Girl On The Third Floor – Review

Travis Stevens made his directorial debut through the film Girl on the Third Floor. Starring a former professional wrestler who is also a mixed martial arts fighter, Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, who is next to a newcomer actress, Sarah Brooks.

Tells a former lawyer named Don Koch (Phil “CM Punk” Brooks) who wants to open a new chapter in life. He bought a shabby house in suburban Chicago with the intention of renovating it. However, Don began to experience strange events in the house.

From the beginning of the film Girl on the Third Floor, starting to the end, the location you will see is an abandoned slum. Tells the story of Don Koch, a husband who bought a house for his wife, Liz (Trieste Kelly Dunn), which is far from urban areas. When the process of renovating his new home, Don immediately tidied up all the equipment left by the previous owner.

When renovating, Don saw a strange liquid coming out of the walls of his house. Unable to stand, he touched the liquid and began to paint the wall. Games Online dan Offline

After finishing painting the wall, he switched to another wall that had a big hole. Seeing something in it, Don reached his hand and found something buried inside the wall. However, supernatural terror begins when there is a ball of marbles that suddenly appears in front of him.

However, the atmosphere was gripped even more when his pet dog Don, Cooper, was found lifeless in the washing machine. From the visible blood, enough to make you sympathize with this animal known as a human friend.

At the same time it makes the psychological thriller feel a little. In addition, there is a twist plot that is quite salvaging, although again the storyline lacks detail.

This former wrestler’s debut is arguably a bit of attention. Although not as interesting as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Don Koch can be played by Phil “CM Punk” Brooks well. He became a macho husband. When the terror began, the deepening of the CM Punk character was quite pronounced.

Especially when scoring began to rise, CM Punk managed to describe the frustration and depression when he began to be haunted. Feelings of frustration and do not know what to do will come you feel.

Unfortunately, the nature of the supporting cast actually makes this story seem confusing. In addition to Sarah Brooks who still provides acting that is quite entertaining, the actor Ellie Mueller (Karen Woditsch) lacks the character’s depth.

Despite all that, actually Girl on the Third Floor has the potential to be a slick horror film because it has a good scenario. Unfortunately, again the execution of this film did not run optimally. Fortunately, the acting of CM Punk can provide color in this film made by Trevor Stevens.

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