Extreme Job – Review

Extreme Job managed to become the number two best-selling South Korean film of all time.Extreme Job presents a very good mix of comedy and action. The comedy is not presented half-measures, ranging from dialogue between characters, silly behavior, and story plots that are always tucked in fresh jokes.

Tells about five police detectives who want to dismantle and arrest drug dealers in their area. This team consists of team leader Captain Go (Ryoo Seung-Ryong), Detective Jang (Lee Ha Nee), Detective Ma (Jin Seon Kyu), Detective Young Ho (Lee Dong Hwi) and Detective Jae Hoon (Gong Myung). Games Online dan Offline

An atmosphere of cuteness had been presented when they were involved in the investigation mission. These five detectives monitor from a chicken restaurant near the drug kingpin headquarters. Because of the lack of buyers, the restaurant owner finally decided to sell his chicken restaurant.

They eventually bought and disguised themselves as new chicken restaurant owners. Silly conflicts began to emerge after they became ‘new chickens’ in the area. One of them when between them trying to choose who will be the chef at the chicken restaurant.

One by one, the five of them held a ayam chicken cooking contest ’and seen who could serve the most delicious chicken, he was the chef.

Extreme Job
Extreme Job

Fried chicken made by Detective Ma, whose quality was initially doubted, became popular and was widely discussed on social media, and eventually many visitors arrived. The busy detectives in managing this chicken restaurant makes them forget their task, which is to pursue the target of a drug suspect.

Scene by scene is arranged and directed brilliantly by director Byeong-heon Lee. How about Captain Go’s style, which is actually cool, but when he gets a call from a prospective buyer, he becomes pretentious to be friendly with customer service. Detective Jang moves from one table to another as a server, and the new kid is Detective Jae Hoon who is only trusted to cut onions. Only Detective Young Ho has trouble monitoring their operation targets remotely.

Director Byeong-heon Lee managed to make a tidy conflict of transition, from a scene that was originally funny to begin to tense when one of a group of drug kingpins know their disguises. The five detective’s silly behavior one by one turns into ‘real detective’ towards the end of the film.

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