Godzilla : King of The Monsters

The natural order must be balanced. A fair concept that has only been a discourse. How will it be when the concept is realized. Jonah Alan (Charles Dance) terrorist from England is the driving force. He freed the Titans who had been kept. The goal is simple, so that the balance of nature is organized again. Games Online dan Offline

Godzilla : King of The Monsters
Godzilla : King of The Monsters

However, who would have thought that all ideas came from Dr. Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga), one of the successful people behind Monarch, a company engaged in the field of science and specifically doing research on the Titans who have been living in the earth’s crust. Emma who had been trusted to treat and keep them secret in fact released the Titans and let them live in the human real.

Unfortunately, this desire does not go smoothly. Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler) ex-husband Emma and Dr. Ishiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe), Emma’s best friend and researcher at Monarch against Emma. Resistance is indeed done.

However, they did not succeed. Moreover, the code “Monster Zero” aka King Ghidorah was released. The most powerful figure among the Titans. Three-headed, and able to regrow his head even after being detonated with a bomb. Agile and fire-powered. Not just one, but three at a time.

No one can match this Titans. Only one hope. Dr. Serizawa always believed that Gojira (Godzilla) was the true guardian of nature. Even though he had to get an obstacle from Mark, who always wanted Godzilla to die. There is no choice anymore. Fighting is inevitable. Godzilla naturally always wants to be number one. Nobody can beat him. Anyone must be crushed.

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