Gemini Man – Review

After appearing entertaining as Genie, the funny genie in the film Aladdin, it didn’t take long for Will Smith to show a new character that was far different. This time, in his latest film titled Gemini Man, he plays a hitman who wants to retire from his job. Created by Ang Lee who also directs Brokeback Mountain and Life of Pi, Gemini Man is a film that has a new dimension, in which there are two main characters who are 51 years and 23 years old with a face that is completely identical. Well, what kind of film is the title and meaning inspired by this zodiac name? Let’s read the following review first!

Over time, Henry Brogan (Will Smith), a 51-year-old professional hitman, feels his conscience tells him not to continue his cruel work anymore. He also decided to retire and enjoy the rest of his life in peace without having to kill people. Although he has often killed criminals, in his last job, Henry has been lied to by the company where he worked. The reason is, they gave false information to Henry by saying that the victim was a terrorist. But in fact, the victim is a professor at a renowned university in the United States who is also a rival of Clay Verris (Clive Owen), the person who has trained Henry since childhood.

After his lies were exposed and his reputation threatened, Clay sent people to kill Henry. Luckily, thanks to its military capabilities, it makes it hard to fight. Clay also decided to give a ‘surprise’ to Henry by sending someone who had a similar level of ability to him, namely a 23-year-old young man who was cloned from himself, named Clay Junior. Henry’s two figures fight each other and there must be sacrificed.

Seeing Games Online dan Offline Junior controlled by Clay, it made Henry look in the mirror when he was young. Because, due to his work that is ‘not normal’, he must be willing to waste his youth not to establish a relationship with someone, for fear that the woman he loves will get hurt. As if to improve his past, he wanted to help Junior get away from Clay immediately and start a new life like normal people in general.

Assisted by two friends, Danny (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Baron (Benedict Wong), they devise a plan to meet and save Junior. Could not believe it, Junior finally set a trap by shooting Henry using bee venom, where both are equally allergic to bees. After seeing Henry convulsing because of his trap, then he believes that the 51-year-old man is himself.

Clever fighting and sharp in matters of shooting, making Clay Verris obsessed with having soldiers like Henry. Unbeknownst to him, Clay experimented with making another Henry by cloning, so that one day America would have many reliable soldiers. In addition, the decision to retire made Clay feel that Henry was no longer useful. Therefore, he needed a ‘new’ Henry who could replace his position. Clay Junior was ‘expelled’ by Clay when he was 23 years old and was assigned to kill Henry. So, who do you think will last until the end?

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