Fantasy Island – Review

The film, adapted from the 70s TV series, stars Michael Pena, Maggie Q, Lucy Hale, and Austin Stowell. How was the film?

The film Fantasy Island tells the story of a group of young people visiting a remote tropical island. They were the winners of the contest and successfully visited Fantasy Island. They are Gwen (Maggie Q), Melanie (Lucy Hale), Patrick (Austin Stowell), Brax (Jimmy O. Yang), and JD (Ryan Hansen). On the island managed by Roarke (Michael Pena) they are convinced that the guests’ fantasies can be realized. Not alone, Roarke is accompanied by Julia (Parisa Fitz-Henley), her assistant at Fantasy Island to welcome guests.

Fantasy from Gwen, Melanie, Patrick, Brax, and JD finally came true. At first they enjoyed everything but wondered if this was true or a trick from Roarke. Guests know that their fantasies become nightmares as the island slowly twists their desires. Now they must be able to solve the mystery and escape the island safely.

The film Fantasy Island presents a gripping adventure on a mysterious island that can realize a fantasy. Slowly we are invited to see the fantasy of each character, we can not guess what the contents of the fantasy of all of them. In the trailer, only Melanie’s character is revealed, what is the fantasy of the other characters?

Fantasy Island
Fantasy Island

Behind a satisfying fantasy Games Online dan Offline tucked in a tense secret, how the island grants all the fantasy of his guests. The idea of ​​the story is quite interesting, but unfortunately the origin of the power of fantasy island is not very explained.

Not a Blumhouse horror film without surprises. In the film Jeff Wadlow is relying on a lot of jumpscare to surprise the audience. The characters are also haunted by the horrible creatures on the island.

The cast of Fantasy Island played quite well, the most prominent one might be Lucy Hale and Maggie Q. But the characters of the two brothers were played by Jimmy O. Yang and Ryan Hansen did not succeed in joking, even though their intentions broke the atmosphere. Michael Peña, who is usually funny, in this film he appears serious.

For those of you who want a horror adventure full of mysteries, you really have to watch the movie Fantasy Island. Be careful what you fantasize about so you don’t backfire. The past of each character is the key answer to all the horrors on the fantasy island. Jeff Wadlow also prepared an unexpected twist, curious? Watch the film in the cinema.

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