Fukuoka – Synopsis

Fukuoka is a Korean film drama genre starring Kwon Hae-Hyo, Yoon Je-Moon and Park So-Dam. The film was written and directed by Zhang Lu (“Gyeongju”). Games Online dan Offline

The film tells about the strange journey of two men who ended their friendship 28 years ago with a woman. Je Moon and Hae Hyo are best friends, but their friendship fails when they fall in love with the same woman, Soon Yi.


28 years later, Je Moon became a used bookstore owner in Seoul, traveling to Japan to meet his old friend, who ran a bar “Deulkookhwa” in Fukuoka.

He was accompanied by his charming neighbor, So Dam, who suggested the meeting from the start. But in Fukuoka, traumatic conflicts from a long buried past gradually exploded.

When viewed from the trailer, So Dam’s role here is to reunite Je Moon and Hae Hyo who were once best friends. So Dam’s intention, who is a regular customer of Je Moon’s bookstore, was triggered after hearing Je Moon’s story about his best friend.

Is So Dam’s wish fulfilled? Especially when they went to Japan, the two men actually met with women who became their first fight. Or the plot twist, So Dam is the child of the woman they loved first? Watch the film in your favorite cinema

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