GoodFellas – Review

Goodfellas” tells the life journey of a famous gangster (who does exist in the real world) named Henry Hill (Ray Liotta). Since childhood Henry who hated his father had dreamed of becoming a gangster. In Henry’s eyes, gangsters are ideal figures because they can do whatever they want without anyone daring to fight. Finally, thanks to the help of several parties including Tuddy Cicero (Frank DiLeo) and Paul Cicero (Paul Saviro), Henry began to pioneer a “career” as a gangster since he was a child until he was a teenager he began to meet and be recognized by several distinguished gangsters like Jimmy Conway (Robert De Niro) and Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci). Henry, Tommy and Jimmy start working together and being friendly with each other. From there the three of them referred to each other as “Goodfella”.

The way Games Online dan Offline the story is told takes us into the life of a Henry Hill in sufficient detail from before he became a gangster until he finally became one of the respected gangsters that indeed made the audience come into and carried away in his life story. Within a duration of 140 minutes, Scorsese was able to present us with a variety of conflicts that occurred from the beginning to the end of Henry’s career as a gangster. Every conflict is displayed very interestingly. Not only conflicts that occur between the mafia, but also about the problem of love and how conflict occurs when the two things intersect and affect Henry’s life.

Various kinds of scenes that are served are also not half measures. The brutality that occurs in the lives of the gangsters is able to be visualized appropriately by Scorsese with all the brutality and sadism that exists. There is a scene about the murder of one by one mafia member by Jimmy where the scene for me besides showing a bit of brutality but also displayed with so “beautiful” and very hit. Slow and simple music that accompanies a series of scenes is quite slashing and can only be rivaled by scenes in “Nekromantik” in the sense of a scene that is quite tense or shocking but accompanied by slow and calm music. The scene is also quite reminiscent of the last scene of the film “The Godfather” in which the Corleone family did a “purge” of their enemies.

Do not forget this film presents charming acting from the ranks of the players. Robert De Niro succeeded in presenting the authority as a mafia, although his character here is still classified as a character he often plays and still loses from his role as a young Vito Corleone. Ray Liotta is also pretty good even though it seems “less strong” with a role as the main character where he is lacking in the aura of authority of a gangster but manages to show people addicted to drugs that are chaotic well. Joe Pesci was the only actor to win an Oscar when he won the “Best Supporting Actor”. He can show the cruelty and horror of a mafia who is also loyal to his friends. What is clear is that these 3 people as chemsitry are very thick and strong friends. SPOILER There was a scene where one of them was killed and the other felt sadness which was indeed very radiated and made me also quite touched and felt the sadness.

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