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Godzilla vs. Kong has all the pros and cons of modern kaiju films, with the biggest advantage being the success of fulfilling the promises that have been made since 2014, when Godzilla opened the MonsterVerse franchise. The promise that, when the majority of films labeled “versus” tend to hesitate to give definitive answers, the two monsters will scuffle each other until one winner emerges. Well, sort of. The conclusions are still trying to be fair, but at least, after going through 103 minutes of duration, you can answer the question of who is stronger between Godzilla and Kong. Top Movie Site

Why isn’t Kong involved in Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), even though as the title suggests, there is a big battle that determines who is the king of monsters? Apparently Dr. Ilene Andrews (Rebecca Hall) and the team, hide Kong in an artificial ecosystem, to protect him from Godzilla attacks. Dr. Ilene has an adopted daughter named Jia (Kaylee Hottle), a Skull Island native who was orphaned after a natural disaster took her parents’ lives. An inner bond arises between Kong and Jia, which allows him to communicate with the monster.

Meanwhile, after three years, Godzilla suddenly launches an attack on humans, which makes the CEO of Apex (a company that specializes in “Titan problems”), Walter Simmons (Demián Bichir), send Monarch geologist, Dr. Nathan Lind (Alexander Skarsgård), searches for the origin of the Titans, who are believed to store a source of energy to protect humanity from Godzilla. Best Movie

If there was one promise that failed to fulfill, it was giving absolute focus to the monsters. Because again, the ranks of human characters are boring, more dominating. Even the manuscripts made by Eric Pearson (Thor: Ragnarok, Black Widow) and Max Borenstein (Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island) forced a portion of Madison (Millie Bobby Brown), on the grounds, as an advocate who struggled to clean Godzilla’s good name. Yeah, sure. Like Godzilla cares about his reputation.

It is true that the audience needs to understand why Godzilla has returned from being a protector to a threat to humans. But that role can be given to other characters (which are quite a lot), instead of adding to the subplot insubstantial, which further weakens the intensity of the film when the fistfight of the two monsters is absent. Apart from being insignificant, Madison, along with her friends, Josh (Julian Dennison), and Bernie (Brian Tyree Henry), a special podcaster for the conspiracy theory about Titan, are also the reason for the peak of the fight to end prematurely, as well as a bit of an anticlimax.

Instead of making excuses for humans to have a job to do, why not spend some time exploring mythology instead? In the middle of the story, the film takes us on an adventure to the “other side of the earth”. Into the world of fantastic, imaginative visual designs where Titan originated. Unfortunately the trip ended in disappointment, because the mythology about Titan did not explain at all. Yes, Pearson and Borenstein feel the need to add a subplot about trying to clear Godzilla’s reputation, but not with the interesting legends surrounding his monsters.

While script improvements can lift the overall quality of the film, Godzilla vs. Kong will be fine as long as the action scenes are satisfying. This is where Adam Wingard, after successive failures in Blair Witch (2016) and Death Note (2017), has successfully restored his reputation as one of Hollywood’s most promising directors. Even though Godzilla and Kong only collided when the duration reached about 40 minutes, even if there were only three massive action sequences in total (the third sequence as the true climax of the second sequence extension), Wingard’s execution made him very satisfying.

Accompanied by the bombastic music composed by Junkie XL, Wingard used all kinds of fighting methods, either barehanded or using weapons (including Godzilla’s atomic breath). Despite presenting a battle between giants, the camera moves dynamically, plus several unique placements. For example, when the camera is placed in the cockpit of an airplane taking off, while behind it, Kong appears to be in action, giving an immersive impression, as if the audience is in the middle of the battlefield. Movie Review

Godzilla vs. Kong was also able to mediate between audience preferences regarding setting time. There are those who like the daytime because all the details of the battle are visible, others choose dark nights for an apocalyptic impression. This film has both. In fact, the climax takes place in both settings. As I mentioned above, the peak moment ended prematurely and was a bit anticlimax (for some reason the two writers felt the need to “help” end the fight), but it did not cover the fact that Wingard was able to give birth to a “threesomes” (yes, not only involving two monsters). most epic on the big screen.

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