused to outsmart the absence of conventional antagonists when compiling the climax. At least, the third act is able to link all the problems, then bring them into one direction, which is about fighting for the family (and community). That one of the opposites of struggle is that, over time, individuals forget their reasons for fighting for it. Best Movie

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