Escape from Pretoria – Review

Escape from Pretoria is a docu-thriller film adapted from the true story of the attempt to escape prisoners from the Pretoria prison during the Apartheid era in South Africa. The script was adapted from the book Inside Out: Escape from Pretoria written by the main actor himself, Team Jenkin. The film was produced by Francis Annan, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Daniel Webber. Similar themed masterpiece films have existed since the classical era, is this film able to refresh its subgenres?

Once upon a time two young men supporting the ANC party in the apartheid era in 1979, Team Jenkin (Radcliffe) and Stephen Lee (Webber) were arrested by the police for the poster bombings they did in a public place. The two were then sent to a political prison specifically for white prisoners in Pretoria. Once there, Tim and Lee also planned to escape from prison. The team tried to find the safest and most effective way to escape, by multiplying the prisoner’s key. Games Online dan Offline

The story of escape from prison has existed since the classical era, and some of them are counted as masterpieces, just note The Great Escape, Stalag 17, La Grande Illusion, Le Trou, A Man Escaped, Escape from Alcatraz, Cool Hand Luke, to The Shawshank Redemption . Which of these classy films is Pretoria in? For this new millennium era, arguably Pretoria is one of the best. Watching this film, it almost feels like watching a classic movie and reminiscent of A Man Escape by Robert Bresson.

Escape from Pretoria
Escape from Pretoria

The process is the core of the story of this film which is presented in great detail from moment to moment. The audience seemed to really be invited to come escape from prison from beginning to end. Only the process of making one key for one door, presented in great detail to the tense process of the experiment. Not a single moment was wasted. Settings, camera settings, sound effects, until editing sweetly combined to produce maximum tension. For example just like when Tim and Leo hid in the closet while the officer walked here and there. One rare shot in the closet is brilliantly presented like a classic film. Like a horror movie, sound effects do work effectively to build tension (not surprises) in many moments.

Escape from Pretoria is a rare “classic” thriller with nonstop tension which is one of the best of its subgenres. The plot of the film is so tense as if it makes us free from the appearance of the players who play nicely, especially Radcliffe and of course Leo (Mark Leonard Winter) who are so expressive throughout the film. In many moments, this film is felt as a tribute to the French film A Man Escaped (1956), such as the patient’s story line, the use of close shots, and classical music.

Escape from Pretoria is the perfect film for entertainment in the current situation. Like the movie plot, it is hoped that we will also be able to escape from the “prison” that we face today and be able to move freely as before.

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