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Christopher Landon has spent most of his career writing the scripts for five Paranormal Activity titles (including a seventh installment slated for release next year, as well as directing The Marked Ones). But Landon’s greatest love and talent seems to be in the realm of slashers. After the success of the two Happy Death Day films, this time he gave a twist to the children’s novel Freaky Friday (four times adapted into feature films, with the 2003 release starring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis being the most popular version). Top Movie Site

Similar to the Happy Death Day dwilogy, Landon modifies the slasher formula using fantasy spice (although Happy Death Day 2U shifts it into the realm of science fiction). If Freaky Friday swapped the bodies of children and mothers, in Freaky, the bodies of the killer and his victims were swapped.

Recently, the Fear Street trilogy has contributed to refreshing the slasher scene. Well-written, fun, quirky, epic. But there is one complaint. His killing method was too generic. Since the opening sequence, Freaky (although in other departments, especially writing, looks inferior in front of his colleagues) proves his superiority, when a local urban legend, Blissfield Butcher (Vince Vaughn), slaughters four teenagers in various sadistic ways, which will make the audience feel sad. slasher icon is feeling rivaled.

This sequence facilitates two things: introducing the killer and showing him stealing an ancient dagger called La Dola. Blissfield Butcher wears a mask similar to a hockey mask, tall, strong, rugged, but can move quickly. Like a combination of Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Ghostface. As a homage, the technique of killing the victim is like being taken from the guidebook belonging to the characters above. For example, stabbing the victim’s body into a wall (Halloween), or freezing it (Jason X).

Then we are introduced to Millie Kessler (Kathryn Newton), a teenager whose life is far from pleasant. In addition to being bullied at school, at home he has to deal with his mother (Katie Finneran), who, after the death of her husband, is possessive and addicted to alcohol. Millie only has two friends, namely Nyla (Celeste O’Connor) and Josh (Misha Osherovich). Best Movie

Until one night, Blissfield Butcher attacks Millie, wielding La Dola’s dagger in her chest. Thanks to the help of her brother who is also a police officer, Char (Dana Drori), Millie managed to survive. But when she wakes up in the morning, Millie is in the killer’s body, and vice versa. It was later discovered that La Dola was indeed used in ritual offerings, and if after 24 hours Millie didn’t stab the dagger again into her real body, the exchange would be permanent.

Why did Blissfield Butcher wear La Dola? Did he steal the dagger just because he was interested in seeing its unique design, or did he want to perform a ritual? Never explained. Either the plot holes, or Landon, who co-wrote the script with Michael Kennedy, deliberately kept the answers for sequel material (although I’m more enthusiastically awaiting the crossover with Landon’s teaser Happy Death Day).

Outside of body swapping, Freaky’s plot is formulaic. Blissfield Butcher will use Millie’s body to carry out unsuspected actions, while Millie herself will have to get involved cat-and-mouse for being accused, while trying to convince her friends, that her soul is trapped in the body of a middle-aged man whose face sketches are scattered throughout the city.

Landon’s target is not intelligent spectacle or suspenseful terror, but fun. That’s why, when the killer begins to carry out massacres in the school area, his targets are people the audience hates. Ruthless teachers, bullied students, and perverted students. This is done so that the audience can enjoy all death, which again, is packaged in a brutal and creative way. Pleasant!

It’s also fun to watch the two main characters play around with the concept of character swapping. Newton brings to life the cold-blooded femme fatale, while Vaughn seamlessly takes on the challenge of acting feminine with his masculine stature. Vaughn didn’t get caught up in caricature acting. When playing Blissfield Butcher, his eyes are intimidating. On the other hand, as Millie, her gaze is warm, even able to make a romantic scene in the car feel sweet.

Looking at the depiction of the supporting characters, Freaky also touched on the dynamics of youth. When teenagers are immersed in social problems such as bullying, and also have difficulty going through the process of finding their identity (the body swap that Millie goes through also represents this problem), it is actually their closest friends who lend a helping hand. Meanwhile, parents and teachers are often indifferent.

The script tries to draw conclusions to the realm of the family in the latter half, while applying the formula about “the killer in a slasher movie won’t die”. The emotional impact is less pronounced, as the film itself doesn’t provide any familiarity (the 2018 version of Halloween is an example of how best to inject emotional family drama in slasher), but at least it’s still in line with Freaky’s original goal: to produce fun shows. Movie Review

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