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Samuele Rossi’s Glassboy film from Italy is memorable enough that I feel the need to review it. Once upon a time, in a remote village, across the mountains, far away in Italy, lived an 11-year-old boy nicknamed ‘Glassboy’ (a child who never leaves the house, can only look at the outside world from his mirror).

He is not like a child in general, he lives locked in a house that resembles a palace because he has a mysterious disease that makes him vulnerable to injuries, both internal and external injuries when in contact with the outside world. The child who is nicknamed Glassboy is named Pino (Andrea Arru).

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Pino never went out of the house, he couldn’t run and play with his peers. And he often peeked at four of his peers; Mavi (Rosa Barbolini), Ciccio (Stefano Trapuzzano), Mei Ming (Mia Pomelari), and Domenico (Gabriel Manozzi De Critofaro) from behind the glass windows of his room on the top floor of his house. This group of children called him Glassboy. Pino also didn’t go to public school, but was tutored by a private teacher at home.

One day, through the window of his room, Pino witnessed Mavi and his friends who were busy playing bicycles to be harmed by a gang of children who were bigger than them. Realizing this, Pino ran to the house to prevent Mavi and his friends from being in danger, even though Pino was putting himself at risk. Through this incident, Pino finally became friends with the Mavi gang.

However, their friendship did not last long. Pino’s grandmother didn’t like her grandson hanging out with the village children, and then he took Pino far out of town, to lock him back in a castle in the middle of the forest to get intensive care.
From this, of course, we can guess how the next plot will move. Pino’s new friends will go on an adventure to save Pino from his “evil” grandmother and helpers.
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This kind of children’s adventure film Glassboy is often produced in Hollywood, but this is the first time I’ve seen a film of a similar genre from Italy, and the results are quite impressive! This film with a budget of 1.6 million Euros offers an exciting viewing of children’s adventure films, filled with jokes, joy, interesting plots, and especially conveyed through the point of view of children with all their innocence.

Unfortunately, we rarely or never even see films from Italy or Europe generally shown in commercial cinemas in this country, even though many European films have fulfilled all the prerequisites for a Hollywood-style entertainment film, and besides, we are used to watching foreign films with accompanied by subtitles, European films should be easily distributed in Indonesian cinemas.

However, maybe this can be an interesting topic in itself to be explored more deeply in a future article. Why apart from Hollywood, it is very difficult for us to find films from other countries showing in our favorite cinemas?
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Hopefully there is a homeland film distributor who can bring films from European soil as well as other countries besides America and Korea, so that they can be circulated here, so that interesting films like Glassboy can not only be enjoyed via film festivals.

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