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Set in the world of video games, Free Guy could just end up as an easter eggs parade or an IP selling event. But apparently Shawn Levy’s latest work (Night at the Museum, Real Steel, Date Night) is actually the most fun, most creative, and most touching film of the year. Behind the trinkets of the game, there is a story full of meaning. The story of individual independence. About love, both to others and to yourself.

Guy (Ryan Reynolds) is a bank employee with a monotonous routine, in a city called Free City,. Always wear the same blue shirt, buy the same coffee, say the same words (Don’t have a good day. Have a great day!). Not the usual repetition, because there is an oddity. All the citizens of Free City, including Guy, were not bothered by the chaos that broke out every day. Gunfights, explosions, battles, and so on, as if a common sight. In fact, even though in a day the bank where Guy works can be robbed many times, he and Buddy (Lil Rel Howery), his best friend who fills the security post, are relaxed. Top Movie Site

The anomaly occurs because Free City is a city in a video game called Free City, which is produced by a company owned by Antwan (Taika Waititi). Guy and other residents are NPCs (Non-Player Characters), so they don’t have free will. They live according to their respective roles and patterns. Until finally Guy falls in love with Molotovgirl, Millie’s character (Jodie Comer). Millie herself plays Free City to find the source code she and Keys (Joe Keery) stole, which Antwan stole.

Guy doesn’t immediately realize his identity, but through Millie’s direction, he slowly learns to “go up grades, become actively involved in the game, instead of sitting around like a normal NPC. This phase is used by the script by Matt Lieberman (The Addams Family, Scoob! ) and Zak Penn (who co-wrote Ready Player One, which carries the concept of the same type), in order to realize the dream of many gamers, namely to live in a game (especially Grand Theft Auto). Free to do as they please, cannot die, have a myriad of items, even if needed. money, we just have to do missions or beat up pedestrians. Best Movie

The ideas above give birth to creative and intriguing actions. Some meta humor is inserted, including a brilliant idea at the climax (you’ll know when you see it). Levy’s direction further matures the concept, because he understands very well what the main attraction of the premise is: energetic action full of colorful, varied visuals.

Free Guy is very entertaining, but its main strength lies in the heart. Despite its fantastic elements, the story of this film is very down to earth. Many of us have felt empty when we realized the world doesn’t just revolve around us. Let alone the main character, not even the supporters. Limited to extras in the vast universe whose existence is insignificant.

Therefore, it was easy to support Guy. Free Guy stirs emotions through the protagonist’s process of overcoming an existential crisis, after realizing that he has the right to make his own decisions. There aren’t many A-class Hollywood stars like Reynolds, who are charismatic, but also exude an “everyday man” aura.

In this era of super hero domination, Guy, the guy who usually wears blue clothes, has become my favorite hero. In addition to the characterizations and acting that make him relatable, his struggle motivation is also pure. Especially if it’s not love. But it’s not love that blinds us, but love that opens our eyes, making us aware of our worth. A love that instead of curbing, it liberates.

The climax is incredibly touching, although the depiction of the entire human race in the world watching Guy’s fight is a bit exaggerated (the reason I didn’t intend to give it a perfect score). If you can only choose one of the films showing in theaters this week, make sure that choice falls on Free Guy. It’s time for us to remember how to have fun again, while learning to respect ourselves again, and also to love. Movie Review

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