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The film Ghost Storm itself tells the story of saving people on a small island from a strange electric storm. This dramatic and action-packed rescue came under the leadership of Ashley and Hal. Top Movie Site

Paul Ziller as director in this film also plays a role in writing the script. For 60 minutes, we will see the action of famous actors and actresses, such as Carlos Bernard, Chrystal Allen, Melissa Aron Douglas, Carl David Lewis, Cindy Busby, and others. Rotten Tomatoes itself gave a rating of 21 percent. In contrast to iMDb, which has a score of 3.6 out of 10.

The story begins with four teenagers who are full of curiosity and ignorance and come to the cemetery. At that time the weather was very dark with lightning striking. Even this teenager still had time to scare off his cowardly female friends.

The four teenagers did not understand the actions they were taking until they were determined to live on a small island. When they were playing, lightning struck the memorial where they lived. This incident is a sign that there have been mass suicides in the past that have killed thousands of people at the same time.

The coming of the evil spirit
These lightning and thunderbolts are also the means for spirits to come into the world. Finally, one of the teenagers turned into a pale, ash human due to possession. This teenager finally died and his corpse could dry up in a matter of hours. However, they were Sultan looking for help because the location was far from residents. Best Movie

This situation made these teenagers filled with guilt and regret because they played in the cemetery. They also continue to think about how to get help as soon as possible amid the increasingly bad weather.

These teenagers also visited the authorities to get help, but the death of a friend of one of these teenagers was just the beginning of the arrival of an evil spirit where there would be many similar cases that claimed victims.

The evil spirits began to join forces with stronger forces to cause a storm that could destroy the islanders. Can these teenagers stop the action of this evil spirit? Watch the film Ghost Storm. Movie Review

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