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Good Boys tells three friends of Max (Jacob Tremblay), Lucas (Keith L. Williams), and, Thor (Brady Noon). They sit in 6th grade and have the nickname the Bean Bag Boys gang. Max likes one of his classmates named Brixlee, Thor is obsessed with joining a popular gang, and Lucas just wants to play. Top Movie Site

One time Max was invited to a party at Soren’s house, a popular child in students. The party is not as usual, but kissing party alias playing spin the bottle. There Brixlee will be present and become Max’s chance. Unfortunately, Max doesn’t know how to kiss. Best Movie

Max is assisted by Thor, and Lucas is figuring out how to kiss. They had the idea to see his neighbor Hannah and her boyfriend who often kissed through Max’s father’s drone camera. Failing to see someone kissing, the drone was captured and confiscated by Hannah and Lily.

Frantically exposed to punishment from his father, Max looks for ways to retrieve the drone. Thor skillfully took Hannah’s bag which turned out to contain drugs. Finally Hannah and Lily have to deal with Max and the gang. Max, Lucas, and Thor must try to solve the problem and return home on time for a party they have been waiting for. Did they succeed? Movie Review

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It should be noted that this film Good Boys is specifically for viewers aged 17 years and over. The film Good Boys succeeded in making the audience laugh through the innocent acts of children, witty jokes, and their mischief. As the author of The Office series, Gene Stupnitsky successfully entertained through silly scenes and humorous scripts.

Gene Stupnitsky used the innocence of these boys to shake the stomach of the audience. Such as scenes when Max and his friends are looking for pornographic content on the internet. Those who are really innocent screamed hysterically while watching porn videos with corny and absurd stories.

Good Boys
Good Boys

Not to mention when they do not know the term adult, for example misogoni. When Max was threatened he would be spread as a misogynist, and he replied “I never massage people.” Not to mention the sex toys that are scattered in the film and misunderstood by these children its function. Anyway you will jump from the chair and laugh out loud.

For acting, of course our eyes are fixed on the most famous cast alias Jacob Tremblay. Because it is still a child, the innocence and curiosity that he displays clearly animates. Not only Jacob, the appearance of two of his colleagues Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon must be given a thumbs up, without them it would not be exciting.

Lucas cast, Keith L. Williams successfully stole the attention. Lucas’s character really broke the atmosphere, innocent and witty. He who often screams, cannot lie, and has a kind heart. Not to mention, when the Lucas scene with his parents. Just looking at his expression already wants to laugh.

Once again the film is for viewers who are 17 years and older because it contains harsh words, and discussion of drugs and alcohol. Although the three main players are aged 11-12, but still this comedy is not for children.

Even so the film Good Boys convey a warm message of friendship. Many of us have not communicated with childhood friends. Through this film we see that friendship grows, as we grow older, our paths are definitely different from those of friends. Although different goals but support each other.

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