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Eternals is opened by a mythological text, about the sending of 10 Eternals by a Celestial (in the comics is one of the first races in the universe) named Arishem, around 5000 years BC, to destroy monsters called Deviants. There is an impression that has never existed in another MCU film. Like an epic, rather than a contemporary superhero story.

It’s not just the opening, the entire presentation of the film by Chloé Zhao, right down to the closing moment, is different from the previous Marvel Studios titles. Even our ten heroes, rather than superheroes, feel more suitable to be called “messengers of God”, in a spiritually nuanced story about the process of questioning faith.

Let’s get acquainted with the Eternals first. Take (Salma Hayek) as the leader with healing powers, Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani) can shoot cosmic rays from his hands, Sprites (Lia McHugh) can create illusions, Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry) the inventor, Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) the owner of super speed , Druig (Barry Keoghan) can manipulate thoughts, Gilgamesh (Don Lee) the strongest Eternal in terms of physical abilities, Thena (Angelina Jolie) the legendary warrior, Sersi (Gemma Chan) with the ability to manipulate matter through touch, and finally, Ikaris ( the mighty Richard Madden. Top Movie Site

Can that many characters be introduced, and then appear attractive in just one film? In fact it can. At least, each has a characteristic that is easy to remember, either thanks to the characterizations in the script or the appearance of the players. Chan is an ethereal figure, Jolie is like a tough goddess with high self-esteem, while Hayek’s acting, as a “mother figure”, makes for interesting comparisons with her role in Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, proof that she is a versatile actress.

For thousands of years, apart from destroying the Deviants, the Eternals have also helped the development of mankind, especially with regard to science. Of course history records their existence, and here the audience will know the origins of the MCU version of the story of Ikaros and Athena. They too can live like humans. For example, like Kingo who is famous as a Bollywood star, or Sersi who has a romance with an ordinary human named Dane (Kit Harington). But there is one rule: Eternals do not interfere in human conflicts.

That’s where the dilemma comes from. So far, the Eternals have been loyal to Arishem, obeying his orders without even questioning them, similar to human loyalty to the Creator. When a fact is revealed, a crisis of faith arises.

The script by Chloé Zhao, Patrick Burleigh, Ryan Firpo and Kaz Firpo, sharply tells the story of how creatures (including humans) have the right to prioritize their lives above the “destiny” that has been outlined by their creator, even though it is contrary to the beliefs held so far. There is no “sacrifice in the name of the greater good”. Zhao stands with humanity.

This humanistic impression is also evident in his diversified impression regarding the characterizations. Phastos became the first gay superhero in the MCU, while Makkari communicated using sign language (also the first time there was a deaf superhero in the MCU). Movie Review

But Zhao is not denying spirituality. Moreover, the Eternals themselves are described as messiahs with all the miracles they use to guide mankind. Zhao is not against “higher power”, but says that spirituality can be touched without dwarfing humanity, even though in terms of size, humans are nothing compared to the universe. That’s where the fusion of narrative and visual occurs. If the narrative of Eternals (soul) “grows up” humanity, its visuals (body), in line with Terrence Malick’s work (and leaving an impression similar to Denis Villeneuve’s Dune), illustrates the massiveness of the universe. Beautiful, majestic, magical.

There are a lot of stories that Eternals wants to tell, especially about mythology. Even though the time setting is a bit sloppy at times, and the script is a bit too reliant on exposition, this exposure to mythology, apart from expanding the MCU’s scope to a complex cosmic realm, is also incredibly interesting. Tie. The duration of 157 minutes seemed to pass by.

The above elements are important, given that Eternals doesn’t contain as much spectacle as the usual MCU films. Of course, that doesn’t mean the film is always serious. Comedy continues, which sets the stage for Brian Tyree Henry’s deadpan style, as well as Harish Patel as Karun the servant Kingo, who, surprisingly, steals the show as an ordinary human in the midst of the gods.

Execution of the action is quite solid. Zhao clearly took some inspiration from Zack Snyder (minus the slow motion), both in the Superman characterization of Ikaris (Richard Madden’s physical strength and gestures reinforce this impression), to the scuffles that explode like cannons. Moreover, Eternals has Don Lee aka Ma Dong-seok aka “Korean One Punch Man”, who can knock down Deviants in one hit.

The climax of the fight may be a bit anticlimactic, because a film with this wide story scope deserves to be given a larger scale climax, but on the other hand, it’s understandable, considering that the final act is really about “stopping” instead of “destroying”. Don’t forget the mid-credits scene and post-credits scene, which features some of the most important figures for the future of the MCU (including a voice cameo that may be overlooked). Best Movie

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