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Get Duked! is the funniest comedy I’ve watched in 2020. A typical British comedy full of tickling chirps, plus black comedy, trippy sequences, and relevant messages about social class, race, and distance between generations. Once upon a time four young people participated in a self-development training program, in which they had to navigate the Scottish highlands, well equipped. Abilities such as determining direction to teamwork are assessed. If declared to have passed by Carlyle (Jonathan Aris) as supervisor, the four of them are entitled to receive The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. As the name suggests, the award was originally initiated by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinbugh in 1956. Top Movie Site

Three of the four teenagers are schoolmates. Duncan (Lewis Gribben), Dean (Rian Gordon), and DJ Beatroot (Viraj Juneja). The three of them were sent to the program for causing chaos, including blowing up the toilet and its “contents.” Another teenager named Ian (Samuel Bottomley). Unlike his three colleagues, Ian participated on his own, in order to obtain a certificate, which he thought would be useful when registering for college.

The difference that arises is that, unlike the trio of troublemakers, Ian comes from an upper middle class family. While other children are having fun joking around, Ian is busy reading maps or filling out checklists containing team performance assessments. “Work hard on what you do and everything would come true”, said Ian, to which Dean only responded with laughter. There is a real gap in strata and privilege. When Ian set out to study law at a top university, Duncan and Dean eagerly looked forward to a £ 6.5 per hour fishing job.

But in the eyes of The Duke (Eddie Izzard) and The Duchess (Georgie Glen), all four are the same: pests. In the midst of a journey that is already full of obstacles, the lives of the four of them are in fact threatened, when the blue blood couple chases them. Like many whites in power, The Duke and Duchess saw themselves as superior. Like many generations of boomers, The Duke and The Duchess blame the current generation for destroying the world, even though in reality, they are the ones who inherit the destruction of the world. Best Movie

Simultaneously, the local police under the leadership of Sergeant Morag (Kate Dickie), who were previously busy investigating the bread theft case, began to shift their focus to hunting down terrorists. What does this have to do with the journey of our four protagonists? Later, the common thread will be revealed through intriguing stories about the incompetence and racism of the apparatus, which complements the success of Ninian Doff (also sitting in the director’s chair) in producing a sharp script in criticism without losing his antics.

The humor varies, from the satire resulting from communication difficulties between individuals of different classes, to the idiocy of their character, which, although extreme, is not surprising, because they are children who blow up toilets for content (and attention). The humor in the story full of chaos makes the film appear dynamic, especially when Doff’s powerful directing is supported by hip hop songs, some surreal visuals where each character eats “something”, and the acting of the four main characters which ultimately makes the audience willing to support them, no matter how much Ian whines, or how crazy or stupid his three friends behave. Movie Review

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